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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I've got a quick question for you have you got a swing that has quite a lot of moving or unwanted movement let's imagine for instance you take it around here you swing it over here maybe through the impact area you've got a little bit flicky here or you've got some sliding good on whatever it might be you've got some movement in your golf swing that you want to get rid of secondly you are struggling to strike your irons well at all you're struggling to get a lovely compress strike that strikes the ball then the ground and therefore losing distance losing direction and certainly not getting any consistency if I sit to you those things all those things in the swing the strange movements the poor ball striking could possibly be fixed with just two tiny changes to your swing you probably think it was just another one OHS random videos promise in the world but an under-delivering we'll take a look at this this is Rick Rick comes and sees me flies in from Germany with his wife beautiful couple comes up see me and this is a swing at the start of the session there's a lot of movement going on as you can see here movements coming in movements going over left foot coming up here dropping dipping almost within the inner swing here he's even got a little bit of flick you see a lot of people flicking through the impact area Rick was one of those losing massive massive amount of power poor ball striking and nowhere near enough power but take a look at this this occurred after he made it made just really one to two changes to what he was doing and the rest is history suddenly now look at the swing look how much more rhythmical it looks look how much more orthodox it looks now we don't just want a good-looking ghost we want something that's functional and consistent well his ball striking suddenly started to get that lovely feel of compression and it was wonderful to see so you could just be just two little fixes away from completely transforming their overlooked and obviously function of your golf swing that's what we're going to cover in this week's training before we do that if you new to channel and this is one of your first videos please consider subscribing if you press the bell you get to receive videos just like this one every single week so I can come and help you improve your game so what do we do we've Rick well as you can see he was making some very interesting moves right so he's coming in here he's got dip going on here he's flicking through impact he is flicking through here he hasn't got that strength now I'm sure that you can relate to some of this I'm sure all of you here would love to get that brilliant compressed right where the hands are leading through the impact area here we've got the ball position there we're in there we're compressing that ball what we don't want is in a sense this flicky Martin here now if you have a look at Rick swing you'll see that when he's swinging he's swinging through here he's got his flick emotion here his left foot he's even coming off the ground but the question is this some people look at that swing and say those are false those are problems I look at that swing and I say Rick's an absolute genius his body is an absolute genius his brawn is an incredible problem solver he's doing all those things because of one problem two things on the backswing is coming down and as he's coming down into impact here his club face is wide up and this is one of the biggest problems in golf when you get to a position here somewhat this is what the clusters an open Club face when you get to about parallel with you it with your feet on the way down the first is wide up and it should be here slightly turn downwards there's the first problem what Rick's going to have to do and he does it naturally his body's a genius if he thinks ah that face of there is wide open and his body goes like this and he starts to turn and close the face in closing the face he gets this position here now here's the other problem with this why does Rick Rick lift his heel off the ground he's been trying for 10 years to keep it on the deck to help his body's ball striking the problem is his body's clever it needs to stand up because what happens when he starts to flick the club inside here the club gets longer as the club gets longer the body has to stand up to provide any form of room to hit the shot if it didn't he would hit the ground right so just one tiny fault creates that all these unwanted movements now a lot of people go around try to fix all these bits and pieces when you've got to get to the root cause then your body never does a stupid thing okay your body is basically an absolute genius and whatever you do if you make a fault somewhere in the downswing it's gonna help you recover and compensate so we need to in a sense get rid of those in it the need for compensations so we did two things with Rick we clearly got him scuse me which clearly got him trying to feel the club face more here but we also did which I released last week in a video here which I'll put up in this top right hand corner two feelings I wanted him to feel like he's basically their hands here are leading through impact so he's almost deal often the golf club because he knew he was getting the feeling of in a sense increasing the loft so I want him so you get the sensation of decreasing it so I got him to grab a sweeping brush now this is two things you saw Rick on the way down having a face wide open well that would be like a sweeping brush