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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I'm gonna deal with how do you start hitting the ground behind the golf ball it's that horrible show isn't it you know you make a decent least we think you the disa swing at the golf ball the club comes in behind the golf ball you hit this fat shot ball travels nowhere or alternatively you hit the ground behind the golf ball and then the ball you hit up on the ball and the ball fins on the ground neither's very good and it is so frustrating particularly just that wonderful Drive so what I'm going to do this week is I'm going to show you exactly what's happening at the moment of impact and why you possibly hitting the ground behind the golf ball and I'm going to give you some examples of a couple of clients this week where they were doing exactly that and we might secure them in a session with it just a couple of drills so I'll give you those drills today so what is a fast shot what what is actually happening when you you catch the ground behind the golf ball well if you're hitting the ground if you're hitting the ground here as opposed to here then two things potentially happening you are releasing the club too early in the downswing here so the club is bottoming out behind the golf ball as a post to look at the angle I'm keeping here in the wrist here and the button the club bottoms out later a year after the golf ball that's the first thing and the second thing that you may be also doing is this your body is too far behind the golf ball as you're approaching it causing the gain the club to bottom out leaving that fat fat shot right so if you're doing one of those two things or maybe even both each often that can come together I'm going to show you today how we get over them what can we do to start to get either the body more of the of the ball or the wrists releasing a little bit later so the very very first thing is I start with the simple one I think one of the biggest problems when people start to struggle to strike the golf ball they spend so much time trying to strike the golf ball that it encourages more of this let me explain so what are we trying to do what is a great strike a great strike in one the golf club all right this bottoming out here happens ideally after the golf ball problem is if you've been striking a few shots that have been pretty poor it's not always easy to have the confidence to not concern yourself over strike so what tends to happen is we stand over the golf ball here with such a need to strike that ball that we stay dead still yeah we maybe even be trying to keep your head down I on the ball and all that kind of thing in order to please strike that cough ball here's the problem though when you're trying to do that and you're trying to stay still and make sure you make contact your body's not moving right and when your body doesn't move look there's not a lot of space now to hit the shot so what happens is often that the body creates space by leaning back okay does that make sense so what you're doing is is in an effort to strike the ball and you make that your focus you're trying so hard to strike it that you stay very very still body doesn't have enough room now and then it creates room by often leaning back and that might give you the feeling that you've lifted your head up and that gets you hitting the ground behind the golf ball so the first one is a matter of trust one of the things we want to do look we want to get the body past the golf ball we want to get the club releasing later so we've got to start to trust that a strike is created by a natural flow through the shot as opposed to something that is trying to stay still and make sure that we strike it now that's not easy to do if you've been striking it poorly because you'll again that you have this over concern so the first thing I want to do is I want you to start to practice blowing through to your target let's have a look from from behind so as opposed to just focusing on the ball and hoping that you're going to strike the ball what I want you to do is look we want to get our bodies not behind the ball do it in fact we want to get them forward to the golf ball and want to get that through the shot so once that you get some sometimes spending more time visualizing where you're going and flowing through to your target as opposed to trying desperately to improve that strike right this improvement if your strike will be a byproduct of a flow going through to your target ill to require a bit of trust so when we here make a few swings and what we're going to do is I'm going to spend a bit more time flowing out look towards my target there that's where I'm going that will give you an encourage more of a body movement through the shot and really increase the likelihood that you're going to hit ball turf contact so now let me show you what I did with one of my recent clients Russell to help him strike that ball so much better and I use it I use it for a lot of my exercises I like to reverse-engineer the process so what do we want to try and do we said look we want to get our body more over the golf ball here with a shaft lean that's how we stop striking behind the ball and we start striking after the golf ball right so if we want to strike after the golf ball what does that look like we're trying to create differ after the ball so to create different after the golf ball the leading edge of this golf club needs to create that divot so it needs to be angled forward here so it can cut into the turf right so let's put that this I've put a ball now in line with the camera I'm going to put my club look after the golf ball because that's why we reverse-engineer the process because I want to lean that leading edge now into the turf look at the shaft I want to then put a force on it now when you do put the force on it we're pushing it this way we're going to push the force this way we're not going to push it that way okay not over-the-top so leading edge cuts into the ground we're going to put our weight forward and that's