backspin chipping short game Nov 04, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us and in this week's training I got a question from Tim who wanted to know how to get back spin on his chip shots he's seen the guys on tour hitting the golf ball getting the cheque rolling him next to the flight but when he was saying he shot the ball was landing on the green and rolling way too far past so he wanted to know how do you actually get the spin on those chips and get it stopping next to the flag so there's a few factors and let's get cracking with those the first thing you need to realize is that if you're not using a soft dish golf ball then the grooves which one of the elements that provide the backspin won't penetrate the curling and therefore don't provide any friction to provide the backspin so if you're using a distance style golf ball that's going to be really really tricky so that's the first thing find a soft dish golf ball that's going to be the first element in try to get backspin the second element is use loft if there's too much metal going through I'm going to put impact to the back of the golf ball here they'll be more forward immense them rather than backspin so we need a loft here loft is what's going to here was till we get almost a glancing blow and then the third element is speed the faster this club moves through the more revolutions that put a pass on the golf ball and therefore the more spin it creates so that's those are three main factors so how do we use those and impart them with technique so the first thing to realize is there are a couple of obviously you've probably heard two or three different ways of chipping some people have the ball back in their stance and that's fine some people have their hands angled forward and that is fine as well their hands forward position and the ball back that's fine it creates a box on the picture which lands on the green and tends to roll out something like this so we're gonna play a box down the pitcher off the back of the stance and what happens with this one watch this it just released a release release release of releases and just keeps on rolling right the spinning saw requires a slightly different setup and a slightly different action the with a spinning shot the ball slightly more forward in the stance and what we're going to use is we're going to use more of the balance of the golf club to to generate the spin so the bounce is going to strike the ground and whip underneath the golf ball but it's not this the wrists out stopping when we're doing this we're not putting the back of the club on the ground and flicking it what we're actually going to do is use the bounce but keep the hands moving forward as we're doing it so notice this I'm practicing here I'm brushing through using the bounce but my wrists are still flying forward the danger when some people have tried to use their bounces is they do use their bounce way too much in fact and but they do it in this type fashion with a bounce in the ground and the club of me that it goes upwards that's not what we're after now to work on this what we want to practice is keep those arms nice and connected here we may even open the the contest slightly to add more loft not always necessary but can really really help get the ball forward and then all we're gonna do is to make a few practice swings where you feel the balance of the club brushing at the point that we'll see where the balls going to be backwards and for the ones you've got feeling for that we get yourself in get the bounce striking the ground and hey presto we get that a nice little bear check so in summary there guys really very simple in this weak ball makes a big difference choose the right ball nice soft golf ball get some loft on the club 5660 will work brilliantly well get some speed going through that golf ball now if you want to get speed you're gonna have to make sure that the technique matches up with that speed I don't often teach this initially to the beginner golfers because they use a lot of bounce already but they use in the wrong way these are bounce with a flick that's not what we want we want the hands going through the shot here nice and positive nice and aggressive right but we're still working the hands through impact and all we're gonna do is focus and get the bounce strike in the ground here roughly where you need where the balls gonna be I really hope you enjoy this simple one for this week guys bit of practice I needed as always if you think somebody else would benefit from some backspin around the greens please share this video and of course if you're really enjoying the training please subscribe to the channel I really appreciate it until next week have a great golfing week.