chipping chipping technique stop chunking thinning chips Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're gonna focus on chipping and improving your consistency of strike so look it should be pretty straightforward shouldn't it but we know and you know that it's not you know how often do you see balls thinning like this over the back of the green because you've hit the leading edge or vice versa you kind of junk it in front of you here barely getting the ball moving forward that's pretty shocking right now it can sometimes put the fear of death into us so what we're going to in this week's of air training we're gonna discuss some real basics in terms of how you can set up correctly to you're tipping every time we're also kind of cover some really tight lies as well that's horrible and so there's no grass under the golf ball how do you play them before we do the if if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your games so let's get started so what is said how do you set up to a chip shot well in an ideal world you want to use the way to this golf club to help us chip we want to allow the gravity of this club to fall down because it's so much if I let this club just fall now it's going to be more repeatable than if I'm directing it all the time so we want to set up for shipping in a way that allows this to happen more naturally so the first thing we do is we get the shaft as vertically as we can do because the more vertical the shaft is the more it likelihood is on a basic chip shot it can just simply fall down if I have a shaft angle like this and I swing it back now the club has come around too much and if I allow gravity to fall it falls down this way so it's not ideal so in chipping we want to take the advantage that we don't need power in a in a full shot yes we need axe because when you generate power with chipping we don't so we can get the club fairly vertical here I'm going to go down the grip as well that makes it a little bit more vertical and then from here we can take the club back and just allow the natural force of the club now just to fall down that's the first things get the shaft fairly vertical the second thing is to get your set up in a much more well simple way so this happens more naturally so we're going to get the ball first central just for now we can move the ball back we can move it forward depending on the flight that you want to hit the shot but just for now we're going to go for a mid trajectory flight which is so mid mid stance what I want you to do now is this I'm going to imagine a spot here a spot here and I want those spots completely in line with the golf ball here can you see that what I don't want to do is have this spot up here over here that spot there so there's suddenly now a kink going on we want in order for this lovely to just to fall beautifully down consistently we want all these dots lined up this way we're completely in in symmetry here and what we can do is when we let that Club we'll come back now and we allow it to fall it can naturally fall right underneath our sternum our navel and it's allowing the club to bottom out right under the balance point of our body all right let's have a look at this in action so we get yourself set all lined up here feet I would say a club and a half with the power I might just turn my left heart slightly I'm going to get a fairly vertical here and all I'm going to do is practice this and get the club just coming back here and I won't allow the gravity of the club now to fall down underneath me here okay fall down underneath my balance points

there we go nice and simple right now what more other people do is they don't let the club fall what they tend to do is they tend to drive the club forward or they they're holding on too tight they tend to flick it so the the most important thing you want to do in this situation here is hold the club nice and softly and in a way that in a sense Judy you get the sensation of the club swinging back and then falling underneath the balance points now I'm gonna put a video in this top right hand corner where I should go into more detail on what I like to see if my one-handed exercise gone really well really really popular which I show people in a sense how you can increase the like of this to happen but when you swing one-handed you're almost you're not as strong so you're allowed the club the way to the club to work a bit more effectively so let's have a look at this in action another great exercise so you've got all your book bottom you had dots lined up you get yourself set and what you do now is you let the club head swing okay so it's now just naturally falling like a pendulum underneath those balance points here and then away we go and look at how accurate that is because it's a pendulum it just simply attracts on the same line and it is as simple as that you'll notice here when I'm swinging one-handed the book stays very close to me here the heads going because it's a pendulum I'm allowing the club now to fall naturally here the books here and the club goes through at no stage am i swinging with these big arm movements here no need we're just allowing the natural forces of this club to work so does it work on tight lies and horrible lies let's have a look so it's been really difficult to find a really tight light in this hole the greenkeepers is such a great job of keeping the grass in great condition but I'm going to show you how you can go about working on it the key word tight lies and where there's no grass on in the golf ball you want a sense that you're kind of gliding the soleplate through the turf you don't want to mean a sense in since digging too deep because that would cause better the club to bounce sometimes thin it and even fat it so I've got a little trick for you get a pen and what we're gonna do here is we're going to scribble over the top of it here like this so I'm gonna put a lot of just a whiteboard marker here put it on the bottom here and what we're going to do is we're going to practice when we're swinging here just same principle so get everything lined up here shaft nice and vertical and we're gonna allow the gravity of the club to fall underneath this here yeah and we're gonna wipe off the whiteboard pen at the bottom that's the aim and it's all gone okay so that's all we did the image here on the lie here is you get yourself set and we're gonna simply wipe the pen off the bottom of the marker there we go that's pretty pretty solid and all I'm doing here the reason why it's so so consistent is because there's none of me driving I'm not shifting my body around I'm not moving it around here got everything lined up and all I'm doing is allowing the weight of the club to come up here and fall back down here I love this because it also helps with the rhythm so many people struggle with distance control because they have almost kind of jerky style actions imagine me throwing a ball to you I would want to do it with some rhythm wouldn't I here I wouldn't jerky like this but I see a lot of people with this little twitch when you start to work on the gravity the golf company allow the weight just to naturally fall like this in momentum just takes over you don't do anything all you have to do is to make sure that your balance points are lined up and then you just trust in the process use some white boy pen to kind of in a sense kind of give you an image and then practice wiping it off but and don't force it just let the gravity of the club fall through and it is as simple as that okay remember the one hand exercise so let's summarize and go through these points so stage one we want the club very vertical because that helps with the pendulum style action yeah we can't get complete pendulum but it really helps stage two you want all the balance points lined up so you want one point here to outline doubt on the three-bin the ball this would be off this would be off everything's lined from there we're gonna then sense that we're gonna let the weight of the club come back here and we're gonna trust it to fall now underneath our balance points here I've said check the ICAT up in this right-hand corner here one-handed exercises I work wonders for this because they really help you sense the balance and the flow of the club here there's no jerkiness there's no forcing the issue like throwing a ball okay once you've done that maybe put some white black marker pen on the on the bottom of your club and then just practice that start with a one hand just literally start to practice white ping it off backwards and forwards and there we go pretty straightforward like all these things they take a bit of practice a bit of trust in the process but once you get it you just have so much feel you know the chip at the base of chipping action he's really really straightforward so get some practicing if you know some of your friends who are struggling with their chipping really share this video I hope it already helped but of course if you liked it give it a thumbs up I really appreciate it really helps the channel and of course if you haven't seen one of my videos before and you're new to channel maybe consider subscribing so I can send you some more tips and tricks next week but until next week have a great golfing week