the sensation now of impact so now we've got the destination point right so we're going to swing back and we're going to swing to that destination point after the golf ball swing back move to destination point and stop right feel that Martian swing back move to the destination now what we're going to do is we're going to we're going to push that a little bit further right so what would it lead to people who swing behind the golf ball hit the ground behind they tend to be in a flicked position right people who tend to strike the ground after the golf ball tend to be in a stronger situation here right so look at this there's no flick around here I feel almost shut mitt nearly all my weight now is on my left side so I want you now to reverse engineer that so how do we get into that position right nearly 90 cent on my left side I'm going to come back now to my start position and I'm going to now push through to there that's my destination I'm gonna go back to my start position and I'm gonna push through to my destination do I still have 90 percent yes I do you might find when you first do this that you've got the idea of the destination but you do this but then you can ask that look where's my weight I still got so much work my right side right so once you know the destination you simply then start to kind of feel that by pushing through stop there get us in session move it back now we gradually move it back further so we're going to go to destination now to about here and through what a destination again move back a bit further and through move back a bit further and through them bit by bit you can see I'm now starting to take a divot after that golf ball start very slowly with it start with the feeling first of it where you need to be right feel how much weights on that left side feel the leading edge digging into the ground then go back push root from this position here we're going to start to work on trying to transfer that feeling to hitting a golf ball now I again I'm going to start small so I may do one exercise before we go which it might be put the club past the golf ball feel that sensation that's what we want to be right okay got it now come back to the golf ball make a small swing that's where I'm going to that was a great strike a real ball turf contact and you probably see that from where the ball was to where it is now really a really good strike so this is a way for you to train the ball turf contact which is going to be there after the shot not before alright so that's a second and that one we've worked with Russell on this one it works so effectively it's going to take some time to practice on the driving range but go and give this a go you'll really enjoy it so let's summarise what are you doing if you're striking the ground behind the golf ball you either release in the club too early I have bodies a bit too far behind the golf ball so we've got to make sure that at some level we've got to get the body over the ball a ball here and we've got to release the club a little bit later the first thing we gave you was an exercise which is super simple but requires a bit of trust for those of you who are struggling to strike it you've probably lost a little bit of confidence around your strike so what's telling what you're telling to do is stay a little bit to still over the golf ball here right and that stops the body moving doesn't provide enough space for you to hit through the shot so your body leans back you may even get the feeling you've lifted your head up and and that causes the ground to sort of the ground ball contact so what we want to do is start to trust ourselves a bit more start to allow ourselves to flow through to the target be willing to miss up a little bit right don't the a great strike is a byproduct of a flowing golf swing that moves to the target so I have to say to my kids pose for the cameras stand that just pose for the cameras that would be a really nice exercise to to do it and a super simple one to start with for more training what I would do is which I did with her I've said a recent climbing Russell is start to look at striking or reverse engineering the entire process so we look at getting the the club after the golf ball here so we think right what needs to happen to strike the ground after the ball the leading edge needs to be into the turf right moving to that position if you want it's supposed to be like go back in to set up and then move back into it set up move back into it from there I would also do is then push on even further so what we need to eat would you've got the the divot here where would you go from here push forward look at this portion here I've got so much went now on my left side and I'm extending out here right go back into setup push forward right just one thing to watch out for when you do push forward I'm not saying don't do that that's an over-the-top motion make sure you're coming from the inside as you're doing it so it's lean forward right there this will then sorry what you need to do after that so would you've gone through into this position here then start to extend the backswing just a little bit so the post is starting here now extend it back and push forward extend it back a bit push forward until you keep reiterate and as you start seeing the club consistently connecting to the ground after the golf ball and then obviously go bigger and bigger and bigger and you're gonna start to see those strike start to become more and more consistent be willing to mess up but don't worry about the strike as much as possible forget about the strike let's start to get that lovely ball turf contact with you committing through the shots all right I really hope you enjoyed this and if you did please share it it really really helps and of course if you've got any of your friends that could benefit from this ping it over to them if you've got any questions at all don't forget to leave them in the comment box below or head over to my social media channels on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and until next week have a great golfing week