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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I wanna discuss the difference between an iron lung iron swing and a hybrid swing and also the districting what is a long iron versus a hybrid who should be using what before I do I want to ask you a very quick question are you a long iron player predominately or are you a hybrid player leave it a message in the comments box below and let me know because some of you out there if you're anything like me you're hanging on to those long irons when really it possibly should be switching to a hybrid and we'll discuss that a little bit later because I was definitely one of those people for quite a while but let's get cracking what's the main difference between a hybrid swing or hybrid should I say initially and a long known really simply this some people confuse a hybrid as a wood it really is look a modern version in my view is a modern version of an iron it has the same loft I'm looking at a full hybrid here and a four iron so it's got the same loft as a an iron the main difference is this it has a wider soleplate with the weight position further back in the head now what this enables you to do is from people who don't swing the club particularly fast and don't generate enough club head speed it gets the ball up far far quicker carries the ball further and therefore hits it longer so if you're finding that in the top half of your bag the the distance is bunching so you finally get your three or four is your five irons and six signs they're getting a bit too close you're not getting much difference between the two it's usually because you need a decent hybrid in your bag to get that launch right that is the main difference between the hybrid nor long-known so why would you use the long iron alright so why are people still using long irons well if you're generating club head speed and a fair amount of it then you don't need so much help to get the ball up in the air because you'll be doing that naturally however you know even for the likes of the best players in the world now there some of them are moving even though they're generating being of Club speed that's generating 300 yards where for drivers you'll see them putting a version of a hybrid in their back right so what they're doing is is I've got for instance here the one that I use is I use the calorie apex utility here which has a a reasonably wide sell play but it isn't as wide as let's say the yonex will I've got in my hand here so it gives me enough help in my in my long iron to get the ball airborne and get the carry but it doesn't get me ballooning the ball too high so what you want to do when you're looking for a hybrid and and looking into to improve that long part of your bag there then what you want to look at is is try a few different hybrids out there because there are a few I've got a couple here I've got a pink cross over here which is slightly wider than the Callaway and then I've got the unit who's even wider still and they all produce different flights depending on your club head speed so it's worth going and getting custom fitted for that so with regards to the swing is there a real difference well when you're hitting a long iron off the off the deck here one of the things that you're going to want to do is you want to go you're going to want to change your ball position to the then you would have with the sled as I say a seven or so with a 7-iron it's going to be very central but with a long iron here what we want to do is we want to push that ball position up a little bit in our stance let me say two or three Finch three inches in front of the left heel here almost opposite the left armpit here now from there all we're gonna do is we're going to make a golf swing and we want to be making sure we're still hitting down on the golf ball but because the ball is positioned slightly further ahead here we're going to catch the ground but not as steep as we would do for a 7-iron we're going to catch it almost level right we're going to catch it almost bruised in the grass with a fall right as opposed to crunching it with let's say a seminoma let's show you what that looks like

so you can see here I've still taken a divot I bruised the ground enough there struck the ball struck a really nice shot now this is a four iron here now that gives me a nice flight for me reasonably penetrating but it's going to land it's going to stop on the green for some of you that who out generate enough Club at speed flying is not going to cut the mustard right and you're going to want the ball getting up in the air so with that in mind what you want to do is you want to move to something like a four hybrid right now the difference between the two here in terms of setup is absolutely nothing so some people will think that you've got to treat this like a wood and they push the ball up in your stance a bit maybe lean back a little bit and if you want any more information about the difference in irons and woods just click on the iCard just above here and I'll send you to a video where I do a detailed discussion and the difference between the two but look in my view I don't think there's any difference between hitting a long iron versus a lot height you know low lofted hybrid right play them exactly the same way the benefit however i've used in a hybrid over a long game is I can play exactly the same swing now right here and and immediately I just hit that I would say a good 50% higher is that beneficial damn right it is you know if you're struggling to get distance and because the ball's going to load that is going to carry so so far but the other thing with it with a hybrid it gives me more control so the difference in flight if you can get that ball higher and higher and higher that ball is gonna land and stop right so when you now carries further and lands on the green it isn't gonna be scooting through the back right so really really beneficial which is why you've seen a lot of even the best players in the world now