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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I had a question from Martin who asked Danny I've seen so many articles online and in magazines telling me how to hit the ball 300 yards he said look I'm in my 60s I've got no chance of hitting it to energy eyes is there anything I could specifically do that could add yardage without doing my back in or breaking a hip absolutely there is no matter what your age with your you know very young 20 year old or in your 60s 70s there are two or three things that you can do that will add a yardage to your game without getting into positions like Cameron jam boy yeah it was all over here and your body's back here those things are reserved for the generally younger guys who are working at the gym on a regular basis so they are important but these three things will work for any of you no matter what your flexibility or age so we're going to give you those in this retraining but before we do if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos I would love for you to become one of our subscribers or at least content like this every single week to try and help you improve your game so let's start with basically the most copy of some of the basics right so if you want to increase your yardage you've got to start hitting out of the center of the golf club more often now the question is is how often do you check where you're actually hitting the ball so many players when they're hitting it you know the good players can tell where it's an heel strike or a toe strike but the average amateur they really struggle they think they're hitting it out in the middle a lot of time but when we put like face tape on the club I'll show you just hit this here look I've got a little bit of face tape on the club here this is important you can use a couple of things I've got face tape here this will tell me where I hit the golf ball on the face and if I can if you look at this here for instance if I start hitting the ball this is the senate if I start hitting the ball even just slightly here that will lead to a 10% decrease in your distance so if you can get that ball coming out of that Center more often you will increase your yardage by 10 percent but you need to know exactly where you're doing it so the first thing I would do is go and invest in some face tape goes to your local professional or local golf store and alternatively really simple fix is to go to a supermarket and get yourself some foot spray just spray the the face it will leave a nice white kind of powder on top of the top of the face and when you start hitting golf balls it will tell you where you're hitting it on the face without knowing that you know what you could be just leaving 20 yards on the table because actually you think you're hitting a really good shot and it's slightly out the neck the question is when you start to identify where is on the face let's say it's coming out the heel you'd be amazed once you start becoming aware this what you can start to do does that moving that into the sweet spot you know one of the things I have two sets of guys once they start to kind of become aware of where they're hitting it in the face I said look now you hit off the heel see if you can start hitting it closer towards a toe and see what happens hit a few shots towards the tower have a quick look when they're trying to hit it towards the toe they'll find that they've now moved that ball from the heel striking much more towards the center and the yardage increases so really really simple tip but hugely hugely important and one that we often miss so let's move now to the tip number two so tip number two you can do in order to add some yardage to your game it's simply just make sure that when you're coming into impact the face kind of matches up with the launch that you're trying to hit the ball on right so if you want to hit the ball a long way you need to put the ball up in the air and you carrying right and you need the right type of spin if you can get the right type of spin on the golf ball it will travel a decent distance the question is how do you do it well the key thing is this if this was a hammer and this was a nail the most powerful way of hitting the never nail is getting the hammer to go straight in to the nail and straight in to wherever it's going right if that hammer comes out at a slight angle it isn't good you may get the mail moving forward but it's not gonna be as powerful it comes up at a slight angle again not gonna be as powerful smashing that nail into the piece of wood or wherever you're hitting it right so we want to as best we can get that Club matching through impacts it has to clearly the club has to come on an upward angle through the impact area to launch that ball up in the air but then when it does come up we've got to make sure that it match so let me show you this a little bit closer here so we want to move the ball up in the air so that angle is where we want the ball to go right so what we want to do is this we don't want the clod coming down here because that was not going to produce the maximum power to get the ball airborne is it right the other thing what we're not we don't want to do we don't want the club coming up too steeply because again that's not getting the maximum power is best we can we want to try to get the loft match in the angle that we're trying to get the ball up in the air so let me show you how you can go about working on this I'm just going to put this kind of alignment stick in the ground as almost like a a launch pad here to give you like a visual a visual aid but the key is this we need a very good strong impact position we're driver now you'll see with a simple when the best players here when it comes to impact here they are Risty they're very strong through the impact area now if you imagine plane to a ton of you the tennis player at all but one of the things I learned when I was playing at Oxford in tennis is this the racquets almost angled downwards and you brush up the back of the golf ball so hit the tennis ball like this and it produces topspin it's not a roll of anything and it's something similar in golf what we're trying to do here is I'm going to get a exaggerate this we always want to get that good strong position here but watch this I'm almost moving the club up I'm brushing it up the back of the ball the reality is is doesn't happen exactly like that but it's quite a nice feeling and image to maybe get so you're almost feel like you're in sit in theory you're not flicking it so you almost got your D loft