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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this week's golf lesson I have a question have you ever wanted to hit a beautiful draw you know that shot that sets off to the right of target and drifts back into the center of the fairway maybe you slice the golf ball and you just wanna reduce that slice and maybe even turn that slice into a draw well in this week's training we're going to show you exactly how to create a draw and give you some practical things that you can do in practice to get that draw happening every single time yes it's going to require a little bit of work but let's get cracking so the first thing to understand is what is a draw a draw is a ball that sets off to the right to the target and drifts back down to the left so what are the impact conditions that need to occur in order to create the draw and why and most people not able to achieve it the first thing to realize is simply this I'll put a couple of lineman rods on the ground you'll see this one here is going very very straight this is our target I go straight down the target line now to here draw this is what needs to happen to the golf club the club needs to be heading to the right of the target okay down this alignment rod not straight up the golf ball because we need to set the ball off to the right so the path of the golf club at our club head needs to be heading to the right now if we want then the ball to curve to the left the face of the golf club doesn't want to be square to that path ie straight because what go straight to the right it needs to be turned in slightly so it needs to swing to the right the clock face needs to be close to the path but sometimes it must be hugely confusing thing open to the target line alright so close to the spring path but open to this target line alright and that is exactly what the impact conditions I needed to get that ball drawing from right to left so let's see what that looks like just in a simple shot here I want to work the club from the inside here back and here a lovely draw so let me explain how you guys go ahead and do that alright so the simplest way to hit draw is to change the way you set up to the golf ball and trying to swing as normally as possible right so all we do is we want the ball to set off slightly to the right yeah because that's how the ball goes right so what we do is we aim slightly to the right to target right so as a poster stunning parallel to this now we're going to stand with our feet aiming slight to the right and then what we're going to do is we're going to turn in the golf club by a few degrees we're going to tip the grip it will feel quite strange in the hands and that is all we're going to do we're going to aim slight to right what is the face slightly then grip it so we do what we don't want to do to grip it then close it because it'll just return back to square we're going to close the face pull the golf club aim slightly to the right and know where we go that way again we're creating a nice right-to-left shape and that's probably one of the easiest ways to create that ship now if you're a slicer of the golf ball remember you're going to repeat your standard golf swing so if you're a slicer and you try this method what it's like it's a happen is it may not turn your slice into a draw straight away but what it might do is reduce your slice more into a fade or even a straight shot all right so it's a wonderful way of if you're really struggling on a nice quick fix of reducing that slice considerably by getting the crate closing closing in a little bit alright the second way I'm looking at trying to create a draw requires a bit more feel now let's just go back to how we create that draw we want the club head to be heading to the right of the target but in order for it not to just go right we need the club face slightly closing down so the aim here now is to feel the club head swinging to the right and also feel the club face closing now you can imagine at high speed that is going to be pretty tricky and pretty almost impossible to do that going straight to the golf course so what you're going to have to do is this is where it requires some practice and also it's going to require maybe some small slow swings to develop that's particular skill so let me give you an illustration of what's actually happening in order to create this we still need to aim to the right target because we need to set the ball off to the right okay so what this is all about now is again trying to get the clubface closing so that we can create that draw so in a normal swing what we're doing is is we coordinate the body very well in order to hit it straight so I'd like to turn back here and I turn through here my chest is squared to that golf club and I'm turning through here everything through and remaining very coordinate is all turning through nicely together right but when we ringing and hitting a draw what happens is this we want that head just speeding up a little bit ahead of the body so that it closes right so what we're doing is is we've got that sensation that there's a slit sense of a delay so watch this I'm coming through now the hands speed up a little bit or the apps or the arm speed up a little bit here the body slows a fraction and that's just enough to close down the face and create that draw that's what it looks like from this angle as I'm swinging here I'm still turning through I'm still turning but it's a slight delay here as the amp continued moving and and get the con face turning over now as you can imagine that's gonna require some skill some practice and some feel so this is how I like to work on it when you're playing and you try to do this exercise what you want to do is you don't want to be going in and try to smash it really hard because you just won't have any feel right for that so what you want to do is try and play some very very small shots well what we do is we get the sensation here of the body slowing on the club head just taking over a fraction body's flowing here clubface turning over and then what we do watch this you just practice on the driving range back here body slowing down in clubface turning over it's not about hitting beautiful straight start off with it's purely about getting that sensation of the clubface turning over yes it will require practice but what else you know we're gonna if you want to get better this game we're gonna have to put a little bit of time in but that's the second way I would work on in trying create that lovely draw alright so in summary let's go over how to create that draw what impact factors need to be happening what's what's this club supposed to be doing to create that draw the club head needs to be heading to the right of the target if it's a square face it will go to the right so we need that Club face closing this is what's going to create that spin that curves the ball from right to left so we give you two ways to create that draw the first way was actually to aim slight to the right of target probably how much draw you want five six seven eight nine ten yards whatever you choose we knit we then close the club face then we grip it very important we don't close it with the same grip we close the face then we grip it how much you close it that's the experiment session alright then we're going to practice swinging to the right of the target I'm trying to create that draw that's the simplest way to to create the draw at will bear in mind obviously if you're a slice of the golf ball you may find that you don't turn your slice straight into a draw you may reduce your slice which will be a bonus to a fade or maybe even a straight shot but definitely worth trying really really good exercise that one the second way we said was somewhere away that requires a little bit more practice and a little bit more skill development and in that way we said build it up from the ground very very slowly what was going on there we said we needed to delay the body and allow the arms to go a little bit faster than the body compared to in a normal shot we coordinate this motion more right where the arms impact match in with the body this time the body is going to be hanging back a fraction to allow the arms to pass to close up face as you can imagine that's going to take a bit more practice so we start very very small just getting a sensation here that the arms are passing that got our body and allowing the clubface to close a chances are you might hit a few hooks to start off with and this is absolutely fine this is okay this is all good practice you're starting to learn to take control that face alright I hope you enjoyed this video if you've got any questions please leave them in the comments box below and if you're enjoying the content you like to receive it in your inbox every week please subscribe to the channel and press a little bell until next week have a great golfing week