putting hybrids in their bag because they're playing on very firm greens they want the ball stopping and the long guys don't hit it as high as they used to do right so that's the first thing the other benefit of a hybrid is oh my word is it more forgiving you can catch the ground behind the golf ball and it still be okay right so I could start here I can here shot hit the ground behind I caught that really clean really really clean I'm catching up hitting the ball too much on the up really that boss still gone if that was a long iron that would be so far along the ground it's untrue now what makes a hybrid do that if you position the center of gravity low in the bottom of the club and back it helps to hit the butt of the Equator right at the bottom and you've still got enough weight there to pop that ball up in the air with a long iron there's just not enough weight at the bottom part of the golf club to get that ball high enough to so it's just so less forgiving so if you're a long iron player and you've been struggling a bit get yourself a hybrid but certainly get fitted because there are a few out there now if you've tried something that I'm not really hybrid player I completely understand some of the hybrids out there aren't they're not all equal so it's certainly worth trying a few different styles out there here's the other benefit right with a hybrid I can do loads with it so I said with a long iron I wouldn't want to move it down too much on the long ride because I would never get the ball up in the air with a hybrid some people have argued that you can't hit hybrids low some of the better players the reality is do you know what with a hybrid I can do so much with it it's so much more forgiving so what I'm going to show you from this angle is I'm gonna show you I'm gonna play low shot I'm going to show you how what we can do here is hit down on the golf ball still hit a beautifully penetrating flight even with one of these let's have a look so this is where I think hybrids come into their run so we've said look you can hit the ball really high with a hybrid to get more distance that you've got low swing speed carrying the drive maybe to 220 maximum hybrids gonna really help but it can also help for different shots so what I'm gonna play here is I'm going to play your low shot right so I've got an our golf club that not only hits it high but I can also hit it low when I want and all I do is make a couple of small alterations I'm going to move the ball more centrally my stance I move my sternum of the golf ball and all I'm going to do now is play a standard beautifully penetrating low shot that is the have a golf club that allows me to hit high and a low one at will is an absolute blessing because it means that I can play this one club in really windy conditions are still max out my distance and in standard conditions I can get the elevation and max out my difference it's really really useful the other thing that hybrid is good for is chipping right so one of the things that it also does is if you struggle with your chipping and particularly like chip and runs on the edge of the green you might fad a few thinner one I hear the great thing about a hybrid is you can catch the ground slightly behind when you're chipping but because you've got the soleplate the club just simply glides through and helps you chip so you can also use it for chipping as well so you get yourself set go down the grip take your normal chipping stance right ball fairly central and then just make a simple backswing and forward swing and that Bob pops up just enough and gives you a nice running shot maybe that was a little bit signifier because I'm not really on a green but you can play small little chips for this so it's very very useful so let's summarize what do we discuss today we wanted to know what is the different I am a long iron swing versus a hybrid swing and my answer to you is this Nana very little if anything at all that you need to worry about treat them exactly the same the real key to this video is this is to understand whether you should be using a long iron or you should be using a hybrid if you're a low swing speed player you need to be thinking about really thinking about potentially putting a hybrid in your bag if it's not already there right now if you've tried hybrids and they haven't really worked for you the chances are they may you may have tried a few that and quite right as I showed you there's a few different ones on the market various different sole place when I moved from my long iron to a hybrid I didn't go to a big chunky one right I went to a father of fatter soleplate than always used to and it was more than enough for me to get the elevation I needed and therefore the distance so try a few out go see your local pro get custom-fitted and see how you get on right the the next thing we said look the great thing about hybrids as well as is where they should be using their more versatile right there forgiving you can catch the ground behind the golf ball you can do loads of things you don't even you don't have to properly swing on a hybrid but because the center of gravity is really really low you still get that boy so much more forgiving to get the ball going forward and hit it a decent distance you can't redo that with it with a long end there too unforgiving having said all that long irons feel fantastic to hit when you hit them well so for those of you got high club head speed and want to persist with your long irons do so but consider maybe going for what I've gone for which is a slightly thicker one in your real long eyes like a 2/1 which is what I've done right that's if you've got any questions on this matter do leave them in the comments box below and of course if you've know anyone who might benefit from understanding the dystrophin the two hybrid and a long iron then please share it and of course if you enjoyed the content you will receive it in your inbox every week don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell and I'll see you next week