HOW TO HIT DRIVER STRAIGHT - This Makes It Much Easier

driver simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us have you ever found that sometimes when you're trying to add more distance to your driver you start to become more wayward so hit it right hitting it left or you start to become really inconsistent you start hitting the ball all over the club face now i've just come back courtesy my sponsor's precision goal i've come back from an amazing trip with my dad uh up in scotland and you know i'm clearly going to be a little bit longer than he is and i could see him just almost trying to keep up putting trying to hit the ball harder and harder and as he did he started to lose some consistency started to hit the ball on the ground a few times slice it a little bit now what he didn't realize is if you did want to hit the ball a little bit further you don't have to hit it harder there is a different way now in this week's golfers i'm going to share with you how you can hit the ball further and more importantly straighter without the need to hit it harder now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel this one your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you don't have to remember a thing i always put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below great so let's help you now hit the ball further but more importantly straighter without you having to put any extra power or effort into the shot now luckily here's the thing you're going to need to learn how to hit the center of the club face so if you can't generate any more speed you need to be consistent at hitting the center of the club face now what when my dad was struggling i knew was hitting it potentially all over the place what we couldn't identify necessarily is exactly where now luckily one of the benefits about being part of team callaway is they're having an incredible relationship with this and andrew's links trust and the academy there so i teamed up with the boys to give me some support to help my dad figure out exactly how he and now you can hit the ball further and straighter without putting any extra effort in look what we found almost straight away what you can see on the on the face of the driver there um brian is that a lot of the strikes marks there in the face are quite a bit towards the heel side right there the tour the tour of the club is obviously quite still fresh yeah there's nothing there's no strikes over there obviously there's some some ones in the middle which is great but there's some ones towards the heel side so predominantly i'm hitting more this side generally speaking you're sliding closer towards the heel right now obviously what we've established watching you hit some shots this morning your shape of shot tends to be from left to right your your mess obviously tends to be an over curve or to the right as well now this is an area where i think you could help yourself to take away some of that shape as well because on a on a driver when we miss the middle of the face we get something that's called gear effect okay so when you miss the metal light in your case if you're hitting the heel what actually happens is the face will actually twist like this but the ball will actually curve from left to right so actually by striking the driver in this position yeah that's actually helping to create more left to right curvature right now if you if that strike was in the center or even slightly towards the toe side yeah you see a lot less of that left or right curvature i would help to see a lot less of that left leg okay so you can see look they've identified that my dad is hitting out the neck and that's costing me distance and it's costing him curvature right it's hitting a lot of curves now i want you to find out exactly where you're hitting it now you might have the benefit of a trackman or you might not have the benefit of face tape so what i want you to do is get yourself some foot powder spray is step number one foot powder spray very very simple all they do now is spray the face gives a white coating over that face now all we're going to do is we're going to identify specifically where we are hitting it in the club face that's all i want you to do as step number one get yourself set and i just happen to be on the track my simulator here at the old courses synthetic just to keep it all kind of topical and let's see a shot here and just see where we hid it in the face

felt a bit bottomy let's have a quick look can just see look slightly at the bottom of the golf club and mine's quite center but you identify where you are hitting it now you've seen what i want you to do now once you've identified that here's some things that i want you to play around with now the first thing is this if you are identifying which the most people are by the way if you to give your slice of golf ball if you're identifying that you are hitting it off the neck of the golf club here's one thing i want you to look at if you address the golf ball here with the ball level with the little level with the center of the club what i want to bear in mind is watch this when you hit a driver the driver will always end up off the ground at the moment of impact because that's where the ball is if we do that watch this can you see if i lift the club up now the ball look is opposite the heel i drop it down it's in line with the center i've had to raise it up it's now on the heel so watch out for that this is something that i see a lot sometimes if you find it off you're hitting off the heel just draw the the club back so it looks like it's now you're dressing off the toe of the club but when you actually finally hit the golf ball on the way up it's now center can you see that so really really simple tip the other thing you could do simple things you can learn to develop a sense of feel for where the center is okay so what i want you to do if you're hitting it like i say off the neck of the golf club all i need to do is put a tpeg outside the ball like this okay now if i hit that t peg right as i hit this one here what i'm going to do is i'm going to hit end up hitting the neck of the golf club right but if i miss that tpeg i know then that i've actually hit where i want to go so watch this i'll hit a shot for you now and i'll simply miss that tpeg here

