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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how do you hit your driver straight how do you learn to hit your driver straight it's a big question is it how many times you find yourself particular fatigued hitting it offline but and if you do that you're also going to be losing distance in this week's training I'm gonna give you three of what I believe are the most important things that you need to learn in order to hit your driver straight you're going to need to learn how to effectively move your body very simple drill I've got for you oh that to make this so you can learn the feel of this secondly you're gonna learn how what are you supposed to do with your arms whilst you're moving the body again I'll give you a simple kind of feeling orientated drill that can get you moving those arms consistently with the body and third and finally you've got to learn to manage this club head this is the oil important ingredient here right at the end we're going to have to bring in that club head and you're going to learn how to feel how to square it or get it straight that impact more often now before I do that if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little Bell button next to subscribe button and you get notified every time we release a video just like this one so let's get started with the very first thing you're gonna need to do you need to learn how to move their body for those of you who if you're if you're funny or a little bit inconsistent off the tee the chances are you've seen your body moving around in different ways some people slide backwards and forwards some people lift up and down the question is what he's supposed to do well if you want to return something back to impact consistently we want to stay still whilst at the same time moving to look at this my body is turning back here and staying centered and it turns back if I move around one I can't really turn very well and two it's very difficult to time that so here's a great simple exercise you can do to kind of get this sensation so I learned this from a guy 1 C last year and Fred shoemaker check out his book brilliant brilliant stuff so very simple do this to get this motion all I want to do is imagine the someone behind you and they've just called your name and watch this I'm going to turn a look over my right shoulder what do you notice has I've done this my legs is twisted my toss is twisted and I've got an aspen yet I've stayed line here you don't look over here you're looking over your right shoulder this gets a wonderful motion of the body do that once or twice do that now why not try this now try and get yourself set where you're gonna literally get the feeling of this motion here feel how your body kind of spirals and works then move your head back and you can see here look I'm looking over my lead shoulder my left shoulder at this stage that's a simple exercise to get your body working now to enhance this feeling still on the body now to enhance this feeling I want you to imagine essaouira a great picture of a guy jumping from a 50 meter diving board with a golf club now wait just picture this now the guys on top of the diving board he jumps off now when he tries to swing a golf club while doing this he jumps off and all he could do really is swing his hands and his body doesn't really move why is that well there's no ground underneath him you need the ground to create this motion it's almost like you're pushing off the ground you need the ground in the resistance to make this motion so bear that in mind when you do this little move when you kind of do the move here the ground is your support as I look over my right shoulder I'm also there's a gentle push off the ground this is what creates this motion I'm pushing to look over my right shoulder just do that once or twice to get the sensation of how this body works right it's that stage number one you can do that do that indoors get a feel for that stage number two is from here now you've got this motion what you're gonna do now is just in picking a match the hands to this so I've got a very simple prop you don't have to have them but here's a simple tennis racket now if I said to you now all I want you to do is bring that racket straight back into into the straight position here you wouldn't roll it around so watch this I'm going to put your trail hand my right hand here in a nice soft flex position look at this it's not over here it's not over here it's just literally soft there and then what we're going to do is we're going to see we're going to keep it nice and flexed and I want you to imagine hitting almost imagine tennis ball here going to hit something completely fly there and we're gonna track that motion against worse then we look over my right shoulder here look at my shoulder smack the ball look over my right shoulder smack the ball if you're left-handed playing golf right-handed not a problem do exactly the same thing look at this I'm looking over my right shoulder smack the ball now when when people try this for the first time they tend to do this a little bit watch this they move that right I'm Way out of control if they were to try to reach this now with their left they would really struggle so what we need to do now is we just come from map this out a little bit watch this I'm gonna move my hand now to meet my left hand yeah look at this so what we're gonna do we're gonna work it back we're going to turn our bodies and we're going to kind of know okay that's where after top of the backswing is that's based on the flexibility that I have right now okay so we're working it back and the right arm is working with the body as it's the left look at this I'm turning on my right shoulder and we're getting a feel for this now add the second down in we're getting that sensation of spiraling the body up too long okay now the more you do this the more you realize where you need to stop that's important because if you go too far you're going to have to stand up or it'll eat your losses posture so you get yourself set and away we go now that's getting a sensation of how the arms now work with the body now we bring in the all-important golf club here's the issue of the golf club there's a big lump of metal on the end of this thing and we need to learn to manage it if you don't manage the metal you don't manage the head it's going to end up taking over you so watch this when you set up this Golf Club here and you literally hold the club up what's going to want to happen to this head straight away the weight of it is going to want to force your wrist to fall downwards immediately okay this doesn't exist where the racquet doesn't exist with the arm