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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I bring you to the 17th at Canterbury we have an incredibly deep bunker a bunker that puts the fear of God into so many people's minds and we've got a special guest who's going to show us exactly how to get out of these bunkers before we do if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing and of course if you haven't seen some of Peters work there's some fantastic coaching videos on his youtube channel which you can get access to in the description below guys coming into the bunker big problems they're stronger they're thinning the golf ball and right a bit they're not really getting any height on their bunker shot so they're unable to stop it and get off to the elevation particular debunk like this yeah what's what's some of the problems you find during your coaching people well I think the first thing that I do try and get people to do is actually get a wedge which is going to suit them yeah so just make sure that you are using a wedge with a good amount of bounce so you can actually end to the sand with the club and actually not worry about it explode a bit of that bounce off yeah so bounce angle very very simply the bottom of the club so the bottom of the sole sits lower than the leading edge in the angle which is created between the ground if the ground is perfectly flat like that and the leading edge that's the bounce angle so basically when the club enters the sand that leading edge doesn't dig in it glides and actually comes out of the sand and then it just lifts the ball out on a carpet if Sam drove them actually so you're not hitting the ball in a bunker hitting the sand in the sand and so when you talk about balance is obviously different degrees of bounces yeah unless some of the guys are they're gonna be asking what degree would you says is advisable for I would always tend to go higher hyo's better high being so 15 degrees so I don't like that yeah kind of top end you can go a lot lower than that a lot of it depends on the conditions and what you're gonna be used in the club for yeah so if you are someone who plays a predominantly wet core something like that you know higher bounce would help you to club again it's not going to dig in even on the fairways you see a lot of pros they don't have loads of pounds okay you know that so having a higher amount of bounce really isn't something that should be avoided it should be encouraged for many golfers fantastic so getting into the shot then how do we how do you get the your clients to kind of start using that bounce correctly through the sound so we can start popping that ball up so the first thing that many people struggle this is the one thing where I would say 80% of golfers can't quite figure out so then when they begin is that they need to hit the sand first yeah before the ball there's a bit of a weird concept you know if you all play in a baton ball sport you want the bat to hit the ball absolutely not bunkers you don't it's a nine the bookies do you ought to be here in the sand so what I tend to do is get people to do a little bit of a drill so just a very simple lime drop yeah so a line which indicates the ball position where it'll be in the stance depending on how much you want to open the face depends on how much you open the stance there are different ways actually playing bunker shots with square stances and all the rest of it but I'm the simple at the bathroom yeah absolutely so you want to be I've got a 60-degree wedge here so I'm just gonna open up the club face just a little bit now when you open up the clubface that's obviously gonna alter your aim so that's when you start to pull the body around to the left-hand side I want to see the ball position just forward of Center and then I want to see a little bit of weight on that left side as well yeah back can by with a bit of a quick wrist hinge that's gonna allow you to get down and enter the sand so you kind of want the club in a sense from here's the ball off the inside left heel yeah just the inside left heel route 67 percent on your left side yeah oh yeah about 60% yeah a lot of it depends on what the lie is how much you want to get the club down into the sand and also with ball position as well you've got to counter the fact that you are opening stance so relation to swing Center that's going to change and yep that comes with a little bit of practice but this lying drill is basically ball position is going to be center forward sorry a little bit of weight on that left side and all I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna work my way to the ball hit five or six shots where I'm swinging up and I'm trying to get my club to enter just before the wine and then it's gonna exit after the line what do you see with a lot of amateurs what do they do instead of that what's the biggest problem the biggest one he's just trying to help the ball up in there yeah you tend to she's tend to fall into two gaps if to show them our bunkers they'll leave it held the ball up in the air so flick of the wrist trying to get it out of the sand yeah or they'll understand the concepts of getting into the sand but they won't apply any speed so they'll be there and it'll be and it's a common one and just kind of wonder why it's not popping out yeah yeah you've got to apply the speed it's difficult to use it it's also requiring a bit confidence isn't and they've got it you know so how would you how would they develop that you know is it would you practice him since and without him balls initially just gonna get feelings yeah this that's what this line feels really good yeah you know he gets them used to actually entering the sand and hitting the sand then to be fair with bunkers because people do get quite scared of them yeah I tend to give them a choice I say well okay if you're gonna hang back and flick it you're gonna thin it yeah and if you don't accelerate you're gonna fat it yep so does that sound like a good idea to you and no one's gonna say yes absolute the sound before and accelerate through it perfect and it can it can just jars them out a bit a little bit because a lot of people approach bunkers with fear but you hear the context to say all the time you hear professional play say all the time sometimes they want to be animal absolutely not a difficult shot if you can get a good line you get a good pumpkin so shows the kind of the depth of sand that you want to be taking in in a bunker so this one well I want to be taking it I just want to be taking something like it's kind of a nice sound that as well isn't it yeah I always kind of like to picture it it's kind of like a 20 pound note so you have like that that type of sign yeah and I don't like to take too much sand yeah but that's I'm I'm a relatively good bunker player I practiced I I know the depths of sand that I want to be taken yeah I will always recommend that quite a few place where we take a little bit more sand to begin with why they get used to it and then just try and get used to more of that it kind of enter inside that's a great drill yeah yeah it just it just gets people just used to just walk in kind of up the line see that would have been a little bit clean yeah walking up the line and actually getting the idea of just bottoming it out before skinny through really love about this exercise here as like if you can see the depth of Sun you're getting into absolutely yes and the fact there's no ball there you're not kind of you're not seeing the ball flying of the green or leaving it in front of you so you're not losing confidence I think it's a great place to start isn't it yes they kind of build that confidence into what you should be doing through the impact area yeah that's great I love it yeah good practice when you see yeah easy shots in golf practice it's soaking through that I see it in action yeah and then when gates he'll be the same thing he's just voted on that sand again just a little bit before that little bit of weight forward and just kind of skimming it through there you go Loren to come on you can kind of see their absolute look invested entered that kind of site because it is it is difficult is it's a difficult one to get three heads in to actually hit the sand before the ball and keep the acceleration off but that's where that bounce angle comes in a will come out they'll come out just to summarize they're bitter so we got ball just inside the left heel yep wait maybe 67 percent on the lead foot maybe I came in a bit I even a little bit off to the left hand side depending on how much you want to open the face fantastic so we're open face maybe just a twenty degree just a touch I don't like to kind of lay flat but it the game piece is very close shot that I laid up and more game hoping stance a touch more fantastic and then really if we then just the look at drawing a line in the sand from that position they're all we're gonna do is try to get the club swinging in and just taking not a great place to stop but just taking a nice sliver on both sides yeah okay so we don't want guys coming in like this no and obviously we don't want them flicking like this we're just gonna try and take a nice sliver I won't work at the line just in case I I cover you sound but I hope you get the idea guys this is a real real common problem with so many of my clients struggling to get the ball up in the air I suggest what you do initially is you just practice getting the contact in the sand first before you start hitting golf balls and then gradually introduce the balls I should go along I hope you really enjoyed this video if you did of course please share it with some people who need some help with our bunkers and a massive thank you to Peter for coming to the next family yeah it's been brilliant and look he's got all these details of his YouTube channel and all the bits and pieces in the description below but until next week have a great golfing week