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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us would you like to know how to hit your driver long and straight facility question isn't of course we do we all do we all want to know how to get those bombing drives that are laser straight well this week I want to share with you what I learned from a 7 year old girl that I'm sure will benefit any golfer so the 7 year girl she flies in from Shanghai in China with a mum for some training and she's about this high and she was launching for her size and why she was launching this ball so far she might depart our 18th year which is the par 5 incredible right but my question is how was this little girl hitting it further than I see a lot of adults why how is she doing it well when adults play particularly guys what they're trying to do is they often try to muscle the ball they often use you know their brute force they use their biceps you know their shoulders and they're really trying to swipe at the golf ball now one of the problems of that is is they can have some success with that right they can hit it a reasonable distance to start off with when they learn in the game but they're very inconsistent they start to slice it and hook it and one of you but kids they don't have this strength right they don't have the strength in their bodies so what they learn very quickly is look they're all want to smash it miles but they learn how to hit it fire using other sources and what I want to share with you these correct sources I want to share with you this week is exactly what they use and how you could use it too so what a child does is a child uses one source that a lot of adults just don't use and that's this they use the ground as a lever for their power let me explain so what a child does is if if you watch a child hit a golf ball and a decent listen player you will see them when they come through impact they actually are off the ground with their heels they're actually jumping up and you'll also see this with some of the long drive guys in the world long drive championship you'll see we should go and check out Bubba Watson I might even put a a little video in this top left hand corner of Bubba Oh jumping so what they're doing here in order to generate power they're using the force in the ground so when they're swinging through they are basically jumping through the impact area and and smashing the bottom mile so I want to show you how can you benefit from this and how can you actually use the ground to generate power and energy to smash that ball miles well the first thing I see with a lot of adults is this when they're taking driver or any club for that matter what they're doing is they're gliding along the surface right so rather than a sense pushing into the ground as they swing back what they tend to do is they float along the surface if you're a slider of a golf golf swing and you kind of do this this is very typical right there's no force going in the ground so what happens with the golfers they tend to literally slide backwards and forwards as opposed to watch this I'm going to push my way into the balls of my feet into the ground and I'm gonna wind up from the ground look at the difference my legs now are much much stronger they feel a little bit stiff right I'm pushing up from the ground now if you're a senior golfer you might find that it's a little bit of a strain not a problem you can still do the same but what you do is is you let the left heel come off the ground a little bit so now watch when you make a backswing push with the balls you fit in to ground but now what we're gonna do is we're gonna push I'm still pushing in but now my left heels coming off the ground right but I'm still feeling a force as I push up into my backswing right when we come down that force is still there I'm pushing back and then I'm pushing back down and you will see with any of the top players on tour and anyone who's powerful you'll see them initially go down towards the golf ball cause that the pressures going into the ground and then when they come through there's almost a rising through the impact area here because they're forcing naturally off the ground now you don't have to think about all this all you have to do is go from a position of barely touching the ground with your feet just floating across the surface to pushing down with in with the ballsy feet into the turf and start to make some swings like this I'm going to push up here and I'm gonna literally feel the force going back into my feet into the ground let me show you what this looks like just like that right so what I'm doing here is I'm swinging back and feeling a force going into the ground up into my back and then back into the ground and into my feet right let's have another look at that so from here get myself set I'm pushing into the ground here I'm pushing back into the ground and watch this I'm still pushing in and I'm really going for it on the way through push push down now I don't get a jump I don't get that kind of jump and you don't need to either right all you need to do is feel that you're going to use the ground and what you'll find is you've been ass where the golf ball you'll find that that sway starts to disappear let me show you a little exercise it can do so when you swing in here one thing you can do here's you could win your when you take into practice me what I would like to do is a great exercise you can do at home is start to make a swing to take your fist with your left hand take your right hand and put it over your fist start to make a swing and when you punch you out to the side here just really feel you're gonna punch into the ground and back push down into the ground and back very different to this here I'm just there's nothing going in very subtle looks similar but completely different pushing into the ground and back and then again back into impact push into the ground back into impact I'm going to leave a link in the top left hand corner to a video that I put on a week or so ago which will link very nicely to this which will give you the feeling also pressure going back under the body through into the ground on there on the downswing right but just now just work on the simple exercise here of right hand over left fist make a backswing get a stretch and then back down into the ground okay let me show you what it looks like from the other side so let me show you what it looks like from this side so what we're doing we're setting ourselves up right rather than in a sense the feet just resting on the ground here and sliding what we're going to do is we're going to get the sensation here of the weight in the balls of our feet we're sitting into the balls of the feet here and we're pushing into the ground and when I make a bat swing now I'm gonna keep that push as a winding back and pushing down into the ground all I'm doing is really getting my legs active so many golfers because we play quite static game make their legs very very static and they tend to look very similar to this very static legs arms working bang here very lot going on just nothing going on with the legs whatsoever that leads to very inconsistent shot left and right but very weak shots also so what we're going to do is very good neither need to be very good posture so we're going to take up off your here we're going to tip for my hip bone here settle down into the balls of the feet here really feel a force going through those legs into the ground and I feel ready now from this position again I'm gonna wind it up I'm gonna wind it back down wind it up wind it back down

just like that okay now again let's go through that exercise from this angle again simple exercise you need good posture for this right so we're going to tip from the hip bone here onto the balls our feet we're going to soften our knees into the balls of our feet too many gone for the C and we posture sat back on their heels you can put a force down into the ground with you sat back here big common problem sit into the balls of your feet then the exercise right hand over left fist push into the balls almost a punch to the right but pushed down into the ground as you're doing it this way not a gentle float along the surface use the ground as your as your asset just like this seven your childhood from there sim again we're going to use the ground as we fire through the impact area and that is it really simple for this one this week for you guys so what have we done we've talked about how do you hit a ball straight and far well do you know what this seven year old child was keeping it really simple and I want to keep it really simple for you as well what was she doing she wasn't swinging with her top part of that body and trying to hit it because she didn't have the strength she basically woke up he used one of the biggest power sources that we lose she used the ground to her advantage right that was what was giving her the power and she let the top half of her body just go along for the ride this was quite relaxed and it was flowing beautifully she used the ground as the energy source right what can you do how can you go and work on this at home take your posture tip from the hip line here right into the balls of your feet very very important now I'm using they're going to feel the ground right pushing into the ground I'm going to wind it back now simple exercise will wind it back my legs feel strong they feel a little bit stiff because I'm pushing very different to this this is nothing going on at all here my legs are relaxed no energy no no use of the ground whatsoever then once you've done that take your golf club same principle take your posture from there start to feel a pressure in your legs and nothing more complicate then again feel the ground and bang just hit it when people start hitting it like this and they feel like they're hitting a bit hard and they feel they're gonna lose control it's completely the opposite when you're letting go and you're just trusting your swing much much more you'll be much much freer to allow that club just to flow through and they'll come through much squarer the people are inaccurate and the people that are steering the board definitely trying to hit it straight okay so in summary use the ground to your advantage it is there this is what this seven year old child was doing needs higher round of golf and that was her number one secret hitting it straight and far I really hope you benefit from this it's a real simple one if you've got any questions on this matter of course don't hesitate to leave them in the comments box below or head over on to my Instagram channel and ask them there and of course if you know any of your friends that could benefit from this simple simple exercise and please share it and if you want to receive the content in your inbox every week don't forget to subscribe the channel and press the bell until next week have a great golfing week