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Hey everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I had a question from John who was struggling to hold his putts he could never get the ball self on line and it was frustrating the hell out of him so in this week's training we're going to deal with how do you get your putt setting off on line every single time let's start with the basics really really easy the first thing is is people just don't line up I told Eddie that's aiming too far right or too far left so the first thing we've got to do is double check that you're actually lining up on the line that you want to line up on so in practice there are a couple of things you can do the first one is really simple just put an alignment rod down pointing in the direction you want the ball to go set yourself up and then from here ask yourself does this feel right for most people if they've been aiming too far right or too far left they this is going to feel a bit strange it's going to look a bit strange it may look out of line and that's fine what you've got to do now is hit some putts in practice getting used to this training your eyes so that we can actually start hitting the ball while setting up should I say on the line that we want oh it's that hole in a few putts so there's the first thing so we've got putting alignment and they're getting your eyes used to a different way of lining up you've been aiming too far right or too far left the second thing you see a lot this is quite popular on tour is a line over the top of the golf ball put the line down point it towards the hull exactly the same thing line you put her up to that line there and same thing and that too can be another good way of lining up your boy I personally don't use that one I find I it puts me off a little bit but there's plenty of people out there that are using a line and using it very successfully pointing it directly at the line that they want and then lining you up if they've got a line on the back of your potty you then line up that line up to the golf ball so the first thing is alignment the next thing is just technical if you're not setting the ball off on line the chances are that your technique is going to be slightly skew if so I really I'm not going to go into all the fundamentals here but I'm gonna go into a couple of things that I find most common with golfers not setting the ball off on line the first thing is way too much movement so what we want to do in putting we need to stay very very still what we're right really after is we want it kind of pendulum stroke like this backwards and forwards there's no such thing unless you're holding a broom handle getting the putter going straight back and straight through that's that's not really possible with a putter like this there's always going to be some form of arcing the stroke so we're going to go for that but what we don't want to have is way too much movement I see this too often so there's a couple of things you can do to stop that movement the first thing is to really widen your stance now you feel very strained when you do this but nice wide stance gives a good solid platform the next thing to do an alignment rod can really help this it's practice standing very very square on to your target here right and what we're gonna do here is we're going to get out of the head here rather than it almost pointing like this at an angle we're gonna move it down here so it goes very very low almost imagine we're going to be like eating pie here all right so when you're over the golf ball now we've got a low center of gravity we're nice and still then what we want to do is make sure that everything here is the nicest square to this alignment rod and we're going to practice making some swings still facing the alignment rod at no stared if I then a twist here or turn my head I'm facing the alignment rod backwards and forwards and I'm making a putt here look just facing it from this position here I'll then set myself up practice again still facing the alignment rod I'm still facing the alignment rod I'm not looking I'm staying completely in line here without any temptation to turn really really important that's really it what we're going to focus on in terms of getting the stability in the golf swing so we've got alignment here with the stick you've got the alignment on the golf ball both those things are going to help you set that ball more online and the next thing we're going to do is just really focus on your stability in your stroke how do you do this again hold that balance really really stable with the nice wide stance tip forward here so your heads much much lower you may find that you put us too long because of that could you're naturally going to be a bit lower here just grip down a fraction and then practice staying facing that alignment rod backwards and forwards without moving skew it alright thank you very much for watching if you've got any questions as normal please didn't leave them in the comment box 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