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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us I'm just come off a lesson with Tony who got himself into a fantastic boxing position but from there kind of spoil it and stopped himself consistently hitting great strikes and I was huge had a lot of power leaks going down into the impact area now the reason being is from the top of his backswing he wasn't creating a platform for power now whether you're a senior golfer or a junior golfer everybody has the ability and should have this natural ability to create a platform for power can you imagine for instance when you throw a ball or toss a bowler your left hand Lee playing golf right handling you're tossing a ball you have a platform to throw from when it's this way or this way you're always creating that platform to throw from in this week's training I'm gonna share with you exactly what we did now and I start the lesson with Tony I didn't get it right actually I was I tried a couple of exercises they didn't work until I gave him the platform for power exercise and then it completely transformed it that's what I'm going to share with you in this week's training before I do that if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing press that little Bell born next to subscribe button and you get notified every time I release a video just like this one so platform for power why is it important I won't have already given you a brief introduction basically what was happening was when Tony was playing and he was he got himself into a great back sitting position here but then what happened as soon as he started the downswing his way moved into the toes of his foot and suddenly that initial movement means now at that stage he has no platform to hit from so what he has to rely on is good hand-eye coordination which he did have by the way so he could hit some pretty good shots sometimes but wasn't getting the consistency now you might not get your weight moving to the front parts of your eye aren't you aren't your toes as you start the backswing but you might be one of the one of the guys who kind of floats back here a little bit so suddenly imagine this we want to kind of create this platform but instead what happens we move over here now again the weights in the wrong position we don't really have a platform and therefore we having to kind of almost self correct manipulate it use hand and eye coordination which she's never consistent long term so the platform for power what is it supposed to feel like what's happening right now here's a key let me start by showing where Tony was and where you should be before we even work on this exercise Tony was in a great position at the top of the backswing he got into the top of the backswing here his weight was in his trail foot my foot is my right foot his industrail foot here into the heel of that foot at the top of the back turning his weight was also then in the front part of the left foot so what we had was a diagonal force like this running from the toe to the heel that's he's now stood up if you yeah we actually pause this for a second if you want to try this go and try this right now just get a sense swing to the top and ask yourself it's your weight in your heel if you're right and the front part of your left if it isn't and or isn't it kind of feels a bit weird go and have a look at this video first I released it last week it will really really help do that first once you've done that come back and then watch this one but if you're one of those people who've got it you're in the heel of the right foot here you've got the weight on the front part of your left now you're ready now from this position all we want to do is get the sensation that that pressure increases downwards before we then follow through now watch this from this angle if for those of you who come over the top and maybe slice the ball a little bit here this is a brilliant brilliant exercise in a great field because there's one thing understanding Tony understood and maybe you do you maybe understand what you need to do but transferring that to feeling can be a bit strange can it and also a bit tricky so I'm going to give you a little exercise in a second but for now just trying to show you what happens we swing to the top the weights in the heel of the right the front part the left and watch this if we push or feel an increasing downforce the heel and the front there we get the club now much more here those people who slice generally get very quickly their weight moving straightaway onto the front part of their foot that gets them over the top and cutting across so just this one feeling of maybe pushing into the heel of your right foot will make a massive difference for those of you who slice now just for a second wanted to pause for a moment to increase the feel of this now I know you're probably watching this at home right now so why don't we do go and grab yourself a couple of pairs of socks I've seen this exercise done with a tennis ball sliced in half but you probably already have that in your house so grab a couple of heads of socks and what I want you to do please put one pair under the front part of your lead foot your left foot your right hand ups and the other pair undo the heel of your right foot now what this will do is it will give you that lovely sensation of ah that's my front part and that's my back pad now what you do make the swing and feel it now you've got that sensation that you're pushing into the sock of the right and the sock on the left now from here get that sensation again of increasing that pressure on both parts now what you'll do with this is it will really enhance that and that's the main thing if you can experience what I'm talking about it's just words I mean you've got like less than half a second to hit a ball from here to here you can't think of this thing you have to develop develop a feel for this so get yourself set push into the heel and the front part of that foot get that sensation now with Tony clearly he couldn't kind of do a normal swing backwards and forwards and think about all that stuff it's way too complicated and you'd be the same so what you do is you can took a ball down sometimes peg it up to make it a little bit easy I'll pick this up just to kind of make it a bit easier I'm also just using a time but I'm gonna show you with driver in a second too so make it nice and easy get yourself set put the sock on to the the lead foot sock under the trail foot here so now you can see that what you do just swing back here and make sure you can feel both of those feelings there now it is this get that sense actually pushing into the heel of the right and the front of the left it's like a spring right now all you can do that you feel up Marcia and then from there steal it and away we go

