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Hey everybody Danny Maude here and today I want to ask you a quick question have you ever wanted to add 20 or 30 yards onto your iron shots Steve question is of course you have and the reason why is this because I had a client regionally recently Nigel who came to me and almost thinking about quitting the game he was really really struggling to make the carry service on the some of the holes here at Canterbury and his ball striking was very average at the time and he particularly irons he just wasn't hitting anywhere at all and he came to me and said that done now really would need I need some extra carry and I really need some extra power is there anything that you can do within half an hour we added 30 to 40 yards onto his iron chest now that's not normal so I you know not everybody's going to do this but within this one session we got him and hitting it 30 to 40 yards further it was incredible and I want to share with you as some of the things he worked on to really improve his ball striking and some of the things that he was doing which was causing a massive loss of power so let's get started so basically and his loss of power was caused because first of all an understanding he he wasn't aware of what was what was it how you should generate some power and ago how you should generate energy and what was happening he was trying to generate energy with brute force and also a lot of wrists and flakiness going through impact now what this kind of looks like in slow motion is the impact position was very much like this okay so if you look at this position here there's kind of a breakdown in the wrist it's very flicky now if you relate this to throwing a ball if you were to throw a ball like this you can you're not going to get any power throwing a ball the same thing throwing a javelin whereas the wrist it's at this angle it's not like this and it's thrown like that so we need to look at in a sense how he improved his impact position to generate those extra yards so here's the first thing we did the first thing was understanding so I'm going to show you and help you feel what is a great impact position the first thing to do is we're going to put a club right behind the ball and what we're going to do is we're going to lean the shaft forward I'm going to push my weight on to my left side lean my heel in a little bit here and push down okay this one going to feel this pushing into the ground here now just one little caveat I'll show you from this angle here so what I'm pushing down I'm not pushing down like this my right arm my right elbow is connected to my chest here and I'm pushing down like this you should just be able to see my left down and pushing into the ground here with nearly 90 percent more weight on that left side now a lot of people when they're playing they're almost trying to hit the ball just off the cleanly off the server so I try to up on the ball and power is created by pressure power is created by pressure pressure going into the ground okay not forward this way going into the ground we're putting pressure on the golf ball we're not trying to flick it and flick it forward so the way we work on this then if we if power is caused by pressure going into the golf ball we need to create a swing that causes pressure now you can see here with Nigel swing when he was flicking here the pressure is going where it's going upwards okay it's almost going this way what we need to create is a pressure going into the ball so let me explain so what we did was I thought his back thing was pretty good you've got to put the club in a position to to put pressure down so he was pretty good he wound up to the top okay and then all we simply did with this we helped him to go get the feeling doing this straight down straight down straight down now when we when we when he go straight down the initial impact was more he'd go straight down and around straight down and around we should look like this he goes straight down and around now the problem with that is he was coming over the top with it this is this we go straight down straight down here the energy is going into the ground not going towards the target at this stage we're putting pressure into that golf ball okay now the drill that we gave him apart from this okay was that when he did come down he started to just do it with his hands like this okay then what we wanted to try and do to get that pressure going down to the ground is I wanted him to engage his entire body okay so it wasn't just this kind of very different - down down look what I'm doing human my legs their legs my body I'm driving down but I'm not driving with Ritesh at this stage I'm just simply driving down towards that ground here now what I would do I'd often exaggerate this motion okay just for just for the feeling is that almost getting to do this his hands were almost staying ahead initially now that innocence is probably a bit too much an L was incorrect right but it certainly gave him the feeling of stopping this flick which was very natural for him okay so you're driving down putting the pressure into that into that golf ball here the other thing I would do is the next thing we worked on we found that when you start to do this great I'll just show what that looks like now we're going here I'm going to drive into the ground and we start to straight beautiful sound punching that ball into that ground okay very very nice but obviously it's looks quite simple to the Lawford but what Nigel was doing is he got the impression of going down east actually even engaged his body now but what he would do is he got to bat roughly about here and he wasn't used to keeping this drive on here so get to about here and he would flick it right last minute okay so what we then decided to do is that flick was really caused because he was trying to get into a full follow-through okay and he was so used to flicking his wrist to get to a full follow-through that that was a difficult thing just to overcoming the session so instead we focused on just a more a punch style action where basically follow-through was much much sure to start off with that way there was no need or necessary to flick the wrists so he worked on this action we go wind up down I'm going to a punch down punch

so in summary what we did with Nigel is is we first all given the understanding that to get power with an iron shot we need to get pressure going down into the golf ball not too concerned about hitting it forward but putting pressure into the golf golf ball for those of you are lacking distance my bet is you're not taking many divots and if you are those divots are probably behind the golf ball all right so just the sensation that the energy is going downwards to start off with will be really really helpful okay the next thing okay I'd like to take away from today would be the drills now what do we do in IGEL well we made sure that first what he was in a position to come down if you're around here it's hard to put pressure down on the ground so we may each other.when is in he was in a nice high position at the top of the swing then I got him to very slow do some exercises to go downwards things to look out for was nigel simply just did his arm movement initially right but that's not engaging the boys not engaging the whole swing in the whole movement so we gotta sense the drive the legs the pressure going into that ground okay down here and we continue that drill so sometimes almost exaggerating the marshall where the hands were almost here okay incorrect yes but it will really exaggerate the feeling of driving here and keeping the hands there as a poster there that was that drill second thing right the third thing we did with this was he almost we got him to finish much shorter initially like he's playing a punch shot because again that stopped the need then he felt so from this position he couldn't follow through anyway but from here when he wanted to swing all the way through he could resist looking so finishing much shorter when you're working less on the driver edge will really help you engage in this Martian number four was what the one that we started with just be be aware that what we try to do is have a feeling of the impact first get a sensation of that motion where you should be here okay and remember one thing to watch out for where this could go drastically wrong if you do it is if you go down with rotation that is not what we're after okay shots that you'll see if you if you if you're doing this like that you could shank it you could you'll feel them you could pull it we're lucky you could slice it okay so what we try to do is this is watch when we go down the sensational feeling up motion there the right elbows in left and the shoulders are pretty square at this stage okay they're not wide open okay they're not aiming they're going straight down the line they're not turn to the left okay so doing some exercises where you simply feel impact you can do this at home so the great about you can do this at home will really give you an idea of how to compress into that golf ball and pressures the key pressures are key to power alright I really hope you enjoyed this video as normal guys if you really think someone can benefit with a few extra be out please share it with your friends I'll leave my email in the comments box below as well as the the standard comments box please leave your messages if you've got any questions or you'd like to send up you videos of your swings I'm more than happy to help until next week have a great golfing week hi it's Danny did you like this video if you did there's two things you could do right now want to subscribe to my channel and receive this content on a weekly basis the second thing you could do is you could head on over to my website right here and receive my weekly newsletter in that newsletter we have various different advice in PDF format you can access my podcast if up many many things that you cannot access on this channel head on over to it here until next week have a great golfing week