Hit Your Driver and Irons Straight for Beginners

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hey everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this we've got something that will help you improve your ability to learn the swing so much faster my wife's just started playing golf and she's doing really well you know after lesson three she looks like this so she's got a lot of freedom in a golf swing she started to generate a lot of power she's hitting driver actually now 150 yards she's fantastic after a few weeks but she's got some real common questions one of them is Danny why do I hit it all on the ground I don't understand why that's happening or why does it go over there I I don't know why you know I can edit one beautifully straight one minute then it goes over there I really don't understand now her ability to learn to problem-solve quickly will dictate how consistent she eventually becomes and that is the same for yourself you'll know the guys that are consistent your golf club they've got lower handicaps is it because they're just not haunted than you it's really not what they have is they have an an ability to problem-solve much quicker and the reason why they've got their ability to problems almost cookies they have more feel for the golf club than you have they can feel when the Confessor is closed so they will square it impact to hit it straight the problem is you don't know if you like office is open because if you did you wouldn't allow it to happen and you would hit the slice so in this week training what I'm going to do is I'm going to share with you exactly how you can develop a feel a much better feel for basically squaring up the clubface so you hit it nice and straight also giving you a feel for the angle of the face so you start to hit it in the center the club for so you get that better strike and also give you a feel of the direction the clubs coming in so you don't again hit it over to the right or hit it over to the left all these things are really really important that's what we're going to cover in this brief training before I go ahead and do this stuff if you're new to channel and this is one of your first videos please consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every week to try and help you improve your game so let's get started you might be wondering this is gonna work for your irons passing chipping driver but I'm gonna start off with putting so I am I want you to grab or take the club new most dominant hand I've got my right hand this is my right most dominant hand I want you to think about this I want you to swing one-handed for a second with your dominant hand I was always taught that the Golem was a left-sided game for right-handed golfers which when you think about it now it's just crazy I tried to write left-handed or throw left-handed I just I'm uncoordinated I don't know about you and so if you can learn to kind of feel the golf swing in your most dominant hand you must dominant hand is the most coordinated work with that so I mind right you could do this by the way exactly the same thing with your left hand if you're left-handed but the first you want to do is this I put a chair up here and all I got lower to do again I'll put an image up in this top right hand corner for you here I've started a florist alone the first thing I'd do lorries make some swings with your right hand right make some swings and try to hit that ball through this chair now do you think she would roll the hands around here no it wouldn't make any sense do you think she kind of hit over here that wouldn't make any sense either so we started really small I said low just with your putter just feel where Square is and hit the ball in line with the the chair now when she did this to start off with she did it like this and her wrists were all flicking around and because of that what she did was she hit the bottom of the face now the problem is she didn't realize that so I said to her right okay let's grab some foot spray this is just doctoring active get it from any of your local supermarkets now what you got to do spray the face right and if you want to figure out what you're doing wrong in your golf single why certain things happen you've got to figure out where you're actually hitting it in the face of the face so I got a hit in a few shots and she was didn't start off great by the way she was kind of flicking it and the ball was rolling along the ground just topping it basically what she realized what there was no mark on the face she was hitting down the bottom so what we got her to do is that right stage number one you gotta learn to strike this so I got a lent I've got a leaning the face forward just a little bit there that would give her an increased chance that she was gonna hit it higher in the face and I said like if your wrists are moving around all over the place is that gonna make it easier or harder to square that face obviously it's gonna be harder right so she started off and she hit a few shots firm up the wrist and that's suddenly the strike got loads better now look a look at this now we start hitting it higher in the face it's a purist right so we said right okay great you've got that sensation now what I want to do is take it to a wedge so here's her now taking it to a wade you know we again we took out the spray because she needs some feedback as to what's happening because if you don't spray the face the better players can feel I can certainly feel and I can also hear when I thin the ball I hit it bottom of the club but some people don't have that level of feel right initially when you're when you're learning so what you got to do I said spray the face and I said look what would you need to do to this golf club to hit the face well she's not gonna have to lean it this way absolutely that's how you have to strike it so we've got herself set up put a hand in position and away we went obviously like make some swings and straightaway you know she got a bit wrist in she realized that so she said just firmed it up a little bit to increase the likelihood that you strike it more consistently and a Presta now what we're doing here look at this now there we go that's the sweet spot pretty much right in the middle at middle