here now can you sweep the floor like this no you can right so take the club turn the the brush strokes facing down here and I got him just to feel the in a sense of sweet brush here just sweeping the floor backwards and forwards right so in a sense this was a very different feeling for him because he was so used to in a sense with face being opened and he needing to flick so close in the face meant now and he didn't need to flip it in fact his body didn't want to flip he didn't make any sense for it to flick it anymore it didn't have to compensate so you could feel it going through square so let's have a look at this I'll come back to the brush in a second so we got into in a sense now swing back here feel the clubface is now almost facing the ground a little bit as opposed to wide open and then going from here get the sensation now that the club has D lofty through impact now he's not shopping down on it he's simply in a sense sweeping the ball almost upwards he's not shopping down look his face is down his clothes down and he's sweeping the ball upwards at no stage now does he's a foot or he'll need to come out why because look at the the chef's now it's with an angle it you can stay low to the ground and strike the golf ball if I was to release that and we're body's going to have to stand up quickly and uvr in this case Rick his foot compensates for those of you who may get what you call some people call early extension or standing up through the impact area it's just the same thing you're simply releasing the club too early and your body's creating some space that might give you also the feeling that you're lifting your head up so let's get cracking so we made a swing we've got the clubs let's kick today I was bitter if we got the clubface facing the ground here and then sweeping it off and we started off with some very very small little shot so let's have a look at this so back here facing the ground I'm just brushing it up there okay just chipping it forward just for now I'm not trying to hit any distance get ourselves set face the ground here and just brush the club up there no release or anything it stayed with us simply imagine it's almost facing the ground and we're going to brush and there we go just chipping it forward for now let's have a look at it from this side here so we're going to get from there back brush club forward let's have a look at it from face on

so you can see there look at the difference in the in the whole mechanics no need for him now his body doesn't need to make all those conversations because one the clubs in the right position now he's in a position to get that compression and not only that he's also got a very different feeling of strike he's now realized that actually you strike a golf ball with the club D lofted and if you look at this here when I'm sweeping the floor here the handle doesn't go down to job a lot of people misinterpret strike they're always tried to keep compressed the ball by chopping down it that's not how we strike it what we're gonna do here is this we sweep in the full look at the handle it actually works upwards room pass so we're now getting the beautiful compression but we're sweeping the ball the best players in the world actually take very shallow divots okay so look at this again in action here just to kind of finishing off practice getting the clubface facing the ground here wonderful if your strike is over the stoppers all those kind of things most people come over the top or generally caused by the fact that you have a wide open blade here and your body very cleverly has to compensate or does these very best for you to try and square that clubface up all those unwanted movements are problems they're the genius of your body doing its very best for you to try and hit that ball straight but we just can't do it consistently so if we take out the need for those conversations you're going to be more consistent and one of the simplest things is making sure that that clubface is square down here and square is not there other it's angled so it's almost parallel with the body here okay coming down and then just simply sweeping the ball up using that feeling of the broom back here small swings first and looking at the beautiful strike just chipping it forward for now Rick could not believe the the effortless power he was getting he felt as though all he was doing was chipping it forward and he just can't believe the strike so in summary your body is an absolute genius and if you have strange looking things going on in your goal swing the chances are you don't want to get rid of those you've got to find the root cause those strange things the genius of your body trying to in a sense compensate for what's going on and what we're going to do is to kind of find out what that is for most people it's this club face the club faces in a poor position here throughout the as it approaches impact we're going to be in problems just check your grip make sure obviously the biggest impact on club face is your grip make sure you've got a decent neutral grip at the start but apart from that get yourself get a broom feel in a sense not this feel that in a sense they're leading here and brushing the ground coming up get that clubface in position they're seeing it sense where it is and you're gonna find that those strange conversations just like Rick will start to disappear I hope you really enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and maybe come and subscribe to the channel so I can give some more content next week but until next week have a great golfing week