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course vlog Jun 14, 2022

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hey everybody dannymode here thanks for joining us come and join me right now as i go around the golf course explaining every shot that's you what am i talking about that is like good for distance but the line is so bad it has been one of those days today i've got a good feeling about this one there

i've got a good feeling

that's a great line that's a great line

we're here at the on the dunes course here at prince's golf club and this is the first hole is a 440 yard path for tough driving hole i'm going to show you every single shot let's see what i can score and let's see what you can learn from watching me play around the course

so we've got 176 he has to go here all the troubles beyond the green i'm coming out of the roof so when this ball lands it's going to want to release so what i'm taking into consideration here is i'm making sure that i've got a club that actually is probably going to land sure if it's short the green here it's like like to release up but if it does land a little bit further on it's going to hopefully release up the green so what i do not want to have happen is it go beyond so i'm taking a club that's going to literally never going to go long it's going to always at the best finish short of the green that's where i've got the best opportunity to get up and down and hopefully still make my four

go go a little bit blocky

three two one

no way

oh i moved out that shot

so not a great start and sometimes when i you know when you do this you silent you start to kind of ruminate over it on the next shot so what i've got to do now as i approach hole two is kind of trying to leave it behind now one of the things i do is take a deep breath control my breathing start to kind of focus up putting all my attention in this hole and what's the best shot to play what's the club i need to be focusing on that's where my attention goes if i leave that attention back there it is going to affect this one before you know it it becomes one over two over three over okay 162 yards to go it's a pretty straightforward part three there's all the trouble front in fact the green is surrounded by treble so this is center of the green stuff um nice easy swing now i've been working on some things sometimes i get a little bit sway my swing i can get a bit hooky so i'm working on a couple of drills split hand exercise here where i fire the club down here get the sensation i feel that just before i go then try and ignore it just get a sense of what i'm doing and then move into the shot and now it's a case of visualizing what i'm focusing on i'm visualizing a little fade drifting back to that flag

sit down

i think that might have gone a little bit big actually the wind's already caught that was that on the green how does it spin back a bit let's come back let's put back cool

so key thing here for me is always just visualize always visualize the ball going in the hole i'm not worried about you going too far past or sure i've never focused on that it's all about seeing the ball almost a visualize visualizer line rolling in to the hole and then can i stick to my routine not get distracted by thoughts of missing and hit it too far all that kind of stuff so get into my routine


come on

easy through back in the game

so one overpower i'd love to get back to level and then go under power but i can't control that what i can control is my strategy for every hurl now this is a path five i've got 527 yards into a wind all i need to be concerned about is what i'm going to do with this driver nothing else so i'm picking my spot on the fairway specific spot not just aiming anywhere on the fairway i'm picking a spot aiming at the bunkers on the left-hand side now all i'm going to do is visualize a little fade off those bunkers that's going to give me the best opportunity that's all i can focus on right now cut everything else out of my mind

just turn that over a little bit actually so it should be okay but it's down on the left side so i literally flipped that a little bit there

so i haven't hit that one great i'm out position i've still got 260 to go into this win now i could potentially push this with um a three would but i'm not gonna the lies kind of on a downslope here you know so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna divide 260 into two which is 130 right now if i think well like 130 is probably going to leave me one third obviously 130. that's too much so i'm going to think about laying it up to the right hand side here the pins took to where in the left-hand side so i'm probably thinking to myself i want to leave myself about 80-90 yards in so i'm going to take a club that's going to do that for me i'm also thinking about here roughly where i want to position this as well i don't want to um you know hit it straight at the flag because ultimately that's going to leave you blocked out the flag's wearing the left-hand side i'm going to literally hit this to the right side of the fairway okay that opens up the entire green and still gives me a great opportunity to get up and down and make that birdie

