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hey everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're going to cover how do you hit the ball straight I've been doing quite a few videos over the last few weeks on how you generate more yards in your game but there's no point in smashing the ball miles if you find your drives heading into the trees or you're missing those greens well you're gonna need to know in order to get that ball straight the people hit it the straightest or the people who can you get that clubface squared up at impact on a more consistent basis and it comes down to a couple of things it comes down clear to the clubface what you do win the clock folks how you move this face during the swing and also how you move the shoulders we're going to cover all of that in this rich training so before we do if you're new to channel and this was one of your first videos consider subscribing I released content like this every single week to try and up you improve your game so what have we got we'll look if you want to hit it straight you know like that conflict you're going to learn to get that clubface much square at impact now the grip makes the most difference I'm not going to talk about the grip in this week's training but make sure there's enough information out there at the moment on how to grip a golf club make sure you've got a fairly neutral grip you don't have a neutral grip it is the starting point is very difficult to get a cone face squared up so if you have a neutral grip and you still not able to square the club face up on a regular basis it slightly down to one of these two things so those people who are unable to square the club up on a regular basis tend to have a lot of wrist roll so they tend to be rolling their wrists on the way back and rolling them way on the way through that leads to a very unstable golf swing and it's hard to square the club face up what we want to do is we need to learn their voices we're not going to roll what are we supposed to do so the exercise I want you to do it if I want to teach you basically now how the wrists work in the golf swing alright so how they [ __ ] and how the wrists and the shoulders work we'll start with the wrist first so what I want you to do is just grab a golf club and what I want to do here is this we're going to literally loud the wrist to hinge here this is the correct cocking mush is what happens in the golf swing cocking here then there's an arm movement as the club starts to completes boxing and then there's a shoulder motion just to kind of finish the job off all right that is basically how the shoulders the wrists the arms of the shoulders work in the backswing so actually we start in this position because just the easiest one to visualize initially Anita's wants to feel so you're cocking your wrist a little bit here your arms are moving up and your Shores are moving up now from here what happens this watch this the shoulders then sit down into position the arms come down and the wrists uncock right so now what we want to do is how do we with all that might how do you then apply that to the actual golf swing or look at it from this angle to start off with so we've got a wrist [ __ ] we've got our arm lift and we've got to shoulder motion if I were to now simply rotate into position I've now find the perfect top of the backs in position there it's an actually destination question is how do we get there so let's start off with this first move most people when they take the club away as you know this may times before they tend to roll the wrists what we want to do is resist that urge now I'm going to put a video up in this corner here one to help you with the takeaway in this motion because it will really really help I'm not going to go too much into detail here I've got plenty videos that will show you exactly how to do that but what we want to do is we want to resist any role to start off with okay so what we're gonna do is we're going to move the club straight back here in one single line the the hand path has stood very close to my legs here and I'm absolutely in a rock-solid position from there this is where in that previous exercise that comes in so what we want to do now is this we're now simply just going to let the wrists hinge up and hey presto we've now got the top of the boxing position that is it nothing more than that a lot of people get this wrong because they're often fear that they have to turn so that interpretation of turn gets hands going around it's their body going around in this position again now you have some more training on more detailed training on how to turn up here to have a quick look at that but today we're really focusing just on how to square the Claude face so I'm moving in to take away here from here there's just a simple wrist [ __ ] up into the sky here question is what happens next well this is when the shoulders come in you've got the wrist working correctly now but what happens to the shoulders most people here where the shoulders do one or two think they either move into this position so they can roll in the shoulders into there or the common one obviously with slices is they roll it around here now what will did we see with this action the shoulders do watch they sit down they sit into the body so watch this once we've gone into this position here and we simply got that sensation what we're then going to do watch this we're sitting the shoulders down into position here they're sitting or back onto the chest and then simply return back to impact so it looks like this straight back [ __ ] up and we're sitting down and back into impact all right now we got a few greenkeeper just turned up so i can't handie shot sense agreed at the moment so pause for a second I'll wait for these guys to go