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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I asked you the question does having the correct key height really make a difference to the distance you hit your driver the answer is yes and maybe no but we're gonna sketch that in this week's training before we do if you're new to a channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I release content like this every week to help you improve your game so does having the correct e height make a difference to your driver before we discuss this let's talk about what factors are needed first of all to launch that ball further there's a big buzzword right now in the world of golf which is if you want to hit it a long way you want high launch and low spin question is what couple of factors do you need to try to achieve that well low spin what we need to with the to get low spin is about where the ball connects with the face if you want to get the sweet button and have that absolutely perfect play spot to stroke the golf ball we need it just above Center here we don't want the ball anywhere near the bottom it's a boy in the ball hits the bottom of the club you get produces lots and lots of backspin and reduces the distance you hit the hit the shot so that's a spin of fact that's how you get low spin high launch well we want to make sure that when we strike the golf ball we strike it on the way up so we're gonna discuss how you go about striking the ball on the way up and how maybe you can start to strike the sweet spot just above Center now the question is if I use the three T's here if I use a low T the likelihood is it's probably gonna get me striking the ball too close to the bottom of the face and if I use a higher tee I'm more likely to start to get closer to the top part of the face so that so the question is which tee height would you benefit from so we recommend ideally for the guys who are able to get both things working if you're able to get a upward strike using a high tea the chances of you getting high launched and low-spin massively increase so let's have a look at this in action what I've done here I've gone to my maximum teahype the balls forward in my stance and my only goal here now is to simply drive that ball up in the air to max out this distance back here it's max out that distance now the problem is and you may have found this if you use a high T some of you out there Mir found that actually when you use a high T you may be sky it the ball goes up in the air and the reason being is your angle of attack coming into the golf ball is just too steep so here's a problem if you have a swing that is coming down into the golf ball here it is too steep and you found that when you go to a higher tee the ball just skies up in the air then yes it makes sense then that a loti is 40 that you need to max out your distance with your current swing so you'd basically go towards let's say I've got the white one here which is about an inch in height and what we do is this one here you can see is very very low I'm gonna come down on the golf ball here I'm still going to hit it quite high in the face which is okay but the problem is is I just won't get the launch I get low spin but I don't get any launch having said all that for you it's probably the best one because if you go for a higher tee the ball can cut off the top and it pops up in the air so you will max out your distance with your current swing with a lower T as opposed to a higher tee now question is do you want to max out your potential you may be maxing out your swing by going to a lower tee but you want to max out your potential if you want to max a potential what we need to do is start to tweak a swings and move to a higher tee and what we're gonna do in a second I'm going to grab a nice simple training it to help you use a higher T so that you two you can get high launched and low-spin to max out your distance so for those of you who are struggling to get in to use a high T because you're merely coming down a bit steep on it and therefore not maxing out really the distance you could be getting and the benefit of a higher T then this drill will really really help what I've done I put a head cover about two and a half feet or two feet in front of the ball what I want you to do is not work just start to practice swinging and allowing the head to come through but miss the head cover on the way through if you're coming down on the golf ball too much you're going to start to strike that head cover and that's going to get the wrong launch conditions to max out your distance also give it a helping hand with setup make sure the bulb stitches forward make sure your handle is behind the ball and make sure your head is behind the handle and then we're going to make some swings where we swing down and we're going to go through and miss that head cover on the way through let's have a look at this

backwards and forwards so does the correct key technique I make a real difference to your game yes it does if you have the correct launch conditions as well so using a higher tee will help you hit it up in the high part of the face as long as you've got the upward angle you will match that to max out your distance if you don't want to change your swing and you are coming down sleep on it then actually a lower T will be the better option otherwise you'd be skiing it all right but I hope you enjoyed this video if you did and you're new to the channel consider subscribing and if you feel some of your friends could benefit from understanding what correctly hike could help them hit longer drives then please share it but until next week have a great golfing week