in the club but what you're doing realice is you're moving the club upwards and you're brushing up the back of the golf ball so you can try to get that feeling initially in slow motion when we come back here we're not flicking round here we're not coming in what are you going to do that's a golf ball there we're going to that's the position we want to impact here and we're going to brush the club up they get back at the golf ball it isn't this by the way it's not a cricket drive in any chef before we're not going forward we're still working the club going around here look to the left hand side for left-handers but what we're doing is we're brushing up the back of the golf ball so and they show you can work in this when you swing back what we want to almost do is you want to get the wrist naturally when they come in there's a little bit of a hinge and what you're doing is you're hinging but then you're restoring this line you start its hinge and restore and hinge and restore restoring this position here breaking it here restoring it here and trying to get that Club brushing up the back of the golf ball on that launch we've just created there let's have a look at this in action nice and small small swings start off with back brushing up the back of the golf ball what I've done here is is I finished quite sure because what I'm trying to do here is I'm going to feel what it's like to get that Club in a very strong stable position through the impact area a few weeks ago I put out a video called the catapult method I'll put it up here for you to have a look at now look this could be combined really nice through this in order to get power and distance in your swing you need a stable in position but going now in to tip number three you also need club head speed let's show you how you can introduce club head speed to this stable impact position so what you're going to need to generate club head speed knot is you don't load of arm speed your loss of body speed using club head speed to do this you need to let this club start to kind of whip through if we were cracking a whip here and creating some speed here we wouldn't be doing lots of body motions at all too many people when they're trying to hit the ball fire what they try to do is this they're trying to heave the ball forward they're trying to push it forward what we want to do is to get speed is we need to feel that we're getting this almost catapulting effect through the shot so I'm going to show you now how you can apply this to the swing the first thing I were to do is hold the club just a little bit softer you know the image I've often talked about here is almost like holding a tube of toothpaste holding it firm enough so that to face just comes out slowly but not further so disappears completely so holding it a little bit looser here and then what we do is we're coming into the golf ball we hold it's often we create this it's almost like lag you may have seen it before people discussed it a little bit of lag in the swing we create this lag and then we create the snap so it looks like a bit of lag and then snap snap so we're here we're really we're letting the club snap or catapult into the show let's have a look at this in action so we're getting ourselves set here we're making our swings and we're basically getting a sensation here of letting the club patter pull into this position here we're not catapulting so kind of doing this and becoming flicky what we're doing is we are catapulting it into that position we was trying to feel in tip number two so let's have a look at this in action here we're going to relax and you're going to get some speed now it does require a bit of trust him I feel a bit reckless because it really is a lot of speed but we're not putting the body under as much strain as it could be doing if we were working on loads of hip and body movements so let's add a bit speed into this and to feel that in position at the same time so here we go back just a short punch you want to try to feel that position so three things we've done today to try and help you and a lot more power to your game first thing start to learn where you're hitting it on the face I've got some face tape here but you know what the foot spray from any through market is often just as good if not better okay because it'll tell you where you're hitting it on the face once you start to become aware of where you're hitting on the face it just becomes so so much easier to kind of start to adjust and play if you start hitting off the heel trying to hit it too closer towards the toe a few times you then start to move it towards the center you're going to gain yardage almost straight away the next thing you're going to need to do obviously is make sure that you're hitting it first of all up yeah once you get the club swinging upwards then what you try and do is try and get the the loft of the club roughly matching the launch angle you're trying to hit so how do we do go about working on that we try and get the feeling here of this good strong position here we're not hitting the ball up with a flick here what we're doing is is we're hitting it up here with actually a very strong stable motion in tennis it's like brushing up the back of the golf boy if I was i exaggerating this it's like almost this it's almost this motion here you're brushing it up with yeah it's a real exaggerated version of motion there but that will give you that awkward strike but really stable from that position you've learned that feeling you want to add some speed into this so I suggested look at them in my catapult theory we're basic what you're trying to do here is this we don't want people trying to heave the ball or try and completely go forward when they're trying to kind of hit powerful shots we want this to be catapulted through I'll go into that more in more detail up in this video here but we want to get some speed in this Marsh's so once you've got some the the feeling here you've got a feeling of the center of the face and what we're gonna do now is that to add a little bit of speed into that Martius so we're here we're going to let go hold it in a position for it to get some whip here really feel your hit up and up the back of that golf ball and keeping that face nice and stable just like that so I hope it's really helpful of course if you enjoy the video and you think some of your friends could benefit from a few extra yards please show it with a veil he'll could do with some help and if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos please consider subscribing until next week have a great golfing week