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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're going to cover how close you should stand to the golf ball we're gonna come exactly why it is important and why it's such a major factor in accuracy and distance of all from your irons right through to your driver so many people get confused with how should your hands be here should they be here how much body lean should you have we're going to cover all of that in this week's training before we do look if this is one of your first videos consider subscribing we give you tips and strategies every single week to help improve your game so without further ado let's get cracking how close should you stand to a golf ball and how do you make sure you get this right every single time so what we need to do is understand why it's important to get this right we want power in a golf shot domey right so if we want power if we stretch our arms out here and we've got a lot of separation this in a strong position imagine lifting something right it's not very strong so we want around fairly close when people get their arms crossed I feel a bit restricted it doesn't feel very nice but it is stronger people feel they're more powerful often when they separate their arms from the body feel they've got more space to swing the golf club but in fact they lose control they lose consistency of strike and therefore they lose power so the very first thing we need is when we we want our biceps close to our body here not our elbows but just the biceps right so what we do is with biceps come close we get the club now parallel to the ground here and we stand nice and tall and we want the shot the shoulders in their sockets so that's the first it's the upper part of the body now it is potentially down in a much stronger position the second part would be the legs what do we need to do with the legs to help with accuracy and power well they need to provide support we don't want to be on our heels we don't want to be on our toes and we we don't want to be rigid right because if we do we don't have support to support this lovely swing for accuracy and we don't have them in the legs in a way that in a position to generate power so we're going to give you a routine now let's go to help you not only get the power from the up power an extra nipple at the body but also from the lower part so nice and simple get your club out in front if you have nice and power here where your biceps are touching your chest from this position all you're going to do is you're going to hinge from the ball socket joint of your hip tip forward here until the club touches the ground here so you going to let the club just drop to the ground there should be a nice angle in your back check this out in the mirror a lot of people when they're bending forward they bend forward from the top part not the hip joint so make sure from the back here there's a decent angle in your back so in this position my knees are locked back at this stage what I want to do now is is push the knees into your laces so you're not the weights not on your toes or your heels but it's really into the ball G feet you feel ready right you feel like you can work and wind back off the ground I can push off the ground as well now checkpoints here look when we're in this position just to go right I said you've got an angle here now you want to be around about hands width away the grip end here is hands with away from the leg and another checkpoint here is with the ions you want the hands almost directly underneath your chin with a driver it will be slightly different with a driver exactly the same exactly the same setup apart from you might find with most of the players we officers find as a general rule we sent to find that week if we go through this position here we tip forward we often find that the hands are just slightly ahead of the chin if you're looking in line but the same principle applies it's around about hands with away maybe a little bit a little bit more with a driver but not much and then you're ready to go checking the balance in your legs and you've got your arms in position your biceps a nice and connected this can feel like I say for some of you who aren't used to this it can feel restricted could you feel I want some space to swing that club it can feel like you're more bent over is another thing okay all these things if you can feel strange but look in a mirror it won't look strange so let's go through he sounds simple doesn't it let's go through why some of the pitfalls when people try this watch out it's nice simple exercise isn't it here but watch out for this when some people tip forward they don't realize it but they've got their shoulders out the socks they're rounded off like this so they put their arms up move this these holes are here make sure they're in their sockets that one biceps connected yes but when you hinge you might some of you might need to practice putting a club on you the line with your hip line here just to practice hinging from the right place it sounds strange but look as we get older sometimes we lose awareness of body or body awareness and strangely enough when we try and hint even though we're thinking we're hinging from the hips we're actually hinging from the lower part of the back so just watch out for that really really simple exercise now one final pitfall so we're going for this routine you've to know that all the angles are looking good it cost power to the ground you're hinging beautifully forward from the waist you're pushing into the ground now you're using the ground as a your legs as a source of energy when you're doing this please don't do what actually would love to when the working posture turn this into a statue where your legs are a little rigid because look how the legs and generate any power how are you going to generate your rhythm look we yes we want to be in a great position here but really feel like you've those legs have some ability then not on the heels are not letters they're ready to wind up and then really rip it through impact work on that but one final thing when you're here this is where I see a lot people go for the system they get to here and the bring the club down it's already but the club's not quite near the ball and they get less I may push the club just a bit out to reach the ball that's just ruined your entire place that really entire posture you've lost connection and you'll immediately its power what we've actually got to do it's really common and you might say I never do that but I see it so often so when you're setting up get yourself there and just just make sure that you shuffle to the golf ball don't get too rigid of this really feel like you've got some ability you know get yourself set and then when you're ready to go let's pull that trigger okay so let's summarize really quickly this is a very very simple but so important exercise to work on you will see so many top players when they're working they go through a very consistent routine on getting it right every time because they know how important it is so how do we go through it again we put the club out in front of us here we make sure both shoulders are in their sockets nice and tall legs locked back club pals the ground we're going to hinge from the ball socket on a hip we tip forward we allow the club then to just touch the ground from this bazoom here biceps are both connected and they feel a little bit cramped for some of you from this position just push your knees into the laces don't extend them so you fall backwards like this you know just interlaces these hamstrings should feel quite tight if you're doing it right there nice and tight here now I'm ready to go checkpoints hand width away from the from the from the leg here hat in a mirror check the hands a falling directly down they're not out in front of you here and maybe or another tip on here is is that from the am bit here it's just going through bisecting the front part of the knee and that is it go through that simple system work on it every single time it will set a foundation for your entire golf swing I hope you enjoyed this training please share it this is a really important one that so many people miss out and it will really benefit and if you enjoying the content and you want to receive this in your inbox every single week then press the subscribe button and the bell until next week have a great golfing week