and let's see where we've hit it there we go look can you see this right in the center of the club face and i have actually avoided that tea peg if i'd have hit it look at this if i end up hitting that tpeg here that would have meant i would hit the ball closer to the neck of that golf ball now if you're hitting it off the toe of the club if you sprayed the club face and you now feel like you're hitting off the toe not a problem all you do then is this grab the t-peg grab another one and this time what we do is we put a t peg but slightly different now we're going to angle the tpeg this side it's just a cater for the fact that your club here can go past that there so if i now take this t-peg out we need to make it a little bit harsher than that if i take this tea peg out here i'm going to end up hitting it off the toe so if you're a toe here and you need to avoid that tee peg it's going to get you hitting much more over here so again let's see if i can avoid that tpeg and watch this i've avoided it i moved my stripe pattern more towards the neck right so i've over avoided it now so playing around with these t-pegs here it's just going to give you a sense of how you can move that ball pattern backwards and forwards depending on where you are okay nice and simple so let's get back to sin andrews now to see what else the guys have got up their sleeve to help my dad hit the ball further without putting in any extra effort you know the most people in your position you know a lot most golfers are generally wanting more distance they want to oh of course a bit straighter yeah so yeah i mean the guys i play you start talking about stuff like this aren't you all for this i'm too old for that are you you know it's old not at all yeah the range of the flowers and shafts that we have and combinations that you can put together nowadays you can fit a lot more of the demographic of the uniqueness of people yeah yeah um and so that really does place importance in custom fit nowadays i mean we're very fortunate to have the variety that we do have that we feel very confident we can fit anyone who comes through the door yeah yeah um and that's and that's that's something i think is missed isn't it because um without a studio like this without all these different options you know it's so difficult for the average player to get a club that actually suits them absolutely you know whereas you come to a place like this is going to be something that's going to make that big big difference absolutely yeah well i supporters have come to the off the shelf as a stock and one in my eyes 100 is going to get what they need straight off the shelf yeah the other 99 are going to be left with less than optimal yeah because the weight doesn't suit potentially the flex doesn't suit even a profile suit um biggest thing for us is weight and nowadays you can really change the weight of a shaft that makes such a difference to the consistency of strike yeah and with the correct flexion profile you're really honing it in for the same price pretty much as what you're going to get from off the shelf well you know investment with a long-term benefit yeah yeah it's like getting something you want to get a suit that fits yeah yeah it's just comes the same thing everyone wants to shoot the fits yeah and you can get a golf club that fits exactly and if you're gonna and if you and most people are keeping the club set of vines for at least five to seven years you know so it's it's really worth doing isn't it definitely so as you've just seen and heard look my dad's dying to see some serious benefits from getting the right type of driver to suit his game now drills like i've just shown you here are super important they really really help but also getting the right equipment does now people are always skeptical about this so what i want to do is keep let's go jump back into the session because my dad's got some really interesting questions which i think you will probably love to hear the answers to yeah i mean obviously my swing my swing is not perfect i mean i tend to have that over top move and all this kind of thing so it must make it difficult for you to sort of try and get the correct head when the actual the individual is not swinging it as it should do correctly

i mean i can start it so everyone has consistencies a lot of people come in and think they're inconsistent and what they actually mean is they don't swing it directly along the target line yeah um but everyone has consistency so the main thing we're looking at in the fittings are okay what is this person's consistency yes if they're coming more over the top or coming from the inside or even if they're square to the target what are their consistencies yeah from there we then fit to that particular movement pattern because everyone has a pattern unless they're thinking a lot of swing thoughts which we obviously ask the questions on as well yeah and we then match what the person does and that's what custom fitting is we don't get involved in their patterns that's not our job yeah they're trying to match what they're doing with their particular pattern and then we can optimize what their pattern can produce so what he's saying here is is that you have a consistent pattern so let's say you slice the golf ball you may feel that you're really inconsistent with driver but your swing your pattern is consistent you will be coming over the top and across the line of the golf ball on a consistent basis what gives you the inconsistency of shots is often the inconsistency of where you're hitting it out of the club face if we can improve where you hit it you're starting to find out that ball flight although i won't go dead straight down the middle could just come in slightly over the top will fly much much straighter and longer maybe just missing slightly left of target but it won't have this big big bend on it all right so getting more consistent through the fitting process will really really help so let's summarize really it's really simple if you want to hit the ball a little bit further without putting loads of effort in but keep your accuracy you've got to make sure that you're hitting the center of the golf club much much more often how do you go about doing it well we followed a simple process didn't we the first thing we did was we sprayed some stuff all over the face to identify exactly where you're hitting it once you've done that and you've identified where you're hitting it then you can move forward and start to kind of come up with some solutions the first one we said look most people hit it off the neck of the golf club particularly if you slice if you do that just check your setup a lot of times people put the club behind the golf ball and don't realize that actually when the when you actually hit driver the club actually rises and that how obviously is going to have an impact on your impact position so sometimes address the ball with what you feel like it's off the toe to cater for the fact when the club comes up it's now more centered the next thing we suggested was the use of teas now you can't use teas on a golf course um to do this but this is all about developing a field put a tea peg on the outside of the golf ball here very very simply if you have missed that tea peg you know you're not you can't hit the neck of the golf club whatsoever simple thing then once you've done that a few times and you've managed to miss the tee take that feeling and take it to the golf course it will really really help if you hook the golf ball the chances are you're much more towards the toe of the club so again put the t-peg slightly angled this way and the same principle miss that t-peg it's as simple as that one thing that they did in the fitting with my dad is they actually got him to kind of go they actually gave him a slightly shorter driver and again what that did was help him again hit it much much more in the center now that brings us on to the uh the advantage of potentially getting a proper custom fitting you know doing all the technical stuff is absolutely wonderful but just getting the right club and just some expert advice you can see with my dad it made such a big difference your swing doesn't change very much your pattern doesn't change but you often think it does because you get inconsistent shots but those inconsistent shots are often because you're hitting it all over the face if you can hit it much more central you will hit it much much straighter which is what happened to my dad and this is what gave me another 15 to 20 yards and more importantly the dispersion was much much better all right so i really really hope this helps if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look if you're new to the channel remember to subscribe and remember there's i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below kind of summarizing what we've discussed so you can just take it away and just to finish off i want to say a huge huge thanks to the guys at saint andrews lives and of course the team callaway and the sponsors for the entire week precision golf massive massive thank you for your support it made me and my dad so so happy to get together have some fun i know he really really enjoyed it so thanks so much for joining us again this week i'll see you very soon