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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us have you ever found that round the greens you're struggling to get that consistency of strike you're catching the leading edge of the club so you're thinning it over the back of the green or you cannot striking the ball at all you so you're striking the ground then the ball and you're leaving in front of your face it leads a lot of my clients who come to see me with chipping problems with lots of anxiety stress and frustration around the Greens which makes them so nervous and they're always spoiling a lot of potentially really really good rounds well the solution is a lot simpler than you may seem you may have tried a lot of things but I've got something that's working so so well for many my clients it's not it's not difficult to practice very very straightforward it involves a few simple changes you need to make in the way you strike through the shot I'm going to share with you exactly what those are in this week's training before I do if you are new to the channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I release content like this every single week to try my best to try and help you improve your game so what are we finding when people are coming to chip I think there's like the old and the new people have got is kind of the old way of doing it and now there's a new way the old way was simple move the ball back in your stance put your hands forward put your weight forward and that should be enough to fix your chipping problems the reality is this if you've tried this it doesn't work does it not on a regular basis and one of the main reasons for this is when you put lots of shaft lean in you should you basically expose the leading edge of the golf club when that comes in this here this is like a sharp butter knife it literally starts to cut down into the ground if you don't catch that ball first it's not going to be a good strike now can you chip well with it of course you can but you'd probably it is you just have to catch the ball first every time because if you don't unfortunately the gleaning edge is going to dig in and you're going to catch it fat now the other factor of the matter is is also this that one of the problems when you had the leading edge or angle like this is that when you come into impact and the balls back in your hands are here your hands now are so far ahead of the ball the brain doesn't like that very much for I see I noticed with a lot of players so it suddenly goes hang on a second I should have my should've hit the ball it hasn't so they've become these violent flash of the hands right that last minute we do not want that to happen so old way work sometimes not consistent let me show you the new way the new way believe it or not you don't have to strike the ball first at all you can actually look at actually striking the ground behind the golf ball in order to do that you basically use I have some confusing faces I had a few glides of mine very confuse this strike the ground behind the golf ball sure that's gonna be fat absolutely not so when you look at Gotham here if you can get the flat bit of the club in a sense on the ground then basically what happens is a lot when you come into impact the flat bit glides along the ground so what let me show you here so what's happening here when we come into impact the club itself starts to glide through the surface it's not digging now right because the bottom is blunt and what happens therefore is that when we actually make a strike we basically glide it and it just pops up and and the margin of error is massive so in theory what I'm doing is I'm increasing my likelihood that I don't have to be perfect you know I can actually strike a centimeter an inch behind the ball as long as the club is gliding through as long as this club is actually in a sense gliding I'm using the bounce I'm not gonna affect it yeah and Yves you can see there's not the best tip in the world please just move forward and it's and it's isn't perfectly good straight the next thing we want to do is once you've got the sensation there is this you want to start to pay attention to how you do it so before we get into get into strike let me just cover some basics in terms of setup make sure you you're in the right setup initially so we're going to use the bounce how do we in a sense then if we if we need to use this how do we set up to it to use it well the first thing we're doing is we're gonna not move the ball back in our stance to start with let's push the ball middle or even forward for a second right but let's that let's that middle we're not going to have a shaft lean we're gonna have the shaft facing you nice and straight right so we're not having this emotion so from there what we're gonna do let around hang and we're not gonna push I'll wait forward at all because when you push your way forward your sternum now does this and when you're back here what's this now you're in a position to kind of chase if you if any of you guys out there after fun etting needs are going when you're tripping or you're kind of firing their hands one of the problems is that ultimately from here you you're firing it because your body's back your horses back and you're having to reach it so what you've got to do instead is we've got it in a sense get the sensation here that we're not pushing our weight forward what we're doing is we're simply going to kind of move the shoulders have been on that we're going to move more here so when we set up the sternum now look the sternum is going to set basically yeah he's basically just I would say almost just behind the ball I would say I like I like to have you about here I don't just miss it go straight over top it just over just behind the golf ball is absolutely fine and now they're shoulder level get here you're gonna be in this position right so let's have a look at this in action so I'll get myself set and are hanging down nice and naturally here I've got quite a narrow stance the other thing I'm doing here is this hey you know I'm chipping right so and I'm trying to move something forward I don't like to see players with in a sense of toes pointing directly this way