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Hey everybody Danny Maude here this week we're going to talk about exactly how you get that ball turf contact with your iron shots you know you just hit a wonderful drive down the fairway you've set up your birdie or a great solid power and then you kind of mess up a second shot if you hit the ground behind the golf ball but either way you're just making just poor contact and it's so frustrating isn't it well this week we're going to show you exactly the impact position that's required to get that ball turf contact we're gonna give you a couple of drills to make it a lot easier and I'm also going to go through some common problems and some reasons why people keep making the same mistake and they're striking that ground behind the ball and a regular basis so let's get cracking if you want to strike the ball then the turf then a couple of things need to happen if you are straight if you wanna strike the ball then the turf your sternum needs to be directly over that golf ball here or if anything at the moment impact it maybe even slightly ahead and here's a reason if you're not striking the ball than the turf then what's happening is that golf club is heading upwards through the shot from a lower position is the low point is behind the golf ball if you're looking at a pendulum a low point is behind the ball and it's heading upwards through that shot we want the low point to be after that golf ball that's it so if we want when they act coming down we want the bottom part of this act to be after the golf ball here not before it now if that's the case what can we make a help what can we do to make sure that actually happens well if your sternum is back here it sends your tosser back here and from this position you then start to get the club going upwards too much so the very very first thing you need to be aware of is the position of your sternum here needs to be directly over the ball or if anything slightly ahead of the ball at the moment of impact if it isn't then you're gonna struggle to try that ball turf so the first thing I would do is simply this if you're not used to this feeling and you may not be some of you may feel like you're doing it so double-check in a mirror I would get yourself set up in a mirror have a look here and just start to put yourself into this impact position like this so what you're going to do is you're going to push down forward here alright I've opened my hips a little bit and I'm just kind of feeling the impact position here with my sternum now ahead look on my hands I look what my sternum is they're in a position here that is ahead of that golf ball so if I were to drop this club down now it's more this way compared to back here so that's a very very first thing I would do double check where your impact position is or where you feel you need to be here set up into kept a serpent in front of a mirror and then just pause and hold that position then we'll work on the second face so what you've done now is you've practiced a few exercises in a sense for getting this impact and getting a feel of that impact position the next thing I would do is just put a towel down here about a club width away from the golf ball and what we're going to do now is start to make some swings where you're striking the golf ball and avoiding the towel this is very very simple exercise it will give you feedback so if you start to strike lean backwards to your sternum goes backwards you're gonna start to brush the towel on the way down we want to be catching the ball then the turf so what we're gonna do now is simple this we're gonna I would start by making some swings but what you do is you simply exaggerate this motion of going forward forward through the shots if you look at here look what I've just done there as I'm going forward I'm starting to strike the divot way after the golf ball and get it wrong joy gets right really go after it so maybe you might ever do this and maybe you when you do when you do try and go forward you stop a few shots don't worry about that at all what we try to do is we need to get you the sensation here of really moving this through the shot not not holding it back so it's this correct clearly not it's way too much but if you're used to hanging back you may need to feel like you're really moving that sternum forward through the shot in order to catch that Balter so let's see what this looks like so I'm going to make a real exaggeration so my sternum is already over the golf ball the setup and what I'm gonna do now is this and I'm really exaggerating that much now ball turf contact now because I over it over did that the ball flight goes low because I'm D loft in the club but it's a pure strike so that's one exercise you can do put layer towel down on the ground get yourself set and start making some aggressive swings where your body feels like it's going forward through that shot no matter what the strike allows some dodgy shots to happen if you are hitting poor shots but you're making max over this side you're making progress because you're not making max over here so in time you can calibrate this a little bit and get that pure strike just watch out for one thing though this is a cut this is one of the common problems I wanted to discuss with you one of the things I find when people are trying to get forward is this you may have heard to get forward we bump our hips across now there's a problem with that if you bump your hips across to try and get forward what happens here whereas my sternum gone now it's gone behind doesn't it so no matter how you may be forward here with your hips but now unfortunately you're back here with your torso so what I want you to do here is you need to hold your frame and what I mean by that is this if you look at here my frame is solid here I've got too much curvature in it so what I'm gonna do when I'm swinging now I'm holding my legs in you know in line with my torso I'm not letting them sway across if this is this is a big big problem people try get forward they've moved bunting their hips across the you're stuck behind and hit the ground behind we're going to try and keep this all in line look as I move forward look at this here it's all in line

