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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're going to teach you how to hit your driver straight but you know what we have got a huge dark cloud above us right now and it looks like it's due to absolutely lash it down so we've got to get this video out to you with tremendous value but really quickly otherwise I'm gonna get soaked and this video is gonna fail so here it's not gonna cover we're gonna cover exactly how you setup to driver every single time we're going to cover primarily here what you need to be doing with the clubhead a lot of the videos that I put in the past we've talked about the body action but today I'm going to talk about the main thing that the copper what you should be doing with this Claude phase this is the thing that hits a golf ball so if you're slicing it or you're hooking it you need to be a controller face and that is what we're gonna focus on in this week's training so before we do of course if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I released content like this every single week to help you improve your game so with your gases set up what I want you do is this you've got to remember we driver we're trying to launch this ball up into the sky we don't want to have low shots they don't travel very far we want to get our ball launching up into the sky so you need to have a set up just going to help that what we want to be I do here is this we want the ball nicely opposite the inside of our lead foot here now the best way to find that position is get the ball lined up with the middle of your feet take a tiny step to your left if you're a right hander and step to a bigger step to your right that finds the ball position now from this place here what we then want to do is we want to get the club in place we want the hands behind the club head and we want our head behind the hands now this can you see straight away this creates and almost of this shape I almost call it the launch pad effect we're trying to get you launching up in the air if I got my head over here suddenly my Stern is more in line with the golf ball and icesat-2 come down too steeply on that onto the back of the golf ball and we don't get it launching upwards so setup is absolutely crucial so let's have a look at this so you get their ball up sit left heel hands behind the ball and head beyond the hands and then just start to make a few swings where basically you start to come into the the golf ball and Alma tried to almost try to get back to where you were so your heads here your hands and there and the clubs in front of their hands let's have a look at that okay nice and simple nice and simple but really really important point and most people miss it the next thing from there is this we then we a lot of people who have putting a lot of spin on it are often coming down quite steeply on their drivers there from the top of the backs and they're hitting quite hard to come quite steep and if you have a look here our body's gone where that where's our head gone again it's gone over the top of the golf ball as opposed to stay behind it and we start to get that descending blow as opposed to ascending blow so what I've done here is I've put a tee peg if you look at this about a foot behind the golf bar I'm gonna drive them in tree I'll just put like a a driving range tee but out in the golf course on a tee just put a tee peg about a one foot behind the back of the golf ball and what we're trying to do here is we no need we need to bottom out the golf club behind the back of the ball so what I want you to do is I want you to make some swings and I want you to try and get the club head actually striking the tee the back T before you hit the golf ball what this is going to show you is this the club's going to come down it's going to bottom out it's going to start to hit the tee one foot behind and then start to ascend on the golf ball a great way of getting the head working correctly through the impact area so a foot behind the ball we get it swinging back

and we're going to hit the T absolute perfect and that gets the ball launch it up let's have another look at that it's a nice simple again I'm not going from the edge of the massive swings at the moment all I'm trying to do here is is illustrate factors that you need setup is hugely important here setting behind now we need to learn how to keep your hind and teeth exercise like this means you don't have to think too much about it all you got to do is just don't go at that T just make some swings of stats of swing backwards and forward brushing the back T before you hit the front T now we start to get that lovely launch that moves me now on to the third point so this is that controls flight that's the controls what's called the club head is doing through the impact air we've started to get more ascending blow but we need to learn how to get this conveyed in fact if you want to hit straight shots so what I've got here is you can use alignment rods I just got a my two iron here and what I'm going to do it just lay either alignment rod or in this case a two iron on the ground and what I'm going to do here is this is you need to learn the feel of this club has so many of those I try to work on our bodies etc and you can remember that our bodies do not hit the golf ball the club head hits the golf ball so you need to become aware of the feel of this face if you can't feel the face how you supposed to change it yeah so you want to learn the sensation if you're if you're a slicer you need to learn how to close the face and if you're a hooker you need to learn how to open it too it can become Sequeira so what we do is this just adds as acts has a straight line so what we're gonna do here is this we're gonna make a swing okay get ourselves into the setup position here we're gonna swing back and what I'm gonna do now is this if you're a slicer you're going to get the sensation to stop an impact with the clubface started to turn inwards so you're turning inwards I like to almost feel like that when if you likes your knuckles are turning to the floor your knuckles are turning to the floor impact turn those knuckles into the floor all right now the opposite is true if you're a slight hook at a golf ball you might want to in a sense when you're hooking the ball you might want to feel like your knuckles are turning up to the