HOW TO HIT DRIVER STRAIGHT - The driver swing is much easier when you know this

driver hit driver straight Nov 08, 2021

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how many videos have you seen with the title how to hit your driver straight i mean you've probably gone through a few you if you've had a slice you've been desperate to get rid of that slice and yet you still can't do it or you hook the golf ball and you're wondering how to get rid of it but you just still can't do it why well in this golf lesson i'm going to share with you just one real simple common problem i've seen over and over again with so many my students when they fix this i promise you you would not believe not just the accuracy they get with uh their swings but how effortless it feels afterwards right so in this week's golfers i'm going to show you how to hit driver much much straighter by changing one thing in your golf swing you'll be amazed it's super super simple before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i'll put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you don't have to remember a thing it'll be a step-by-step plan there for you so we're going to cover slicing and we're going to cause uh cover hooking today so let's start with slicing if you are slicing that golf ball very simply you are cut you know that you're coming over the top you're coming across the line of that golf ball here but why this kind of action does not exist in sports like tennis you know you don't see tennis players when they're trying to hit a target there swinging miles over this way to the left no that doesn't really make sense so why do you do it why do you keep making this mistake it's not just you we all do this over and over again why well you see you wouldn't make this mistake if golf was one-handed you see i see so many people when i give him a one-armed drill they swing lows better on a beautiful arc swinging backwards and forwards into the golf ball they don't make these kind of weird compensations but the reason being is this when you swing one arm just like in tennis when you swing one arm your arm creates an arc it starts here works here on a beautiful arc to create depth right then just simply returns on this arc comes through back around here and it's effortless no problem at all so what happens when the second hand comes on well your second hand acts as a restriction to this motion and it stops it creating the arc if you don't move this lead side correctly let me show you watch this so i want to get this lead side reaching over here but i see too often with uh players and you might be the same this lead side is stuck it's blocked so watch it doesn't move very much often you're trying so hard to concentrate and stay still doesn't move so because it doesn't move it doesn't get over there so unfortunately you end up getting stuck here look you end up getting stuck in this position rather than deep here you get stuck here now what does that mean well when you want to then add some power in ie some rotation going through where are you going to go you're going to turn and you're going to hit the outside of the ball and come across the line why because you can't hit the inside because your lead side has not allowed you to the inside because look the lead side needed to have freed up moved to get you more depth here now what you can hit more inside the ball are you not over there to hit the ball much straighter so it's your lead side that is one of the biggest barriers to hitting a ball straight if this leads side does not move you are stuck there is absolutely nothing you can do you can try all your like to kind of get around here but you're restricted by what this lead side does so what's the answer well clearly look we need to find you and i are going to be very different ages different levels of flexibility so how much our lead side moves is going to be very very different so i want you to figure out how far you can move it first before we then start hitting a shot so watch this you can now see look we want to create an arc in this golf swing simple arc the right side here my trail side here will allow that to happen how far can i can i get my lead side across to reach that i'm done there so this becomes my full position yeah there that's where i want to be i want you to find yours because if you get to here and then you're trying to go further you're going to collapse in all kinds of weird positions and have to make conversations then that beautiful simple act disappears right so swing it back try to find where it needs to be now your lead side has gone on an arc it's rotated around now look we can simply rotate back through what other things could you do you could allow maybe the lead heel to come up you could allow your knees to turn inwards a little bit anything to try and help you get around to get here all right if you've heard things like people getting stuck inside why that's because the arms have been doing all the work the lead side has blocked this turn right if you turn this lisa i get it out of the way it can help with the arc anything at all but let me give you one simple exercise to do if you slice the golf ball you we want to straighten out that bend what's the opposite well we want to try and play a draw shot that will help you straighten out your bend if you slice it so we want to get you as opposed to swinging this way you want to imagine that you're going to swing more out to this side of the fairway drawer is going to come out here and come back so we're going to imagine now we're going to swing this way just for a second where's my trail hand going it's going over here watch this now what i'm going to do with this lee down i'm going to try and map it out exactly the same way map out that whole motion now with my lead side but try and follow as best as i can yeah then i'm going to start to move it into position mapping it out swinging in this direction getting a sense of where i'm going now suddenly i am much deeper i can now simply rotate through comfortably watch if i get to here and i try and map it out and i'm doing this i'm going to have to consistently bring this club here now when i rotate i'm going to come across a line again yeah so try and get far as far across as you can do you know what it's going to feel strange because if you have been the type of golfer that has been trying to keep your eye on the ball keep your head down you'll never get around you can never get any death watch if your head is locked in place i can't move my lead side so my leaf side's stuck so now unfortunately i might complete by doing this and over swinging just with that an arm motion but i'm never going to get over here i've got to get around the corner all right to allow myself once i'm in depth i can then simply rotate through the shot got it so let's start to do this is one very very simple exercise to learn the feel of this so again the opposite to a slice is a hook or a draw so we're going to imagine that feeling we're going to imagine we're going to swing out over there start with your right first a trail and then we're going to start mapping it out get a sense of where you're heading where you're going over there there uh now i'm a natural drawer of the golf balls this is very exaggerated for me it doesn't matter i do have to be careful because i'm still injured so i'm gonna swing and map it over here i'm to try and swing over into this area i'll swing over into that area really get that lead side helping me out as much as i can there we go let's start to come back now nice little draw into the middle of the fairway so