so i've got 88 yards and that's pretty much what i looked at but what's more important here more important than anything else is that look i've left myself a wonderful angle in this gives me a great chance now look to aim straight down that that flag and again gives me that chance for birdie now it's a pitch shot so 88 yards here i've taken my 56 and all i'm focusing on here is rhythm i don't want any sort of jerks and try to speed i want rhythm all the way through the shot nice and smooth this is what i call a one and two action so it's one and two nice and smooth

that's pretty good

so i completely misjudged that one uh didn't take into consideration how strong that win was but come on i think this is a nice roll up to the whole job nice and smooth

like it come on come on

not bad not bad

nice and firm bang it in move on to the next so princess here you know they've done some unbelievable work um you're gonna see in a second all the way i love this you know all the walkways between green and tees have just been grassed over and they just look absolutely fantastic and it just adds to the whole experience as you're walking around they used to have kind of like dirt paths um but now it's just look at it it just looks amazing they've done such such such a good good job so not the greatest starts feel a bit rusty but what you can hopefully see is that if you manage yourself around the golf course you can still keep that score going and once you start finding your game that's when hopefully the birdies will start to come so 408 yards again simple driver tight fare with this one hopefully starting down the left to just fade it back to the center of the fairway

that's a few

so i've got 141 yards and it's into a win so what i'm going to do now is i'm going to play a lower shot and to play a nice low shot into a win all i want to do is i'm going to get the sensation that my sternum stares over the ball as i strike this shot what i don't want to do here we should see a lot of players start to lean back that's going to add loads of loft it adds a flickiness so when i'm making the shot i'm going to swing nice and smooth so when it's breezy you swing it easy it's nice and smooth and secondly i'm going to visualize my stern and my chest being over the top of that ball i want to finish and you'll probably notice when i finish the shot be much more curtailed so i'm going to almost visualize here kind of finishing around neck level as a poster above head level so finishing very much neck level for low shots high shots i'll finish much higher um nice and simple so 140 yards again i'm going to take at least a club more maybe i've got a tine here my and goes about 160 so i'm taking almost a club and a half more and the reason being is i don't want to hit this hard the harder you hit it the more backs when you create the more height you're gonna get

i pushed it i pushed it so this is a good example sometimes i slid into that one there to try and keep it down got inside that's blocked probably bunk about so we gotta get up and down now so you can see that's a really poor shot but i've left myself in a really difficult situation here so i can either run it up the bank or i can choose a bit of loft now because i'm going into the wind i'm actually going to choose loft here i've got a 60 degree wedge and the way i'm going to play this it's really straightforward i don't have to do anything fancy ball position is going to be nice and fold in my stance and all i'm going to do here is just imagine this low bit of the club here just gently bruising the ground okay now when people get on these shots they tend to get neat they get the knee start to get over active just keep it nice and smooth allow the knees just to move with the shot okay nice and simple just get a feel of the bounce working and get yourself set should be pretty straightforward

i got a little bit shy wind held it up but still gives me a good chance to get up and down and make my phone

fun ah

that's a crazy bogey from the middle of the fairway that's really poor so two hour par i can really feel the frustration coming in you know not playing particularly well but again when i feel that frustration coming in i've got to do something with it otherwise it might the round's gone so again it's about taking some deep breaths getting back into what do i have to do right here for this particular shot it's not always easy but it's an absolute must i what i do know and it's the same proof for you guys if you allow your poor performances to be brought into the next shot you will start to play poorly and the round's over so i've got to keep getting sticking in there keep my focus and let's see what happens

take it

let's do that so take a look at this apple lie now i've got three things here that are going to uh decide the club for me one i've got the wind into my face it's a one club win so it's i've got 138 yards that's normally pitching much for me so immediately i've got i must take 99 because of the wind two i'm on an upper lie that's going to add loft to my golf club that's another club so now i've got to take eight iron fact to the fact that i can't really make a super powerful swing from this uphill lie i'm gonna it's gonna be more like a half to three quarters that's gonna add another club so i'm actually gonna take three clubs more so i can play a nice smooth shot on this uphill lie so first thing i'm gonna do as well i'm gonna get the ball positioned nice and further forward in my stance i'm going to get my spine perpendicular to the slope here so i'm going to swing down the slope on the way back up the slope on the way through and again look it's going to be a nice curtailed follow-through okay