now you might be asking what do you do once you've done that which you've got the sensation of squeezing it all that happens now I've actually got my left foot up in the air heel up in the air to make it easier all I do now is is push my weight straight back into my here once I've got into that push it straight back into the heel that creates the AK to help me then come through the shot now if you're a senior golfer you might be going I can't do up and down my legs don't have the flexibility I can't rotate and all those things that's fine the key is is you can create the platform and maybe you don't have the flexibility to to go as low as some of the the younger guys and maybe you don't have the ability to open up like some of the younger guys that's fine do the very best you can it will really really help you consistency and your power so let's have another look at that in action so we're getting ourselves set we're gonna push now into the front part the front left foot heel of the right get that Center from now you must stop at this position you need to give yourself time for the brain to engage and experience this motion so I'm feeling it here I'm pushing it to the heel right now I've got that sensation all I'm gonna do now is move that move myself back into the heel on my left that finishes the AK off and away we go so one pushing down and away we go this is so so important it will give you an incredible feel and later I'm like I just nicked my daughter's mini skateboard if you're not stable you don't form this platform I want to imagine this could I play golf from this position unstable dishes I can't do that it's not going to be opossum I didn't try to play golf from here it's gonna be very difficult so create the stability first and then off you go now let's move it out to the ground now I'm going to move those away those socks away and when the stats are kind of build this up again so we get ourselves set we're gonna feel that Miss position there we're going to pause feel it in the heel and we're gonna start slow now as you get more comfortable this all I want you to do now is build that the speed and the explosion there's a recent stat thing 'dom be done by my TPI check them out got some incredible stuff in there where they said look the most powerful people have a the greatest verticals jump so they were able to jump higher so that ability there shows you the power of using the ground correctly so I have a look at this what I want to do now is this it'll be linked to your agent flexibility but get yourself set push into the front part as you leave foot keep that heel down push down and then gradually from here just move that left heel back I know away we go look at how I got ball turf strike that it's also a natural by part of this but build it up slowly developer a feel for this so look at it from this angle when you're here look at this motion I'm into the heel there I'm on the front pad now watch this as I push into that heel down was like a spring compressing here look how naturally such a different move to somebody who in a sense becomes here becomes unstable you've got no platform also that's where you're going to get the arrow top if you slice this is what you might do you might push this way and get the hook but you're going to get that pushing down into the heel and the front part of that lead foot from there all you're going to do is move the heel I've got more details of this again I put it up in this top right hand corner which goes into this simple Martian but for now this is the Power Move this is the platform for power again don't be in a hurry pick a few balls up to start with make life easier all you're trying to do is develop a feel for us you can do this indoors as well just to generate the Martian but we definitely must get yourself set up here pause feel that pressure in and then just simply once you feel it there one I feel that Marcia and then I'm going to move the heel back

down and hey presto that is that okay let's have a look once with the driver all I'm going to do here again I'm not going to do any real big shots here actually I don't really want to kill anybody over there on the fast life at the driving range but nothing changes what's happening here is simply this we're moving into the heel here we're pushing down and as we then from this positioning you get a sensation all you're gonna do is move that heel back into here and then that natural Martian here you can create you then create the jump as well nice and slowly feel it in the heel and the toe then I'm going to do here feel that Marsh in there and then just away we go now clearly start slowly on this but eventually just like now all this come might sound sometimes it will kind of think about us no you can't it is a feeling but watch this if I'm throwing a ball okay right handed this is the situation I don't have and have already my weight on the front part my lighter and the heat the weight in the heel that's my platform to launch from so you can already do this if you play golf right handy but our left-handed you do the same if you're throwing a frisbee you still here that's what you do you'd also get the jump and the rotation more naturally so you've already got this inside of you I'm just trying to I suppose inclusively bring it out and help you learn that feeling so in summary what we've got to do what you've got to do is you've got to build that platform for power what is it it's a diagonal platform it is from here when you're up to the top of the backswing the weight is in the heel and the weight is in the front part that foots a diagonal platform it's not here then all you're doing is simply lowering that platform here the lowering is important that's the pressure you'd like you would do if you were throwing and then obviously you then finish the arc off by lowering your lid heel and firing through all natural but you've got to develop feel cut a tennis ball in half use some socks whatever it takes to enhance the feel under those feet and you'll get some real benefit with this look do you got any questions on the matter look leave them in the comments box below I'm more than happily answer them a lot if you feel that somebody out there could benefit from a few extra yards please share it and look if you enjoyed the video this is one of your first ones from me press that subscribe button and the bell and I'll see you next week but until next week have a great golfing week