I think you know if you would if you were in a sense pushing something forward you'd be slightly turned in what I like to see the sensation that my lead foot here is kind of open to my target it's giving me some room to come through and get my arm set here now that's the setup done now what we're gonna do is we're gonna work on the distinction we mentioned earlier we're gonna try to now listen for the sound of the bounce now my first practice swing there create a small tiny little divot that means that I've come and the leading edge has come down too steeply what I'm gonna do now is practice gliding the club through the ball I'm looking at the club faces making sure it's coming through square as I'm doing this and I'm gliding it through now when you're starting this you might have to start off by doing it very slowly so this might not reach the hole but I'm gonna do it really really slowly to start with because if you're new to this distance control and you should just put it aside you've got to do it so slowly that you can feel what's going on so watch this again I'm not going to try and reach the hole this one I'm gonna do really slowly just see if I can get the bounce of that Club working now watch this that there is a downward hit we don't want down here that's gonna cause the fat right so that's not gliding this is the leading edge digging in we don't want any of that either we're gonna practice moving the clubbing Square and get in the bottom of that Club gliding through the impact area okay now this is a 9-iron I'm using here which is why it's kind of releasing out you can do this with any club in the bag but just for now just using ninety nine because there's nothing to go over and I'm allowing the club just to glide through the impact area and if you look at the surface here there's absolutely apart from the demonstrations of meat coming down there's no in a sense damage to that at all I'm at the club and the bottom edge there it's just gliding through so my third and final point with the chipping is to kind of get a sense of so we said look here's how you set up here's the sensation of what you need to do with a strike but again how does the body work well this is the best way to kind of feel how the body works for me it's just like throwing okay a gentle throw so grab a golf club in your trial hand more a right hand if you're a right-handed golfer grab it there feel less coffee square stick it under your leader arm or left arm before right any golfers and what I'm going to do here is I'm simply Gus can imagine I'm moving the face through to the target have a looked from Hilo there's the ball I'm going to sensation of moving that face to the tiger it's a great way to feel how the body works when we're chipping simple simple exercise but a great way to feel how it works most people that's weird but people that's how people chip you see why they get their knees going and the hands flashing and getting that Yip this is how the body works very subtly and we'll look at this in action here so you can feel that motion there then again do it very slowly really since when you're learning this do it so slowly to start off with so that you can feel the - many players without realizing they're trying to normal chip shots and it's too difficult be easy on yourself take some time try and get that you see how my body's working there look yeah just a small little movement there just moving on to the green again paying attention to the strike and the bounds on a pole in there now why did my balls go to the right they're very simple I got a bit that way on it okay so let's do that again back here around nice and simple okay

okay not too bad okay so in summary there what have we done with the chipping we said look there are two or three things you need to work and remember the old method is very very simple but doesn't work right not in a consistent basis or Mathis is this ball back hands forward weight forward leads to inconsistency right we tried it for many years didn't work let's move to something new morning the best players in world using this semi really started it he was the first person really ice I saw using the ground behind the golf ball to put to play and we didn't realize we didn't copy him so let's start to copy a master all right and now let's do most of the plays of doing what they're doing they're using the flat bit the golf club the bounce but we need to know how to use that bounce first thing is is don't get the ball back initially you can do that eventually but just for now get the ball middle your stance the club level leading foot outwards a little bit okay from there then what we then say once you've got to set up it one more thing let level the shoulders up don't push your weight forward create this angle keep everything much more level right you weight will lock you might be there anyway but level these off then when you're playing start to just do it very slowly and just practice the clubface coming in Square and gliding through the it's just gliding through when you hit a ground don't worry that's absolutely normal it's just you know it's just evidence like I have just come down a little bit on the ball with the leading edge keep gliding through few shots like that and then hit a few balls right once you've done that then maybe just kind of grab a club like this and then get the feel of them full motion this is how the body works yeah so you've got now the feeling of coming through the shot and the gliding of the ground marry those two things together and you'll start to get the strike once you get consistency a strike at that point you can start worried about where you wear it worthy it goes near the hole and start working on distance control but not until you start to get the consistency at strike first I hope you really enjoyed this video if you do give it a thumbs up and maybe consider subscribing and pressing the bell so I can see you next week but I can hopefully help your game of course if you've got any comments don't hesitate leave it in the comments box below I answer them every single day so if you've got any questions I show again ping them in there I will get back to you but until next week have a great golfing week