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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're going to discuss how do you shallow up the golf club in the downswing well there's discuss exactly what it is why it's important and we're going to give you a couple of drills to make actually shallowing out the clubs so much easier now if you tried this before you've probably found it pretty tricky because there are some things if you're trying to do this almost artificially at times it can be really tricky so what the coupler is I'm going to show you towards the end I'm really going to get this first fun it's so much more natural so let's have a look so what is shallowing out the golf club in the downswing we want when we get to the top of the backswing what we want to do is you want to seen I mean exaggerated but we want to see almost the shaoling out of the golf club here so the club itself is showering here the opposite to that would be this the club going steep so if you look at the vertical nosov this actual shaft here the club's going steep now this is what you'll see I certainly see with a lot of amateur golfers if you're struggling to strike your irons consistently particularly if you're slicing the golf ball it's another factor you'll tend to find that what's happening from the top here is the club's getting very very steep here and it causes a number of problems the right elbow comes out here the club gets very steep and now it's attacking here and soon the body has to do lots of different things here to kind of cur self-correct now I'm not saying you can't hit good shots by coming in sleep I'm just saying you have to have lots of manipulation and compensation to kind of iron the problems out I in that fault out and we don't really want that you know most of my clients are not if you're the same we look we want in longer straighter and more consistent shot so if we can develop a swing that is more repeatable then we're going to get those we're going to get it we're gonna hit longer we're going to hit it straighter more consistently and it's going to be a lot easier you're gonna feel a lot easier so we don't want this because again we have to have conversations what we want is this we want to have if possible through the impact area we want a rotational movement if it's rotational I want to look at here look how stable that club head is it's not I mean to flick around the corner off thing swing to the right it's really really stable as we rotate through I'll show you from this angle when they're coming through if we can keep that Club rotating on the body rotate and the club remains stable if we come down steep here suddenly now look there's no room our body has to come up I have to do all kinds of things in my hands to self-correct it yes you can it good shot sometimes but we just can't do it consistently so in summary there we want a more rotational action through the impact area so we can create more stability in the club head mark assisted consistency and effortless power and that is what flattening out the swing achieves if we can get you here and then naturally start to flatten this out what happens now is we can naturally start to rotate the club through the impact area right so we've got a basic understanding of what shallowing out the club is and why it's important but how do you go and work on this how do you go and work on it so it's simple and easy to do because the shallowing out of the golf club should be a natural process but obviously it's not for a lot of people initially so I wanted to focus on just two things that you need to do in the downswing to make sure that you shall be out every single time the first thing is how you go about rotating look we've said with this simple exercise here watch this if you pull here with the top part of your body you are gonna get the club steep if you rotate it go shallow so how do you write it or watch this most people rotate first of all with their top path if you rotate with your top half first you'll always go steep what we want to be able to do is first of what we want to rotate with the lower section of the body first and how we go about doing that one simple exercise is getting when you're here the left knee moving towards a target we're rotating that hip look towards the target yes the arms come down naturally because there's a pool here but they're not being forced initially by us right they've been dragged down by the lower part leading that's a very first thing now I do have some more detailed training on this and I'll put it in the I cat up in my in the top top corner here on how to do this if you want some more information but for now that's how I work on is start to get that rotation here the lower section of the body a couple of checkpoints when I'm rotating and what I'm not doing is this right I'm not sliding here that's dangerous that's what gets us stuck inside a proper rotation with a lower section is the left knee moving towards the target my pelvis is a stool level and if you look at here I've returned to my policies directly in the sensor here just a simple turn right the second thing however that needs to happen because that on its own may not just get you shallow and let me show you this watch this so you could make beautiful rotation right the problem is if you're hanging on too tightly here when you rotate you could still hang on and go steep right even though I'm rotating really good with my lower section so what we need is a second element is we need softness in the wrists yeah good good play to look at is something like surgery a gas here very very soft you almost see this it gives really Cele softness in the wrists and it allows the lag naturally to happen if I ask you to throw a ball skimmer stone play tennis play cricket you name it you would naturally have a softness in that wrist here and that helps to create the lag that we need there softness in the wrists and to flatten it out so let me give you an exercise on how you can feel this if you struggle with it tipped a couple of clubs and what we're going to do now is we're going to practice a rotation but with the weight of these golf clubs now when we get to the top of the swing they're going to want to fall this way right so when they fall this way that's the softness of the wrists right so we're going to swing back and as you rotate just rotate and allow them just to fall from here look we can look at the position we've been getting now we're going to naturally beautifully rotate through the impact area so we're going to swing back here and we're gonna let them soften as we rotate soft and through now that's mechanical at the moment but it's important to do that initially just to get that sensation particularly if you're new to this for the for you want to kind of really progress now what we're going to do is we're going to try to do this non-stop but we're going to do it slowly initially so we're gonna go back and through this is me it's really exaggerating it back now watch this this is the sensation here I don't need to force that Marsh it's not this look at this I want you to get the rotation and this together again it should be natural watch this there there look at that right not this that's not what we're after that's unnatural you wanna there that's the natural motion get a sensation of it and all where we go start off small

and gradually as we get a bit more comfortable with this we're gonna build up the speed until we get to form power and away we go so start really small with this I'm really happy by the way if you just went stop and then just simply got the sensation of the rotation and this club just falling just initially just getting this natural motion if you can avoid this motion but actually get the whole thing working that would be a wonderful exercise just to get going and it's it's a nice feeling with two clubs you really forces you almost to get those wrists which is the second point a bit softer so once we've done that we've got a sensation wants that hit some golf balls so the best way to do this is start off with a few swings start small with one club bang get the sensation of that start really small I know where you're going I've got a couple of balls here and what to do the first one is I'll hit it really slowly set off we because I want to get a feel of it so it's back

and through nice and smooth and then what I'll do is I'd probably hit quite a few shots really slowly to start off with not worrying about any power just kind of really start to try to get its natural motion and just to keep reiterating I am NOT trying to flatten it just on its own because that would be the torso starting I'm trying to combine the rotation with the softness of the wrists here as I'm coming through again that's why it's that slowly set off with I mean it helps me to get this lovely rotation through the shot and away we go so look in summary what causes or why do we need to flatness of the swing we need flatness of the swing or shallowing out of the so the club head here we need the shot Charlotte club head in order to create a beautiful rotation through impact so we can keep that clubface nice and square and the other thing if we rotate we're using more of up energy where you can use upper-body we can use legs and torso to generate the power very very important and the second thing whatever else we looked at it's how do we get doing it from here it's a rotational movement through the ball why did we start with this it starts with the lowest section first left me moving towards target I've got some more detail in the iCard above on how you can do that and then so a third thing here was look how do you then get that feeling how could you could still pretend to go steep we make sure the wrists very soft very natural that's why we don't remit it's too mechanical when you're trying too hard we just kind of get too tight right so grab a couple of clubs it just gives you that next a bit of a feel for when you do get the transition those kind of fill out they're falling a little bit it's a really nice feeling and it helps to kind of get this message across once you've done that and got a sensation of it start really small go to the top then practice just that sensation here there there see it's from one flowing motion once you've done that a few times then hit some golf balls in slow motion almost getting the same type of feeling and gradually build it up don't rush this this is super fun once you get going with this it's how much better strike can be wonderful now I hope you really enjoyed the content if you think anyone else may benefit from shelling the Golf Club out then please share it and of course you've got any questions pop them in the comments box below or head over onto my Instagram or Twitter channels and ask a question over there and if you're enjoying the content and you'll want to receive it in your inbox every week and don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell and until next week have a great golfing week.