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hit the ball then the turf irons Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often have you hit a shot right down the middle of the fairway only to struggle to reach the green with your second shot even because you just don't have the power or you just can't strike it consistently you're often striking the ground behind the golf ball it's so frustrating isn't it well don't worry this was exactly the same situation for a recent student of mine uh this week david david comes to see me and he's consistently striking the ground behind the golf ball and he's only hitting 79 around about 730 yards on average but look by the time we finished we got one of his shots up to 172 yards but his average move to 160 to 165 so almost a 20-plus yard gain on his iron shot on that 7-9 amazing now all we did was simply move him from what i call a low to high swinger to a high to low swinger the difference in his own words was effortless and in this week's golfers i'm going to share with you exactly what we did because i see this so often with not just poor ball strikers but people who struggle with curvature too so that's what i'm going to cover in this week's golf lessons now if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you do not need to remember a thing i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so let's help you start reaching those paths now in two shots by helping you do what all good players do they have a high to low swing what do you mean by that well look this golf ball good players the club comes from a high position it doesn't it hits the golf ball and reaches its lowest position after the golf ball that's what the club is doing how's he doing that well the body's also helping it the body is also going from a high position moving to a lower position where the handle is ahead of the golf ball impact look at this here look the pressure's on my lead foot here i'm going high to low it's a high to low position from here that is how you're going to compress the golf ball the power will come just afterwards when it goes from high to low and then you use the ground to explode through the golf ball this pushes off and that's how it goes and you get the speed if you're struggling to strike the ball what you're going to be doing is doing the opposite to that you're going to be swinging from a low to high position what do i mean by that watch this your impact is this you're swinging low your lowest point now is behind the golf ball the opposite and then you start to swing high through the shot you'll notice this because you'll be getting this flicky horrible strike sometimes his chicken wing starts to pop out here your weight's on your back foot or you're struggling to get through the shot huge loss of power you're adding loft through the shot again all these factors are taking away your power so what do you what do you need well what do you notice about those two movements one is like you're going downhill and the other one is like you're going uphill keep that in mind for a second because those two factors are going to really help you as you go through this lesson but also notice this the golf swing is not dissimilar to a jump all right when you jump you start high you go low then you go high golf is simply a rotational jump watch this we swing to the top we're in a high position but we're from rotation we go low and then watch we go high so it goes high to low to high that's the motion it's a it's a simple rotational jump question is how do you about doing it because i it's maybe not as simple as that right so how do you go about doing it how do we get david to do it very straightforward look just like jumping you've got to start from the right place do you start with a jump here no you start here so with david we made sure that he was set up properly he wasn't initially he was set up to bend over so he wasn't in the jump position or in a position to come into a jump he was basically here with his bum way too far behind his heel line his body is too far over and then what would happen when from this position he would start in a low position here he's in a lopes in the top of the swing move straight to a high position that would get him lifting up the ball catching the ground behind the golf ball and obviously all the power look is going being released because watch when you in a sense jump too soon all these lovely angles get released angles here get released too early and you get this flicky motion watch the difference if you start to see this watch this when you go lower you can maintain those angles naturally okay into this position then you release them right at last minute when you jump later why because you go from high to low versus low to high very very important so posture is a first stage with this make sure you're in a position where you can actually go high to low second thing was simply teaching him how to move the body he was so used to being in a low position at the top of his swing with his weight too much on his back foot that he would always push off and go to a high so i needed him to give i give him a very simple image i said at the top of your swing i want you to imagine you're on a big downhill slope and you're simply moving downhill moving downhill this way right what i don't want you where you were before which is this he's on his back foot here and he's literally going uphill what do i mean by that watch this all i want him to do was bend his lead side and extend his trail side so look at this if you want to get into a higher position at the top of your swing this trail side needs to naturally extend straighten if you like look at this straight a little bit this pushes the right hip my trelli higher than the left right this gets me moving up up up up up again now look i'm in a position to do what go down notice this if i imagine i want to be almost falling look into the golf ball and it's a great image for you move into a position like a jump move into a position where basically you can almost fall i'm exaggerating here fall this way so we're moving on to the back foot and then just before we get to the top we're gonna fall into that ball like this very different to this what david was doing was going all into his back foot here then into his front foot too late we want to be arriving into that front foot earlier just when we get to about halfway just imagine you're kind of falling downhill into this golf ball now i've got to be really careful because i've i'm injured so i can't really hit probably a full shot here which is a bit of a shame but i just want to imagine here you've got a nice tall posture you're moving back and just before you hit the top of your swing here everything's extending and you're literally falling into the shot okay that's all we did initially we didn't do anything else we'd look to start with just literally going back here and then just falling into that shot okay now once he'd done that it was a very different feeling he he couldn't believe how easy it was and effort as it was to strike the ball because look the natural motion was literally getting in this descending blow so all we ended is this one thing that really amped it up and really made it absolutely ping he was swinging it back too slowly i got him to actually speed up the backseat because it does something really magic i know you've probably been told to keep it low slow it's all traditional but what we're learning through science is look if you swing this club back just a little bit quicker your body will react to that because when you throw a force this way your body doesn't want to fall that way with it so it kind of reacts to it and goes and tries to resist that force that makes sense and so when you throw it back here just a little bit quicker it's a better way in a more natural way to get your body transitioning back downhill to get back to that position here yeah so add some speed into your backswing so that you can start to get this downhill motion because as soon as you get downhill motion you're starting to get into the impact conditions that you need to strike this golf ball so the drill i gave him for this one was i said look do a few swings where you start forward feel that momentum so as you're swinging back i want you to when you feel like you're around about here i really now want you to imagine you're falling into the golf ball so i don't want you to go all the way back and then start falling i want to imagine you're going to start falling when you feel like you're around about here swing it back and then away you go swing it back where you go so suddenly now he's getting this fall very early he's forming this platform and his lead foot very early to use that to then power through the ground that's where his exit distance came from let's have a look at this in action so again i've got to be a little bit careful but swing it back and then power through so swing it back

and then power through okay not too bad so let's summarize there you need to basically be going for a high to low motion this is nothing complicated just like a jump but a rotational jumping golf it's a high to low to high motion how do you do this you've got to have a posture that starts high first so make sure you've got your back side in line with your heel line or just beyond right make sure your weights on the balls you fit you're not too bent over right that's your posture then just imagine when you get to the top of the swing you're in in a much higher position almost feel like you're almost going downhill i'm exaggerating here loads by the way but you're going downhill how can you do this make sure this happens your lead side bends while your trail side extends lead side bend trail side extends i've got a great video going into the detail i'll put this up in the top right hand corner for you go and check it out so that's a cracker so that's there then so you're literally feeling this kind of feel like it's leaning in now i am not saying you start leaning in here too early get that pressure moving to that trail side and then just when it gets around about here really just feel like you're just falling into this lead foot this is going to get that lovely angle for impact that lovely compression and once you form that platform your this part will naturally fire off words so you get this high to low to high motion that's all we did it was just amazing how effortless it was just a simple change of pattern in the way he moved from a low to high motion to a high to low motion that was it it really was so i really really hope this helps if it does give it a thumbs up maybe share with some of your friends who could do with some help with this exact problem and look if you're new to the channel and you haven't seen one of these videos before please consider subscribing by pressing that bell button as well so i can notify you every week but until next week have a great golfing week