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Hey everybody Danny Maude here head professional at Canterbury golf club in Kent this week I'm gonna deal with a question I had from one of my lady members who was constantly getting a bent left arm in the golf swing and therefore unable to deliver the right type of power back to that golf ball she'd had the problem for quite a few months and actually to get rid of it was actually very very straightforward just a couple of things that you need to do to get rid of that left bent arm so let's show you how we did it the first thing you've got to remember is you've got to have a decent grip a lot of people who get a bent left arm have a very weak left hand grip for right right-handed golfers and a weak right hand grip for left-handed golfer so the left hand being weak sits too much to the left hand side of the golf club here and therefore they can't hinge their wrists very well so they pick it up here and because the cat hands they wrists they hinge their elbow instead so that's the first thing we've got to have that left down much much more on top of the golf club here right so much much more here this way I can apply a force down with the hand to allow the club to hinge very very important which leads us onto the next stage so many people don't oh so many people bend the left elbow simply because they don't hinge in the right place so when the swing in here what they tend to do is is they swing back with absolutely no wrist Inge they keep going keep going keep going and then they kind of realized the club here hasn't got to the top of the swing to then start to fold the arm in this position here that immediate narrows the swing and loses all the power so really simply all we got to do is once the grips in place and you can hinge properly what you then want to do is start to let the wrist hinge apply of force down with the arm allow the wrist a hinge that falls look at this yes I'm pushing pushing away the force is coming away this is really extending I can feel a pull now and that's immediately getting my left hand straight as the wrist hinge backwards as this pulls here if you try this is what's a good exercise you pull back here you'll feel a real pull and it automatically straightens the left arm let's go through that again so if you don't hinge your wrists then you're gonna have to hinge something else which becomes a left arm how do we stop this realize that the hinging here prevents the hinge in here so the hinge in here prevents the hinge in here and how do we do this properly we playa forth we push away whilst hinging feel that force feel the pull and that immediately gets that left arm much much straighter I'll show you how this looks

so here we are we don't want to kind of have no resistance here what we're going to do we're going to apply a force to the ground here pushing down allowing the wrist to hinge here working up still pushing away pushing away here meet it straightens left down and allows us to put pressure on that golf ball

okay just like that so getting the left arm straight shouldn't be a very very difficult problem make sure you've got the grip in place first then allow the hinge in the wrists you get a hinge in the wrists you won't have to hinge at the elbow I hope it works out for you if you've got any questions at all of course leave them in the comments box below I'll do my best to answer them over the coming weeks and of course if you enjoying this training and you like to sieve it in your inbox every week don't forget that hit the subscribe button and press the bell until next week have a great golfing week