of the club now what we're doing here is we're developing a feel for the actual way the club needs to move through impact now did Laura start often hit this beautifully well no I'm gonna put some images here look if where she started she was hitting it left and hitting it right but the great thing is she very quickly just risk dominant hand learnt to develop the feel for what was square so if we went nice and small initially no innocence no trying to hit it hard I've done this drill with a few people and they start to hit it way too hard too soon you can develop the feel like that so once you're done I said right now put your left hand on okay so you put your left hand on and what you're trying to do now is try to generate the same type of feeling now watch this your people who often kind of flick it and one of you the Rams are going all over the place well straight away when you're trying to present clubface nice and square the notice this the right arm here is has completely lined up with a shaft it's not over the shaft this is one signature of a lot of good players so she puts the right hand on now she's got some kind of feel in a way she goes just a small initially just getting that feeling here and the first thing she noticed here by the way was it jut the wrists just felt a little bit firmer they weren't as floppy as they were before but she added the left hand in and she now I said that we're actually striking the ground and she noticed that she was striking the ground a little bit behind the ball no problem now she's recognized that she that's right okay now just start to look at striking the ball first whilst presenting the clubface square so she builds it up it's nice and simple just like that one after the other I said great now we're gonna take the chair away because we don't want to smash into it I said let's do the same now with the driver so same principle she needs to learn some feedback okay so where is it hitting in the face there okay where's it hit in the face if it's going left is it curving level if it's curving left the face is closing if it's curving right the face is open so she needs to learn to present the clubface nice and square so same principle pick a target very close to you by the way I know where we go now one of the key factors this by the way isn't trying to hit a target here what I definitely one of the key that I didn't realize at the time having something here to hit through the width in about six to eight feet is far more important than trying to hit something that's a lot easier for your brain to kind of figure out it's a lot easier to kind of square something up to something you can visualize here then if you try to visualize there see you again same with the right hand you develop this feel first just with the right hand what he's doing then you add in the left hand vice-versa obviously if your dominant left hand you do the exact you same with your left get the feel of it then you add your right and it's entirely up to you he's and again just starting small to initially to kind of feel the impact position because here's the thing look at that their look for stannis track the center of the face you will notice that your glove club you'll have some weird and wonderful swings but do you know what those people seem to get it round of golf coaster honey some of the how the hell can he get it round of golf cost me that type of swing and the reason being they that person has a wonderful feel for impact they might have weird and wonderful things going on here but do you know what they know what it's supposed to feel at the moment of truth coming down into impact that is what you've got to learn to experience and they're more importantly you have to learn to measure it if you cannot figure out what you're doing when you're hitting this golf ball how you're supposed to fix it so Laura she could have she can now identify where she's hitting it in her face and she can set that as a little target on hitting at the bottom let's see if I can hit it higher in the face oh the balls curving to the left let's see if I can just present the clubface square as opposed to here as a poster worrying about what's going on in the swing which can get very very complicated to go straight in to what she can actually see and work on and then she trusts that the body will work out the answer now once you started off and you started some to nice small ones like this what we then do is is this is a little bit like hammering a nail into a piece of wood you start off with some site as don't yet just a few gentle ones and then you go right I've got it then you can hit it harder no difference with this once you've learned what it's supposed to feel like on how to hit that ball out in the middle how to square the club face up nice and slowly you think right okay let's take that now I've got my few sighters unless just add a little bit of pace to this so it just goes a little bit further and that's just a little bit further still hitting out the center but I'm now I did a bit of power and you simply build it up now one word of caution with this be patient when I've tried this a few times people they're very quickly into this long swing and trying to hit it too hard that's not the purpose of this this is simply initially to get you feeling where square is identifying it on the face a sensation of it adding then the left arm in building it up slowly getting a feel for impact once you've done that extend it like they're your siteís building the power and then all where you go that is how you start adding control and building a fantastic swing around your dominant arm you work out how the dominant arm works it's more coordinate than the other one it will really really really help hope you enjoy this training if you do give it a thumbs up and maybe share is somebody particularly beginners a wonderful thing for beginning goals show with some beginning golfers that kid it could really help them and of course like if you're new to a channel that's one of your first videos press that little subscribe button and the bell so I can see you next week and don't forget to pick up my free driver course which you'll see the link in the description but until next week have a wonderful week