super super high that should be absolutely middle of the green he says


so six hole here 495 yards definitely birdiable but it's a really challenging part five dog leg to the right hand side and what i'm going to try and do here again same principle i've got a tendency already today to get almost trying i've hit a few hooks or pulls left so my goal here i'm visualizing fades in order to try and counter that kind of draw shape if you slice it sometimes just visualizing a draw is a great way to counter your slice so i'm doing the opposite i'm over drawing it getting a little bit underneath and flipping it so i'm going to visualize this club coming into a place where i feel i can maybe play a cut am i cutting it i am but what it's doing is it's literally helping me get around this golf course somewhere in the vicinity of the fairway all right and then i can work on getting to the driving range to do some serious work

okay so i've run out fairway pulled it a little bit left 177 yards to go now fairway bunker a couple of things i'm considering here is can i reach the green well i can if i strike it but i've got this lip in front of me so i need to choose enough loft as goal number one to get over the lip i've got an a time which is more than enough then it's just okay well how do i make sure that i strike it really well it's no different to a shot off the fairway in my view you still want to catch the ball first so the danger is when you see a lip in front of you here you want to kind of lean back that's going to get you catching the ball thin because you're going to hit up on it you still want to make sure that you're hitting downwards on that golf ball even though you need height the key is just make sure you've got enough loft now i've got an eight times to be ample enough i it's a long way 170 yards but slightly downwind here so i should be able to reach the green but i can't risk taking seven so if it's short it's short but it's the best most percentage play

i'll be good very good

if that's the right distance that is super good by the way always rate bunkers forward and backwards to spread the sand evenly like green kids will love me for this you don't just rake backwards like this look you end up putting all the sand towards the back of the bunker so make sure you're going backwards and forwards and throw the club down use both hands that way you get really stuck into the sand and look after your playing partners so i'm getting a bit giddy this is for eagle okay but we've got to treat it as just a normal shot it's so difficult isn't it when you know you've got a put i can take you back to level power but get back in the moment visualize the ball it's just another shot this looks like a little bit of a right to lefter wind's coming off my right shoulder as well come on roll it in

three two there one this is one of the reasons why i should always always stick in the game look i'm playing really poorly struggling to hit fairways struggling to get around but you know what you just never know one good shot one good put and then you're back in the ball game

listen that is a million frogs right behind leo the videographer okay okay so this is a 357-yard path four no i put driver away here this is all about really hitting the center of the fairway could i get to the green i certainly could with this downwind but look i'm not hitting driver good on another day i would go for it but you've got to sometimes work out how you're playing on the day i'm not hitting driver great so i'm going to take my two iron here just to hopefully just simply hit a straightforward shot down the middle of the fairway now i'm not just randomly kind of sitting down the middle i am picking a spot right down the right hand side the flags took to wearing the left hand side so i want to be down the right side of this fairway to give myself the best angle in the crowd being the frogs they don't realize you know this is danny moore youtube professional

have you heard him silence please

that should be awesome brilliant

so i've got 50 yards to go there's absolutely no green to work with here so i if i go directly at the flag i do it's gonna there's not a lot of green i do risk actually kind of it bouncing and going through so i'm actually going to go a little bit right at the flag land it a bit shorter and if i can get this within eight nine feet i'm gonna be pretty pretty happy

well that was rubbish wasn't it absolutely shocking just trying to pitch it too too close to the front edge and actually do you know what's really post-course management literally left myself uh a tricky little up and down from there too so not great so what would you do would you chip this would you pat it look i've got this horrible kind of dirt in front of me here that could not the ball of flying but you know what i'm going to putt it because a bad putt is far better than a bad chip so outcomes of putter hoping that ultimately that little mud won't actually affect it too much and i can get up and down from here

