How to FIRE the hips in the GOLF SWING - Game Changer Move

golf swing hips hips in the downswing how to use the hips in the golf swing Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us have you ever wondered why you'd stress struggle to get any real consistency with your ball striking and whenever you try and get any extra distance you put loads of energy in but you just don't seem to get those rewards well understanding how your hips work how they work to store energy in the backswing how they fire how you're supposed to fire them in the downswing to unleash that energy into the back of that golf ball understanding how these work but more importantly learning how to feel how they work so that you can repeat it time and time again is so so important and this week's goal first of all i'm going to show you exactly how you can do this now before i get into the lesson if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time release a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you can go away and enjoy great so what role do the hips play in your golf swing a big one watch this so the golf swing is an arc the club starts here it works back around on an arc it works back then back to impact and then then again on the arc your hips simply make this act easier to achieve they help you generate more effortless power and accuracy and how do they do that well if you don't move your hips effectively let's say imagine they're locked in which i see so often with so many gophers is you can still create some sort of art but you're having to manipulate with a bit of wrist motion in here you try to do with your shoulders then you're trying to put a lot of effort in you're not able to store any energy and therefore you're not able then also to release it so what your hips do is they create space to recruit all of these bigger muscles so you can store energy in the backswing once you've got that energy there they then literally create space on the way down look so that you can use that energy and fire it into the back of the golf ball with a good strong stable club face so you get actually as well as power but how do you feel all this watch this real simple simple exercise you've got to understand the term hip turn is misleading your hips in reality should be almost you want to see them as working out of the way like walking yeah very linear style fashion look at this my hip goes back on the way back and then all the way through it goes back away it's clear space simple as that when you're trying to turn this is what i often see people try to turn their hips look at the difference look what it does to my body it throws my body off here in the backswing which makes it very difficult to get back to the golf ball then on the way through if i'm trying to turn them i'm like this either stuck here or i'm lunging over watch this one yes there's some lateral motion two imagine if all the the hip term was just a moving out of the way one step two so much more consistent let me show you how you can feel this so we'll start with the process i want you if i want to follow this process all the way to the end of the video so start with this we're not turning the hips we're moving them out of the way so we need to learn what that feels like you simply put your trail foot back to get the sensation of that hip being where backwards and simply hit some shots with that hip being back there look at how easy it is to create you've created all this space here to create a decent amount of turn now look you've got all this space to simply swing beautifully on the air so you've stored energy and you can bring that energy back to the golf ball on the correct on the correct act let's have a look at this in action

okay so nice little strike from the inside should draw a little bit to the left because i'm coming from the inside there we go look should come down to the flag now right so nice simple shot where all i've done is create an energy and i started it and i'm bringing it back into the golf ball right now you could just stay there get the sensation where it's like to have that hit back and hit some shots and leave it there then what i want to do move on to the next stage because the hips don't just move back they also move up because we're trying to create this extension here we go down to the golf ball and then we fire up again so it's up down up so the next stage is to make that motion simply more dynamic without having to think about it so watch this we're going to step back dynamically step up so step up now so at least you're using that step just to kind of force the body to go up right storing energy moving back down nothing more than that so now you've got the feeling of it going back and how it dynamically works as well let's have a look at this so start normally step up and through a little bit clean that one will it reach will it reach will it reach oh just creeped on got it a little bit clean but what you do is you spend some time now feeling the dynamic motion of those hips so step back step up really seal your loading the power the next stage before we work on to what the hips do on the way through this almost is the little bridge between the next edge how you clear those hips now you've got this kind of stepping and dynamism here you could use that dynamism to help the follow-through too watch this well just as you're walking right do you walk like this no this is what we call an extension what you do is as this goes forward the lead hip goes back so as this goes forward here what happens to this one it goes back so watch this now on and you're here just feel like you're really pushing and this is your start of your downswing so as i drive down here i'm pushing this way that hit goes that way so i'm literally going up push forward bang so i'm creating this is a great way if you ever struggle with drawing the ball this is a great way to put that draw spin on it all right so this is the next stage before we work on this the hip motion on the way through but this in itself will transform the hip motion right so watch this this time we're not gonna we're gonna start back here we're going to sense look i'm almost rocking back and i'm just going forward feeling that step going this way so i'm using that ground and this hip going there to really help that downswing and transition going through let's have a look at this in action so one two should see a lovely little curve in a second there it goes coming back nice little draw into the heart of the green nice and simple again right so that that just as three stages will be amazing for you to really sense loading the power and then start in the transition to try and get that power going through next thing you could do is to feel what it's like to be on the way through that itself could be transformative but you could then start this feel what it's like to have the hip back with your lead leg this isn't as powerful when you do this exercise but it doesn't matter it still gives you the sensation of what's supposed to be like gives you the destination so here we go feel what my lead hip like is like on the way through being back and i hit a couple of shots from there let's have a look at this

now i'm probably gonna see the ball curving a little bit more this way yeah right so this for me it's often a good joke because i have to over draw the boss it's a great one for me to kind of feel what it's like to have a face kind of opening up a little bit right but it's all we're doing with these exercises is helping you feel the destination of those hips where are they supposed to roughly be well they're supposed to be back right so when you start to move your feet back to normal and you start to transition this way we go step push them back step push them back you're getting a sensation that they're working one two one two just like walking yeah that's all you're doing in the golf swing now it's so much easier to make those swings do you know the final thing here it's also so much easier to stay in your posture because when you're turning like this you're kicking his hip up you're coming out here watch this when you're doing this i'm able to simply stay in my uh my spine inclination to the ball simple right so once you've got those sensations you might even just want to hit balls like that before you go back to normal but then you can start just to one at a time just literally feel those motions here folks maybe on the backswing one initially not not both and then away you go

here it comes oh i just missed it on the right hand side maybe i should have my foot back it seems to be a lot better so let's just summarize what are you doing you're trying to kind of in a sense understand how those hips work you want to create space naturally you want to create the accuracy so you're not moving around through the shot how do you do this very simply start with your foot back to feel what it's like there feel what it's like to have the hip back hit some shots with that motion make that motion dynamic so you don't just get hit back but you also get it working upwards right there bang hit some shots going backwards and forwards then downswing use that sensation also to maybe rock it back like this a little bit so you can feel the foot working to generate the hip motion this way too in the opening of that hip bang that will really help you create some draws and also it helps you to open them up naturally lead foot you do the same thing draw it back feel what it's like to have the hip back here same principle and i've been mentioning about the vertical coming through when you're pushing back the same principle happens there's a step here and you're pushing up off that there way too complicated initially just focus on those simple things here one two and away you go so i really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with some of your friends who you think could benefit from a video just like this one this one i see is so important i really really do so many people miss this they lock these in their legs go to sleep i've often said they're almost like in cement really get those legs moving it'll be very very beneficial remember there's a free practice plan in the description box below and of course look if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing by pressing that bell button and the subscribe button but until next week have a wonderful golfing week