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Hey everybody Danny Maude here head PGA professional at the Canterbury Golf Club in Kent and as you've probably realized I'm actually here the beautiful Dubai actually working on my own game and I'm actually currently working on my pitching I haven't always been the best picture in the world you know a few years back I kind of struggle to strike here I would often find myself haze and a lot of great iron shots but when I got around the greens I you know I know I'm a professional she'll be doing this I was hitting the ball I was fighting the ball and I certainly wasn't controlling my my distance so I knew I had to do I had to make a change I had to really make some investments in improving my technique and over the last few years it's really going on from strength to strength and what I'd like to do today is if you struggle with your chipping you know in terms of your striking your ability to judge distance consistently then I really hope this video is going to really benefit you because it said that what I'm going to show you today I've worked on now for probably three years and it has been it had a massive impact on on it on the consistency that I hit my chip it my chips and my pitch up so when without further ado let's get started let me show you really what I've been doing and it is pretty basic so what I what I did initially was I had a pretty organic approach to to chipping I would step up to the ball I would choose my maybe set fifty sixty degree wedge or my pitching wedge and I just stand there and I'd play a few pitches and I want to find was I managed to get some of it working some of the timing and then I get a few dodgy shots and then the good shots would come back in and I didn't really have a clue why there was so much inconsistency in my game I couldn't control the flight and I tried to sometimes triangle at high shots and low shots and I found that year that was inconsistent so I really you know for me to move up to the next level I thought you know I really need to make some changes so let me explain what what I did I started off as I said with a lot of hands and wrists in the in the struck the body really wasn't doing very much and and although it kind of like say worked it didn't work consistently enough so what I did was I I realized I needed to stable this technique up so the first thing I did or was they got my upper part of my left arm very much connected to my body and then from here what I did was I want you to imagine this something really very simple I imagine almost like both biceps touching my chest and if you imagine the setup position here where the ball is very central in your stance you can have it forward a central I don't doesn't really matter too much and then what from here the hands are opposite your inside left thigh and I want you to imagine that this is the kind of the impact that you kind of want when you're pitching so I put a left bicep connected to left chest upper right bicep connected to right chest and then what we're going to try and do here is is we're going to try to move the body backwards and forwards so when we come through you'll notice here that my upper chest our right bicep just so connected to my my chest and my left bicep disconnect still kick to my chest so the position here if I show you this from this angle when I'm turning through here you'll notice that this is pretty much where I started at address very little changed in my wrist my body's in the same position if I just pivoted back now are we back impact and the same applies in the backswing as well so from here I'm rotating back here my right bicep still connected my left bicep still connected to my chest and here I'm simply just going to rotate onto the shot so I turn back and I turn left keeping both arms connected so I'll show you from both angles straight from behind you kind of look simple like this so it simply keep it connected rotate right rotate left and then from the side angle or front angle should I say catalyst like this

okay you'll notice when I'm finishing here look at how stable this is there's very little of this going on and it was that what was going on which was really causing all my problems my inconsistencies in my strike in my distance control my ability to flight the shot so it's kind of really simple or is it so the technique is simple learning it was a little bit trickier so what I found was is that I still had this desire for instance to even though I got these connected I still kind of wanted to use my wrist my body didn't want to move because it wasn't used to it so I just wanted to use my wrist all the time so it took a bit of time and a bit of patience but I gradually started to get my body working very well on the way back but then what would happen as I get on the way through my body would stop and my wrist would take over and I thin it because again my body wasn't used to turning through in coordination with my arms my arms were used to doing all the work okay so bit by bit week by week I just started to put in the time put in the effort step to the dodgy shots I was hitting and I started to progress and on my only goal was was to see if I could play some small half shots where I could stay coordinated enough here and when I came through I resisted the urge to hit with my hands and instead controlled the urge to swing through here with my body so I'd finish with both left bicep came to left chest right bicep connected to right chest when a regular basis suddenly it used to be it was so much more consistent more coordinated and the distance controls they say you can imagine distance control suddenly now I didn't have this surged increase in speed through impact it was much much more stable and I'd like to do is focus on the rhythm so very very easy quick tip to really kind of improve your and prove your pitching upper bicep left bicep connector left chest right bicep commit to right chest keep it connected look at the way the practices focus on the setup here notice what it feels like then from here watch this rotate to your right to here and when you're coming through rotate through and see if you can basically manage to keep everything connected here great to pause at the end of your swing so you can check whether you flicked it with your wrists here so from this angle here again great to pause at the end of your swing because you'll see if you've actually flicked your wrist a little bit there you can see the hands have come into it so okay you start again back here rotate through notice right bicep left bicep all connected very very simple and it was a great set a great way for me to improve my overall consistency I hope you really enjoyed this video as with all my videos please if you've got any questions or you like me to produce any training of the next coming weeks do leave them in the comments box below or drop me an email I come and visit my website Danny more calm and I'll be more than happy to help have a great golfing week hi it's Danny did you like this video if you did there's two things you could do right now want to subscribe to my channel and receive this content on a weekly basis the second thing you could do is you could head on over to my website right here and receive my weekly newsletter in that newsletter we have various different advice in PDF format you can access my podcast about many many things that you cannot access on this channel head on over to it here until next week have a great golfing week.