that's how i would start getting that sensation getting it out there feeling that you're going into this area here but you cannot go into that area unless this leads side will allow it so you've got to learn this sensation over and over again and yes you will have to let go some of you you might feel that you're moving so much more than you than you did before let it go if you show with flexibility you're going to have to move this is a it's such a priority is to get this depth here it makes life so much easier to create a beautiful arc on the way through when you're around here when you're here you're in trouble so let's imagine you hook the golf ball the same principle applies the difference is when you hook the ball you kind of in your gut realize that that's wrong to do so what you do is this you still don't get enough depth so now what you do is this your hands are still here rather than here your body then drops and gets stuck behind here to try to get into this space where you know you should be but now you're stuck behind your up position you start flipping with your hands so the same principle applies to you if you hook the golf ball you still want to get this beautiful depth the difference is rather than you work on this motion where you're swinging out that way when you get the depth now i want you to rotate hard left for right handers how this way so you're going to go get here but then rotate through this way so you finish off the job why because you are the opposite to somebody who slices right so let's have a look at that one i'll get myself set here and i'm going to find this space here i'm going to unlock this lead site to get that depth okay so i can get the freedom then i'm going to rotate hard then we'll do a full summary at the end in a second so bear with me so it gets offset here back

i'm going to rotate back through that's going to give me that much straighter straighter shot okay so let's summarize if you slice a golf ball or hook the golf ball and you want to hit it much straighter we want a beautiful arc to the golf we want to create a consistent arc but what gets in the way of the ark is the blockaging sometimes the blocking of this lead side sometimes your lead site just just does not allow yourself to create the arc so therefore you make conversations you get we're going around we're going right now we're stuck the arc stops your arms might do this to complete but ultimately your hands are too far here then when you're trying to add power in with rotation which is what you should do you're going to rotate out here across the line of golf ball and hit slice or if you're a hooker you realize it should be there this time you drop it we don't want any of those conversations we want to continue put the hands in a position here deeper so that they can simply just work back on an arc simply and rotate through that shot unlocking this lead side will massively massively help again you might allow your head to move a little bit you might allow your lead heel to come up whatever it is it doesn't matter it's up to you to feel how you go about doing this create some one-handed swings really feel like you're creating this arc try and map it out with that lead side and allow your body to do whatever it feels it needs to do to help create this motion even if you feel like it's wrong because if you're so used to staying fixed you're going to feel my god that feels like a lot of movement danny do you know what when you feel like you're doing a lot of movement put it on camera and you check for yourself you'd be surprised at how little you're moving so i really hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you if you did and of course if you know somebody who's struggling with their driver please share it this is such a big thing for golfers i see it all all of the time and of course look if you're new to the channel come and join me every week by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below some people are struggling to find it just look at those ticks just below the video and click on one of those ticks there you'll come to the description and i've just titled practice planner underneath again it's completely free to do so so any questions leave them in the comments box below but until next week have a great golfing week.