and then we'll get cracking again so Green is clear let's have a look at this in action now the best way to work on this I think is just in a couple of steps so you want to get the feeling of the correct wrist motion and we know you don't want to roll initially so what we're going to do is if we're not necessary we're going to have to be able to work on both the shoulder motion and their risk together so don't worry too much about that so let's do one at a time what we're going to do is the first thing we're going to do is going to get you in the correct takeaway position so we're going to move the club away straight here no stage that's been any role there so we're going to literally move the club away here at this stage all we're going to do now is get the same feeling as we had there we're going to feel the wrist out to [ __ ] here as we rotate back up now from there we're simply going to practice bringing the club back down in position so if you were to just get the correct back swing initially that would be a really good start so hits one from here [ __ ] up and three right that was that would be the way I would start so I wouldn't care where the balls gone literally all I'm interested in doing right now is simply getting you to feel the correct motion on the way back so no ris rail there no RIS roll there it's just a pure [ __ ] up and then we're going to simply bring the club back down into positions so some another look at this so one back pause for a second [ __ ] up bring back down okay now that is exactly how I would do it in that speed the other thing I released a video yesterday last week which provides a really really great drill to help you feel this which you can do at home as well put that I'll put on the top left hand corner here which was this one so this helps as well doing exactly the same thing so watch how this drill kind of relates to this subject we're pushing back here there's no wrist roll as we move the palms to the sky I'll try to move the palms this guy here that is the wrist [ __ ] great thing to do at home yeah push back there you've got palms the sky roll down again more detail that in any other video there but this was a really great feeling here to try to create that Martian the other thing I've got here is a little training err this is an old wedge of mine and what I've done here is I put a putter grip on the woods itself now the great thing about the putter grip is it's got a flat top on it and what this enables you to do here it's just an easy way to feel where the risks are cocking and also because it's flat it can help you feel where square is and the confidence grow now it's completely legal you can't use it in competitions but it's a great training aid so we get ourselves set here we straight back and then there's the flat bit what we're going to do here as we rotate back now we're simply going to let that wrist hinge back into position and then back through let me show you here again watch this no wrist roll here a simple cocking of the wrist here so it's like bang and then a simple [ __ ] Rossio were back in position all right so that's the wrist action the shoulders very very straightforward again you probably work on this separately and so what you get into position here we're going to move back there we're going to allow that to set and then this is the next thing here what do most people do good players will often get a little bit here the slices of the world will tend to kind of roll the shoulders here we want to practice just sitting there shoulders just getting them back into position here from there I'm sure from this angle you're swinging back you're allowing that wrist to sit here and you're sitting the shoulders in position here to then bring them back into impact so let's have a look about in action so nice simple takeaway one two and then we're sitting there shoulders back into impact and through now I'm going to try and focus purely on that feeling but again I'll probably break down the takeaway to make this easier one and then from here it's going to [ __ ] up sit down and there we go a very very neutral face going through the impact area so this is something that I would say if you use in combination with the drill where I put out last week which is this one that you can do at home it will really kind of link to it the two together and you'll learn the feeling of the correct motion the key to getting that clubface square apart obviously the grip is you must reduce the amount of a club roll and secondly in order to shoulder roll how do we do that well you'll need to learn the correct feeling of the wrist hinge in the golf swing here and what's going on with the shoulders the wrists work like this and the shoulders work like this this go up and then they sit down they don't roll around and neither does the hands we work on that in two phases phase one develop a really solid take away if you roll start off with all of its gun none of it will work then you're going to have to roll on the way through so nice good solid take away start off with from there you learn that sensation of the wrist starting now to [ __ ] up this is the wrist cocking out the ABS coming up and now the shoulders are up there and in position from there the shoulders sit into position as we move back into impact takes a little bit of practice you use this in the combination of a couple of exercises I've shown you there and it will really really really help get that claw face nice and square at the moment of impact so I really really hope you enjoy the training if you do and you think some of your friends could do it a little bit more accuracy then please share it and of course you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos give it a subscribe but until next week have a great golfing week