rushes so watch this you've got your body you've got the idea of how the arms are working now you need to learn how the head works so we're going to watch this when I can left wrist I'm gonna have a little kink in my literally Drizzt here just a small one here just to stop that weight dropping down now as I do this as I swing back now look at this I'm still gonna look over my right shoulder now I'm managing the head and watch this I'm not allowing the mass of this head to go out of control because if I do that what's that going to do to my swing it's going to take my swing off so I'm not allowing the big lump of metal to be flung around if I start slinging the head around I'm going to flick it here and flick it here very difficult to get that Club back straight here you imagine coming in here how am I gonna get that clubface straight if I'm slinging this club around very very difficult so we get ourselves set in position here we work it back bring the club back and through now when we get to about here all the way to do is is imagine now imagine there's a garage above your head put the club head in the garage we don't want to sling the club over here or sling it over here just put the club head inside the garage so we're here we are will manage in the head manage in the head look at the arms tracking that body here put it in the garage and watch this on the way down look at how everything look is spiraling back down and working together and all you're doing is you're simply starting to map this swing out get a feel for what you're doing now watch this this way you're not going to stick the club up there that doesn't make any sense you're not sticking it around here all these things they don't go together look at the three step process look over the right shoulder match the arm to that then we don't flick the club around watch this match the club to it when it gets to about here just imagine putting the club head inside the garage and then when you come down spiral it back down so you just get a feel for this now clearly you can't think of all those things initially so you do it very slowly you get yourself set really really slow and all we're going to do now start to map out this swing we're going to spiral to the top



and spiral back down again no real powerful shots at this stage all we're doing is learning to do those three things map out the body motion yeah motion and the club you might initially when you do this find that just focus on that if your body's a bitterness you just focus on the body and that's all you do you might just get stuff right you know what all I'm gonna do is forget about yam and the club head for now all I'm gonna do is focus on turning my head over there feel what I feels like come back to the golf ball and hit the shot let's have a look at it so turn anybody over there back and through and I'll just start with that that might be your thing for this week's practice you might have a great body motion but maybe your arms are flying all over the place so what you want to do in sentence is get the sensation those arms look I'm matching the body they're not slinging over here slinging over here I'm moving up there they're literally working with the body so what you're doing now is you're matching that you might want to go stop here get the arms machen let's have a look at this some work my body's working well but I don't know my hours rushing away so they're working much more together that's a practice purely on the arms and third and finally maybe which I find is probably the most common factor most people struggle to match the club it or manage that club head this is the in fact where I'm going to do is I'm gonna put a couple of videos in the description down below we're going to a bit more detail about managing the club head great for things like the takeaway Martian I put down there in the description really really good video that kind of goes into this but managing that head is really vital we all struggle for this time to time it's very natural for all of us to sling this mess around very quickly we want to sling it of course so that's how we generate club head speed but we want to be a bit careful issues the back seems all about putting ourselves into a position that makes it easier to swing back down again so we get yourself set we're managing the head look I'm not slinging it here I'm not throwing it out there managing the head here and I'm going to put the head in the garage and then let it go that's here from here let it go back down throw it back down to that golf ball okay let's have a look nice and easy back and alway we go so three things that you need to do to learn to hit the driver straight work on them independently trying to work in a more three together maybe a little bit difficult golf the game of golf wasn't built overnight so get a sensation at home maybe feel how the body works how do you do this look over your right shoulder here that'll get your sensation of how the body works and it keeps it nice and centered to an able you to come back to square here then remember it's a push off from the ground just keep imagine that guy jumping from the diving board you can't really move the legs properly if there's there's no resistors to push off from so feel it in the feet look over that right shoulder then look to match your arm movement with this get yourself set here remember if you imagine taking a tennis racket here and bring it imagine hitting something completely square there you wouldn't roll your racket would you so move it back look at how I'm matching the arm motion look is matching the body I'm not slinging Miami way it's matching the motion back and through just maybe hit some shots nice and small getting the feel of this okay and the third and final thing is learn to manage the head you can't do that with a tennis racket a track is light so it's very easy to manage this when you've got a big lump of metal on the end a little bit more difficult so remember a little kink in the lead wrist here I'll put a description in the couple videos in the description box box below which will go into this in more detail but little kink here and then look don't sling the head around too quickly take your time manage it stick it in the garage manage the head stick it in the garage here backwards and forwards hope you enjoyed this training if you did maybe give it a thumbs up share it with somebody else you know struggling to hit their driver straight and of course look if you're new to channel and this was one of your first videos of mine please come and join the community about community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but thanks for joining us until now we have a great golfing week.