HOW TO STRIKE YOUR IRONS PURE - Beginner Golfers are going to love this SIMPLE GOLF TIP

iron drills iron tips stike your irons pure Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week my wife believe it or not comes to see me for a little lesson she's only just starting she's struggling to strike her Ryan's and they're going all over the place is certainly going along the ground a lot of the time and I kind of worked she wanted something really simple something that didn't Conner ahead with a load of stuff and I came up with this simple simple exercise that she absolutely loved she could practice her on her own and it made a massive difference to the court bility want to get the ball up in the air with the ions but also to square this club first up so she could also hit him much straighter she was able to transfer the exact same exercise onto her driving to I'm gonna share with you what it was because it is so simple Andrew and Ida training aid that use I think is well it's free you can get it probably today completely free charge so before I get into the video though if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press a little bail bond next to subscribe button and you get notified every time release a video just like this one so let's have a look and let me introduce you to this amazing simple training aid so here it is here is the magic training aid that really helped Laura hugely improve the quality of our iron play a shoe box this will my boys shoe box which point when you pair trainers and I think this could be the simplest training that you can use because you can use it in two places watch the beginning this video for how you get it straight and then watch the tip 3 towards end of the video I'm gonna show you how to improve the direction of your swing to all with a box now what we did with Laura Laura need to improve a strike the first thing she need to do was kind of understand and feel what she's supposed to be doing at the impact position so I told her exactly that first and then I gave her this exercise to show her how to learn learn feel of it so to strike it got a great golf shot what you're going to need to do here is the bob sisters justice I've got I'm hitting a time here I've got the Bob stationed just ahead of Center and then what I'm doing is is to strike a ball well you got to strike the ball first you've got to get there this club here you've got to get nice and straight at the moment of impact it doesn't want to be here doesn't want to be here question is how do you how do you control I'm going to show you that the box will help you and we've got to get their hands ahead impact again how do you do all these things so what we do hands ahead weights on the front foot here and the clubface is square now she got a straight way that was a bit different because she what law were doing was she was getting this kind of flicky motion here so the hands were actually behind the golf ball which is why she was thinning it along the ground and also fatting it the clubface was sometimes closed sometimes open it was just all over the place why one she didn't realize what she was knit what you need to do and two she didn't have the feel end to the box so where were I did here is I put a simple box in in the way and all I did here was sit right what I want you to do now we're gonna make a swing and we're going to get used to simply feel what's supposed to be like it impact so makers for now I'm gonna show you this is what you're doing you're flicking here and look at this the the main part of club hasn't even hit the box at all we want to get the club into the box there so now it's nice and straight okay and not the hands ahead I want to there now from this position hands ahead of slightly of the club your face is straight with the box now just push the box over that's just like that feels different I said why because I'm unlike this I said you absolutely let's go back into that so just get a feeling of that Martian so you get yourself set here just practice hitting against the box there did push the box over and this was step one just to provide a very different feeling now that in itself wouldn't improve her strike she now needs to move on to step two which is you need to add flow into this entire margin you can't turn wooden go like this that's no way that's gonna hit a golf ball so how can you then add speed into this motion so it's actually a proper golf swing flowing towards a target well it is difficult we have to appreciate that we have to simultaneously keep the club swinging freely while simultaneously feeling where it is in space so I said look trust your body you won't get this right every single time but just have a go at it so get yourself set all we do know is this make some lovely free swings and what to do is get yourself set here and just see if you can feel the clubface entering that box nice of square the great thing is is if you don't you'll be able to feel it so gets upset there we go so I've hit the gutter the box is completely square so you got a few senses of that nice small swings hitting the box completely square then I said right what I want you to do now is this why don't you just experiment and actually trying to hit the box with the toe and then the heel so you can get a feel of you're in control of the club so make a few swings and hit it with the toe the clubs to feel what that feels like then hit it with the heel to feel it feels like and then again back to square each time she's blowing through what she's not doing is steering it well she did once it twice because she's trying really hard you got to somehow allow this flow to happen still while simultaneously feeling the clubface square and then obviously we then introduced the golf ball and we said right off we go so get that Center s in here just keep that lovely flow but see if you can feel that impact position there and her body was smart enough first time out bang beautiful strike now first time out she strikes it now did it happen every time of course it in because sometimes in between she would kind of steer it and guide it no you got to keep flowing you're not gonna be perfect with this but you'll learn to feel then I said now you're getting a feel for the clubface coming in let's have a look at how you can improve the line of your swing so you could not just hit it straight you can also sorry you cannot just hit the ball straight you can actually hit it longer and straighter and that's going to come down to how you attack the angle you attack into the golf ball answer to do that all you got to do is switch up the box to watch this so all I did now is I put the box on this side now I love this because what we can do now is Laura start to get the feeling of getting the club facing straight here but once she had this is one of the reasons she deflector you got this body the club coming out and a cross now if it comes out and across look it would literally hit the ball straight to the left which is what she was doing and she'd hit the box here so I simply and has got the box and I said put it in this side now you've now got the feeling of coming in straight here just do the same thing again and what I love about drills just like this one is you know I could teach Laura to do these fancy things here come out here use posh words like shallow the club and all that kind of stuff all this just complicate put a box in there your body kind of works out the answer to the problem get yourself set Laura had the feeling of a square up started to get out sit right now let's make a swing now and practice missing the box we did it an issue without a golf ball then we introduced the golf ball got a self set in a way we went and it was really as simple as that and she loved it because she didn't have a load of things to think about while she was swinging she just put a box in there she got the feel of straight she got the feel of path and it was as simple as that would it take some practice yes because one of the factors with all of this is you know trying to feel the coffey square isn't easy that's why you've got to do some slow-motion things simultaneously you've also got to add some flow to this so in summary what have we done how do we help Laura improve her striking the first thing we did was put the box at this angle this enabled her to get the feeling of what straight was I got it to experiment a little bit by hitting it with a toe the club then the heel of the club and then square the club so do a little bit that so you can get the feel of that then that's get your square keep the swing as flowing as you can don't try to make it rigid or be perfect with this still allow the club to be flowing through to your target while simultaneously learning the field is it tricky of course it is but that's the way to learn it then turn it around the other way and this will help you get the shape of the swing much better put a ball fairly close to the box and just simply make some swings make sure you miss the box on the way through back here and through simple as that and away she went I love this I lovei exercise less because you probably got something lies don't ask you bought something like this in your home go and try and go and give it to some beginner golfers to make this game much much easier I know this is just for beginning golfers this can help anybody who's struggling with it I in play I really hope you enjoy this video if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up share as many people as you can it really really helps and of course if you use to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing until next week have a great golfing week.