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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I'm going to go into the hip action in crazy detail now I don't know why you're here maybe you've got a hip slide you want to know how to get rid of it or maybe you kind of want to understand how you lead hip rotates through to get some clearance so you can generate that extra bit of power or maybe just want to understand how your hips work how do they work in the backswing and the downswing what we're going to cover all of this and more in this training so let's get started so what are we trying to do why we would we even create videos why would we even want to focus on the heads well we've got to start with what are we trying to do with the golf ball what what type of striker we need in so when we strike a golf ball and we want to strike it effectively we want to make sure that there's a Down force on the golf ball so we catch the ball then the ground very very important right the next thing we need is we need some energy into this so we need some form of rotation and spiral here going into the back up so we can generate some speed so we want rotation and down Falls very very important so with that in mind the question is is can you achieve it with a hip movement that looks like this real common one isn't it hip slide of course we can't write so a hip slide there's no rotation at all so we're not gonna that's one of the factors we're going to lose right can we can't create a Down force with that no because it's just a rocking motion right so it's just going to get the club going upwards so then the second thing is a real misconception a lot of people I simply try to turn their hips and they're turning them flat and they create this round and a round motion now you can hit golf just like this and it can be okay but it's not very effective you don't create the type of pressure that's required to get those lovely ball turf contacts that we want right so we don't want the hips working around and around we don't want to move you side to side so what do we want right well we want the club working more up here we want it not going straight up we don't want it working around we want it working up here we want it spiraling this way the question is how do we go about achieving this let me show you so I've got a poll here this is 160 centimeters long you don't have to have this you can do this with a golf club but I'm going to use this today for some visual purposes so I want you to imagine now this and we it's imagine stood on a gigantic screw alright and what we're gonna do is I want you here to push the screw down which is really pushing it because when people make a backswing they don't use the ground to wind from right so they just literally just float along the surface right and they wonder wonder why they're not generate enough speed right in power what we want to do is I want to imagine a you're on a gigantic screw and what we're gonna do is we're gonna push the screw down into the ground now and that's we're doing this I went to them wined the screw clockwise for for Rhino golfers into the ground and up so you're gonna wind the screw in push down and up here now from this position here what do you notice I've wound the club up look here well do its part all right hip my right hip has actually gone higher than my left it's gone up with its wound upwards what do you know it's what else do you notice look at my swing Center right I'm still centered over the golf ball right these are big things because what happens to a lot of players when they're trying to turn and when they transfer try it transfer the weight they often transfer by sliding or at best what they do they turn their hips and they look like this right so they turning off the golf ball a lot right because they're just moving the hips side to side we want to spiral up here and as we do this and we turn push down and turn that screw into the ground here we wind it up here and I keep over the golf ball but what happens next what we're going to do now is you've done that what we're going to do is we're going to again push the screw further into the ground on the way down we're gonna push it further and twist it now anti-clockwise just a little bit right now push it further in now at this stage here we want to then very quickly then really unscrew it on the way through and that's where you unscrew it on the way through what by the hips now they're doing the opposite what they're doing now is they're spiraling upwards are they going around definitely not are they going this way no that lease all kinds of shots they have they've already gone sideways now what they're in the turning and spiraling up here up into this top corner really really important so let's go through that again really slowly we're staying here we've got the screw under our feet we're pushing the screw down we're going to twist that screw into the ground now as we go back and now what we're going to do is when we come back down we're gonna push it further into the ground push it further in with a miniature turn with a screw unscrew it now this stage when we come through we're now going to very quickly fire and unscrew it as we come through and that is how we carry the correct hip turn in the golf swing notice this the hips are working up here they're working back down to level and then what happens they work back up again on the way through very different to where most people do right so the question is is how do you go about you achieving this the first thing is I wouldn't do this don't try and hit loads of golf balls right in the martial arts world when they're working on this you know if they're working on fighting they don't fight I'm going to send someone out to fight they actually go and learn moves