driver swing driver tips Nov 05, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here this week we're gonna discuss how do you hit a driver now I target it at beginner golfers but you know what if you're an intermediate go far you've been playing golf for quite a while this training should be really really helpful because we're gonna discuss the shape of the swing the exact action that you're gonna need to strike your drivers more consistently we're also going to discuss some of the common pitfalls I often see with golfers as the hit driver and one of the main reasons why you possibly don't hit it as consistently as you like so let's get cracking the very first thing to realize and one of the first problems I find with a lot of golfers and I don't know whether you're the same here but a lot of people feel that when they're swinging the club they need to swing back straight and through straight kind of makes sense right you want to hit a straight shot but the problem is we want to become powerful one else to get some power and because we stand to the side of the golf ball we do not want the club going straight back and straight through we need to allow the club to work on an arc around the body so if you look at the club head here it starts over here and then works around to here right when it comes through it comes back into impact and then watch this works around to this side so immediately you can see here the club is working on a shape around the body so how can you go and work on this what I'm not asking you to do is this I don't want you to get the wrists doing this a little see a lot of time people almost getting the shape while that when the swing and they're going the wrist up running out from this angle is that they tend to do a lot of this so it's not this it's not a wrist D motion what we want to do is want to create a strong natural arc so biceps connected to left chest try and keep this left hand mclubbe forming a straight line and then what we're going to do we're simply going to rotate that immediate celestials move back it's completely square watch this we're going to rotate back around completely intact and really stable and really really powerful again from this position have a look at here bicep connector to left chest rotate body round here and back into impact and again rotating through here simple way of getting the arc of the club working backwards and forwards second thing I want to be aware of is the actual clubface so one of the things yes I've got a little bit stretchy but it couldn't give it carried out so second thing I want you to work on is the actual clubface itself so just as golfers tend to come straight back with a path of the golf club they often try and keep the clubface very straight going back and very straight going through but we don't want the club going straight back like this and then again straight through like this because again there's no power and really we don't actually hit it straight like that the club face naturally wants to do this as I rotate what do you notice about the clubface there it's actually pointing in that direction and the toe of the club's point to the sky and I see a rotate back and it rotates to square and I rotate through now look the club face is pointing over here and the toe is pointing to the sky so there's a rotational motion and opening and closing I've got a tennis racket here too to show this slightly more visually so here I am at the moment you can see here you can see the back of the racket now watch this as I rotate now what can you see you can't see either side all you can see is is straight down on line yeah and as I rotate through look behind there's the racket here and then watch this we're rotating through here bang Lucky's pointing upwards I show you from this side so I'm rotating back here now you can see the tennis racket now you can't and watch this rotating through again but I just emphasize with this this is not a rolling of the wrists not what I'm asking so like sometimes if you've heard this concept before people often trying to get it the toe up to the sky here and it's helped us go there by rolling the wrist we don't want that so just like the takeaway left bicep connected all I'm going to do here is do a simple turn away from the golf ball here and again turn back and that you know what is probably a very very good way of practicing it so let's have a look at this go buy a ball and let's play a few shots I would do a lot of shots where you play some small shots where we're maybe only hitting it 30 40 50 yards and all we're doing is turning to here and just doing this Martian it is super simple but it's the most important bit of the golf swing so it's worth practicing and again getting this right so I'm just gonna try and hit it maybe 50 60 out maybe a bit further but from here I'm gonna rotate back and I'm going to do is rotate through so halfway and halfway momentum will probably take you through a little bit further so don't worry too much about that but it isn't about power with this this is about you getting the feeling of rotating to here and rotate into here on an arc with both an open Club face and then a closing Club face on the way through and that's the first thing I want to focus on when you're hitting driver so the final thing that I want to focus on is just to be aware that when you're hitting a driver you gotta hit the ball on the way up too many golfers when they're picking up a driver is they just pick it up and chop down on it now if you look at that their look where's the law facing if you hit down it's going to go straight into the turf yeah so we want to hit the ball up in the air right now again and we don't want to do it with a risky action so what can we do so here we go we've worked on two concepts right um we're gonna keep with the same principle so left on the club forming a straight line here we want to hit up on the drivers so to hit up on the driver do we want to be in this position no we're gonna hit down from there right if we keep this line intact what do we need to do we need to raise this up now we've got a chance log of hitting up on it so look what I'm doing to my shape of my body now from here what I'm going to do is I'm simply going to swing backwards and look I've kept that line intact now and rotated to here I'm rotating through to here but I'm doing it on in upwards martien I'm sweeping the ball up what I'm not doing is simply chopping down that is it now to get a feel for this and an exercise you can do it just imagine here that you're gonna leave the tea in the ground and you're going to hit the ball just up off that tea peg you're going to hit it up off the tee peg if I rotate in here swinging up and then rotating through to impact here and again keep it small this is about giving you an opportunity to feel this Martian full swings fast swings are so difficult to learn new skills and new techniques so keeping this small yes you won't hit it as far as you'd like to start off with but you will learn the most important concept which is from here to here and if you can get this right then the other part the action is super simple so let's see this working so what I'm going to do is just play again a very very small shot but I'm going to get my body in a position to hit naturally up on this ball here it's going to rotate to here row straight through again but this time just imagine I'm also hitting it on the way up as well and immediately I just get a higher trajectory and I swept the ball off the tee so I hope you found this really really useful if you did please give it a thumbs up and if you know anyone else you may enjoy this content and please share it and of course if you're enjoying the content and you'd like to receive it in your inbox every week don't forget to subscribe button and the bell and until next week have a great golfing week