sky up to the sky up to the sky that's the sensation the reality be very different but what you try to do here listen rays that can read it you try to do here is you're trying to get a sensation of the face yeah so the widow in work unless you've got it you've got your alignment in here you're trying to get that clubface nice and square you get a few Mickey few swings to get sense to this and what is common with a lot of top players that don't go straight in now start smashing golf balls what they do now is they start to make some swings and they start to get a feel of this so I'm gonna I'm gonna have come from position because a lot of people are slices I'm gonna come from a position of slicing so what we're gonna do we're going to make some swings now and we're going to get sensation here of the knuckles closing in turning down towards the ground bang get that sensation turn those knuckles towards the ground and then what we do is this make some swings backwards and forwards we've got a setup we've got our head behind the golf ball you've got the tee pick behind and all we're gonna do now is turn the knuckles towards the ground and notice this I'm almost stopping shot at no stage it's not an outer fit I'm really trying to get that clubface swinging I get a feeling here I'm not going big full out smashes it's very difficult to feel anything or learn anything at that pace so get those knuckles turning to the ground if you are a slice it really really helps so my final point here is this I coached a lot of people and sometimes I think because we get stuck in a rut sometimes we're with your Hooker's or your slicer we get stuck in a little bit of a rut and one of the downsides is is that we feel like we don't do - I think this is a common-sense thing if I am he's the silly analogy of someone playing tennis and you've got the coach at the other side of tennis cot and the guys saying like you know put some top spin on the golf on the telus ball and the person's going I think tennis coach goes now I know topspin put some topspin on and the guys constantly putting back to being on the Goff on the taste ball it wouldn't make any sense would it you know even if you don't play tennis my bet is that most of you would do this for topspin and this vote for backspin but in golf it should be that simple as well if you want to change your shape of the shot you should be able to change your shape at will just because all you try to do is change spin so you should be able to do this if you can't my bet is you just kind of hypnotized into this kind of old way of being you all we're trying to stop your slice or one of the things I would say is is this if you're cutting the ball and you want to kind of learn to close out face down to start to become much straighter I want you now to finally start to get that ball feeling or look at visualize the boss turning over right to left and the question I always get asked this is what I don't know how to do that you don't need to know how initially just make your best effort at closing this face so when you come we can now combine the knuckles going down now with some visualization of what you're trying to do here so I'm not trying to stop a slice now I'm not gonna try to stop a hook I'm actually actively doing something so I've got myself set up the t's behind that's got my launch now what I'm gonna do here is I've turned my knuckles down I'm gonna match this now with a visualization I'm trying to train my body seeing the shape of the shot here even though I may be a natural slicer I am gonna see that shape going right to left there he goes right to left again exactly the same if you're a hook at a golf ball you know imagine you're slicing a tennis shot you know get yourself there feel like the knuckles are working more up to the sky and you're slicing the ball if you're a hooker that is the simplest way to start to learn to square that face up every single time and start to hit those drives dead straight so let's summarize what have we done the first thing we need to do we look we said look we've got to learn to control his Kilometre Array is going in now well you cannot learn to control this club head the first thing you need to do you're going to be set up correctly to driver you've got to get that body in a position where you are literally behind the golf ball how do you do this boy forward hands behind ball head behind hands and make some swings coming into impact getting this sensation so you know what that feels like second thing put a tee peg one foot behind the golf ball and then what you want to try and do is make sure the club brushes that tee peg before it hits the golf ball this way what happens every week they exaggerate is your club is bottoming out behind the ball and then starts to come up which is what we need with a driver then we said look what we need to do here to learn to get a sensation of how do you square that clubface up through impact get an alignment rod or in this case I've just got my two iron and what I want you to do here is is just make some swings and stop at impact and get the sensation if you're a slice to the golf ball you need to get the sensation of what a closed clubface feels like I said turn the knuckles to the ground to turn the knuckles to ground stop there learn the feel you must teach your body what it feels like it hates all the understanding is great but you've got to teach it to the feel if you're a hooker teach it what it is to feel like it's you know what an open-face actually feels like knuckles up a little bit more yeah teach the body what's that supposed to feel like once you've done that once or twice pair it with some visualization if you're a hooker visualize it cutting if you're a slicer visualize the ball hooking you may not hook it or slice it stuff it but you've got to start to add the vision and then what you do is you hit those shots get enough sensation or what you should be doing through the impact area I hope you already enjoyed this please that you do because it started to rain I'm getting absolutely soaked right if you enjoyed the training of course give it a thumbs up and if you're new to channel please consider subscribing of course if anyone else is struggling or any of your friends are struggling with a driving and they think this video might help please share it but until next week have a great golfing week I'm off to get dry