i've just pushed it that's such a wide what is that so absolutely shocking shocking


that is a really missed opportunity i mean where i was there to make bogey you know my shotgun is usually pretty rock solid that is super poor super poor give a shot back damn this is an awesome path three 200 yards to go to the middle of the green i've actually got six hundred i know that seems like not not a lot of club but we got a kind of strong wind at the moment downwind um don't want to go really long here and i'm actually the wind slightly off my right shoulder so i'm actually going to hold this up a little bit ideally against the wind again i've been struggling a little bit with this i've been hooking it a little bit but again i'm gonna aim for the middle of the green nice smooth swing visualize that fade

come on bo

that looks pretty good to me

so i really got out my routine on that last part so really go back into my team visualize the shot again and just fuller my system


that was so close

to be fair if that hit the hole it probably been a few feet by

damn still solitary so as you've probably seen today it's been really really scrappy but we've managed to stay in the game we've hauled a few parts hit a couple of decent shots and that's kept me in it um if i could get a power here or a birdie and shoot level i could come out tomorrow and i'm still in the game that's what i want you to bear in mind when you're playing you know sometimes you're just going to have it some days you want you'd be rusty but as long as you have a really great strategy for each hole play the percentages play within yourself try and when you start getting ahead of yourself and get frustrated just remember that's normal parky big deep breath go again so normally here you know people again or if i can only make power make you know or even make a a birdie here but ultimately the only thing i can control is this shot so again same principle downwind i'm literally focused on the middle of the ferry but i'm picking my spot and i'm going to visualize my shape have i hit a fade today only one fade but that's what i'm visualizing like i say i'm occasionally getting a bit stuck underneath i can't do anything hugely about that right now all i can do is deal with it as best as i possibly can the way i'm dealing with it to try to visualize the fade it's keeping me in the vicinity of the fairway i'm going exactly the same here i'm not going to choose change that game plan i'll worry about changing the swing when i get back onto that practice ground


so 153 years to go again downwind not going to be it's downhill as well i'm not going to stop this literally on the green so i've taken a pitching wedge which normally flies with me about 140 and i'm actually going to go to almost like a three-quarter swing to land short of the green and then hopefully just let it bounce and then check up so again all the troubles long no trouble shot so if i'm going to miss it miss it short but again should be a great opportunity to make that final birdie

oh and just realize look at this ball above the feet so when the ball is above your feet what this is going to do particularly if you have loft in your hands it's going to want to send the ball off left to target so i have to take this into consideration two things i can do i can either aim slightly to the right of target and just allow the slope to basically pull the ball to the left or what i could do is aim pretty much on the target and imagine i'm going to hold the face off so i'm going to release it feel like the face is staying open and holding it off it's entirely up to you which one you do i like to personally control the flight so i'm going to really feel like i'm holding this face open against this slope which is going to want to like say send the ball off to the left at the target i'm going to grip down the club just a little bit to cater for this kind of ball being a little bit closer to me

be good pretty good be good what am i talking about that is like good for distance but the line is so bad it has been one of those days today so come on come on

let's get my inner

inner putting beast back

i got a good feeling about this one leah

i've got a good feeling come on

that's a great line that's a great line yes get in there oh how good does that feel oh oh sorry about you know i've got to calm down a little bit but that was so good you know i was really really happy with that back to level come on so as i say sometimes you can play shocking as i did today but you know what one or two great shots can get you back in the game excuse me gotta get my composure back well i hope you enjoyed this kind of uh lesson on the golf course until next time look if you enjoy these videos like this lots more on the channel come and subscribe if you haven't already done so if you want to enjoy this video i think it could help some of your friends make sure you share it i'll see you next time oh how good is that