first right they take months to learn these moves before they even go and go for a fight in golf people are too quick to kind of go and hit golf balls and our bodies don't work like this you're gonna have to train this and get a feel and teach your body this so if you're a slider learn to feel what a slide feels like and then very slowly use the screw exercise here to gradually feel what's going on and just rehearse this time and time again day after day right and it'll give you the sensation wow that's where this comes from all right but there's a couple of things that you're going to need to know in order to make this effective so the first thing is this I see that when people are playing they you know they stand to the ball and they're standing a little bit incorrectly so you know if you don't get into the right posture to start off with you're never going to make this work right so the step one in this whole process you've got to make sure that we've got our posture in place and we're tipped forward from the waist here so the pelvis or a belt buckle here is pointing towards the golf ball watch this I don't want to see this belt buckles point forward I see so much of this with a rounded shoulder here right so we rounded off you've got no chance of making the correct hip so turn no chance of winding back and through so you've got to get that bum out a little bit here bit and the Pelt the belt buckle facing the golf ball I'm going to put a video in the top left hand corner here showing you exactly how to do that more efficiently than this training right the next thing I want you to be aware of is look it's just misconceptions right if you if you're struggling to do this usually it's because you're simply just trying to make a turn and a turn and you're floating across the surface right and that creates in a sense of looseness in the swing there's no real talk being created there's no wind up if you want to generate consistency you need to have balance if you want to generate power you need to have balance and talk we want to wind up the swing from the ground so why I talk about pushing the screw in the ground is to let you're using the ground as a form of balance you're winding up here your hips work this way coming back down they were about to level and then they wind up again alright and it's as simple as that there's one other factor that may be a slight problem if you do all of this and you work on all these exercises there was one final factor that might stop you doing this and it's simply clubface sometimes when people are playing they swing and the open their clubface way too much all right and if you open your clubface and you use lots of hands in the golf swing then you're not giving your body or your hips a reason to move a reason to do anything right what happens you become handsy why do the hips need to do anything at all so it's very very important that we keep the clubface in a sense we don't want to cooperate opening here because again all you'll do is close it with your hands there's no reason for the hips to do anything but if you keep the clubface more on line here back and through you're giving your body now the clubface is is is in a good strong position you're giving it a reason now to all your hips a reason to open up in the downswing I'll put another bit of training I'm going to go too much detail on this but I'll put another bit of training here on how to do take the club away correctly and get much better action with your hands and the clubface through impact in this top left hand corner but let's just summarize what are we trying to do with the hips when we're swinging the hips we do want we clearly want to slide right we'd also don't want to be working the club around here there's no energy and powers no pressure right we said let's two things that need it we want pressure on the ball and we want speed want rotational speed how do we do this again we're standing here we're standing over a gigantic screw what we're gonna do here is this we're gonna push the screw into the ground now as we twist it in into the ground and up as we come down now we're gonna push this to further into the ground right with a Minney turn backwards now anti-clockwise back in now what we're gonna do we're gonna twist the screw even more now as we're coming through imputs very very important that is it do it slowly at first don't go and hit golf balls now just rehearse this rehearse this in a mirror alright start slow push down it's not this this looks similar even the hips are rising here slightly and they have slightly rising the way through but we're not using the ground the swing and the hips and built from the ground up alright remember some important factors on how you do this and you achieve this you've got to make sure your imposture position none of this will work if your belt buckle is facing this way and you're a rounded off right we've got to work hard on posture I put the video in the top left-hand corner here on how to go about achieving that and finally we said look clubface if you're somebody who uses their hands a lot here right you're not giving your hips a reason to do anything right your hips aren't going to work if you if you're using your hands right we've got to keep this much much more under control again check the icon here as a video and exactly how to do that look I hope you really enjoyed this training if you do and you enjoy the content please subscribe to the channel and if you know anyone else who might enjoy this training or are struggling again then please share it really it really helps and of course if you want to sieve it in your inbox every week then maybe head over to my website Danny more calm and I'll send you an email every week with weekly training but until next week have a great golfing week