backwards and forwards all inline backwards and forwards I didn't quite try that one good there but I did not get anywhere near the back of that ball golf ball they're much much better than getting back here way so the next thing is this one I found was a recent client of mine comes to me and he really wanted to get a ball turf contact and he kind of tried a few of these exercises but he still couldn't do it now one of the things that he was doing major which is a real common problem is he was taking the club too far around his body so when he was taking him back he was getting stuck inside now this is probably not one of the number one things I see with most amateur golfers they get the club stuck around here the club comes around here so he goes to flat now from this position here we can't put a downward force on the golf ball so what happens is we get stuck behind us here and where's the club going he's going upwards through the impact area we need the club in a high position in order to strike the ball than the turf if it isn't we could have all the best will in the world to try and get our bodies over here but the problem is it makes it so hard if we're stuck there so one of the things I want you to double-check is is are you in a nice high position at the top here because if you are you can generate that ball turf contact if you're not you're gonna get stuck around here and you're gonna start hitting these fat thin shots so what's the best way of of working on this do you know what what I did with him was so so simple I just said look do me a favor stick your arms up so when you're moving here get those arms up here and in a mirror what we're looking at his is his arms here you can see the top of my shoulder line here I said just get the arms up here so you can see your shoulder line from there just get that sensation of coming now down on to the back of that golf ball so you can strike the turf and amazingly straightaway he was striking almost inside within two or three balls he was getting the ball of turf contact that he'd been trying to get for years and that was all by just getting those ABS in a much much higher position so where you work on this you just use a mirror are you some cameras or or simply if you don't have any of those things just do a few stop exercises where you get the abs nice and high here and then get that sensation of of coming down it will feel very high if you've been very low alright so this one looks like ball turf contacts lovely lovely for a lovely feeling so here's the final problem that I see we golfers and why this throw to get our ball turf contact you may be just swaying too much through the shot if your sway back in this way through look at this position I get when the hips start to sway here we get stuck behind the golf ball and there's just no way for you to get onto that onto that ball and get that ball turf contact so a very very simple solution is to get embrace your legs a lot more wanna be by bracing the legs it links to that very first point that we talked about what do we see when people come through here they slide too much on the way through we want to brace these legs there to stabilize the legs a lot more here and what it allows you to do is rotate around your sternum here backwards and forwards and then from here it's so much easy for me to move on to that shot if I'm sway on the way through here I'm gonna really struggle to get that sternum over this side and strike the divot so I want to get that sternum over the ball here nice stable base back so I can rotate through that shot and through the ball the best way to work on this is to keep it super simple just practice almost locking these legs in place just initially to keep it really easy lock the legs in place make some swings and just feel like they're really braced and nothing is going like this through the swing at all so in summary what have we done today what we've done well we've talked about exactly the imposition what's required through the shot we need the sternum directly over the golf ball if anything just slightly ahead of it so get that sensation initially of well that's supposed to feel like that's the very first thing that you need to do feel what it's like then we gave you the towel exercise and said look just go ahead and hit some golf balls and see if you can get that ball turf contact after the shot that in itself should really get you going but if it isn't then the chances are then you may be doing the second couple of things you may be getting stuck a little bit inside here and if you're getting stuck around the golf the body here you Mitch have the towel in place but you still might struggle to get there why because the clubs heading from a very low position it's very hard to put a hit ball turf because it needs to be from there they're coming out with a ball Turkana the contact needs to come from a higher position so we need the club up there just to do that so just simply sling the arms up in the air and it'll give you a great opportunity to straight up ball turf contact and finally we just said like hips like if you're sliding the hips backwards and forwards it's impossible to kind of consistently get a good strike so just simply practice stabilizing the legs feel like they're not moving very much it will feel quite restricted but just go with it and it'll help your body naturally rotate and therefore more like to strike the ball turf than if it's doing this all right so if you've got any questions at all please them leave them in the comments box below or follow me on some ion channels on Instagram and Twitter and leave some comments over there and I'll answer them over the coming weeks and if you're enjoying this content and you like to see it in your inbox every week then please subscribe to the channel and if you want to see something that I don't always deliver here then head over to my website right here and I'll see you next week until next week have a great golfing way