How to Hit Driver Straight - 2 changes is all it took for Danny Maude's recent student

driver hit driver straight Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody danny Maude here thanks for joining us i've just come off a lesson with a really good friend of mine richard who's got a golf tournament just a few hours time he sit down and kind of just pop down and have a quick look because my driver is going everywhere and i said yeah yeah come down i've got 15 20 minutes longer we'll have a quick look now richard was falling into two of the biggest mistakes i see when people try and hit their drivers straight and i thought look if he's doing it and he's pretty you know he's pretty good there's probably a lot of people out there who could benefit from this so i thought i'd share with you now before i do that if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one now with richard by the time we finish the session he was hitting it so much straighter and so much longer why well we eliminated the misconceptions with drivers so here's what richard thought he was trying to do so he was slicing his driver slicing his driver he was big booming slides right-handed big booming slice the club path was swinging to the left of the target his face is open to that path and he was literally creating these big booming slices he was trying to correct that by understandably he wanted to the face was wide open he tried to close the face he tried to close the face on the way through the problem is how he was doing it was costing him loads of yards and he was actually he wasn't really working he wasn't getting any straighter whatsoever so what was he doing well this is what he was doing so his face is open this is a you know for a slice he's literally coming across the line of the golf ball with his open face so he's trying therefore to do this stop that by closing the face but here's what that does first of all if you're rolling the face and trying to close it how do you time that that's so inconsistent isn't it how do you time that it's very very inconsistent the other thing is when you start to roll you also create very flicky and weak motions what i mean by look at my hands and look at this position it's actually very weak so what's strong and then what's consistent with the head well if you want to get into a strong position this is strong look where the wrists are strong framework good structure that's a great structure for a drive bang it's strong the next thing is this well if your face is open how do you change it well the change doesn't come from rolling rolling the forearms it comes from a very subtle change in the wrists here okay so let me explain let's start with the strength first strength is this structure the hand's gonna your hands are gonna feel like they're ahead of the face they won't be when you hit driver completely but they'll be strong they're instrument the other thing here is this my trail elbow him here is is rotated underneath okay in a clockwise direction underneath this is a strong framework position what richard was getting in impact when he was trying to release the club is these arms he was turning the club face with a shoulder coming this way getting a very weak impact position and an unstable inconsistent club face what he needed to do was get this elbow stay in this position here so strong but if you wanted to close the face he needs to feel the face being closed with the top part of the arms here not the upper part of the arms here you try and close the face here what you end up doing is you throw away the angles making inconsistent shots and shots are powerful so we keep the angles and rotate the face with the top part of our wrists here not the top part of our torso so he's like wow i didn't i didn't think about that and he said and i'm like really he's the next tennis player i said you didn't think of that watch this you're a tennis player and i said you gave me a tennis lesson and i was making the same mistake that you were making when i was trying to put topspin on i was doing this i was rolling my racket here and i was trying to put top speed on by rolling and i wasn't getting any power or control you then said to me fix the racket down so it faces the ground and then simply brush up the back of the ball we have a fixed racket and then structure so you have consistency of clubface and strength in your body so you have consistency strength and consistency because the face isn't moving around so imagine this imagine if you can keep that club face fairly fixed throughout the swing and all you then do is try to feel the right structure so that's how we started with richard i want you to do the same so the first thing we're going to do is and you can buy this you can do this get a feel for it with a tennis racket let's put it in fact let's do this put it down so there's the tennis racket here okay what i'm going to do is watch richard's rolling and rolling way too consistent what i want him to do is i want this racquet to stay fixed i want him to simply come back and there's no role of the racket here everything is working more together no role as i come back down there's still no role so the club face now is more likely to come in straight and square all we then have to do is work on how we feel we develop that feel for a powerful strike because rich had been feeling that he's always that's how you get power he now needs to feel this motion through impact which is obviously going to be different so get a tennis racquet or something just to kind of a nice visual tool and then what i'm going to do is we'll start off just simply working on the takeaway so we'll get ourselves set we're going to work on working this away there where there's literally no roll of the wrist whatsoever a good feeling here is when you get to about here the right handle my bottom hand is on top of the club on my um the lower hand our top hand here is almost the back of his face in the ground notice this there's no wrists going on here i'm not trying to face do this with a wrist it's a simple work away of the body my my bicep left biceps here is on my chest and i'm working it away with no roll and i keep working it back there's absolutely no roll on that club and you may just want to hit golf ball simply like that initially now i've got more detailed um information on on the exact takeaway if you feel like i'm not too sure about that in this top right-hand corner it's a great video go maybe watch that later um but for now all we're going to do is just work this away not altering the face position whatsoever as stage number one and i'm just going to hit no no big shots just simple motion look after the face and it will look after you now what we should just should see a little bit is a little draw there you go a little draw just tap it down the fairway backwards and forwards that's all i'm working on i'm the sensation that richard had was that he wasn't he was almost the face stayed closed because he was so used to opening it felt very close and you might feel that too so we just hit shots sensing that that club face there's no roll it stays almost feeling i'm exaggerating watch this it feels closed all the way through the backswing all the way through the downswing again no big shots just keep it there swing back all the way through no roll at the end either back through and we should start to see a lovely little curve there you go 200 yards down the fairway absolutely fine now that's the club face but again there's still power there yet because you're just getting a feel for the club face control the second stage now is then delivering now you've got feel for that to no role now you've got you've got you're basically got this bit right but now you've got to get feeling this bit here and that can come from all it's all different first so the first thing is just to sense what i got with richard because even though he i was talking to about this he couldn't resist this this there's the ball i need to release the club no the release happens yeah but this straightening although where we get straight line happens after the ball it actually doesn't happen at the ball we crush it and then the straight line here between the lead arm and the club happens after it's like a boxer imagine this we don't get the maximum power at the extension here of the uh of the club we get it the power goes through so imagine this that's the person in front we're gonna box we go through there this is the weak bit if it's straight we want to have flex here to drive and that's the key aspect here we got strength you got to get that sensation and the straightening happens afterwards so he needed to feel this the trail elbow here is under and we're driving through so we've got the control of the club face let's let me just add a little bit more power into this one so we're getting the sensation holding that in fact you know what no let's just imagine this i'm gonna teach you i would be uh teaching this we start small first just get that sensation watch this in action i'm looking after the club face and i'm almost curtailing that fall through keeping this underneath here it's a little bit further look look at the club path here 9.7 on that club path and so very much into out completely the opposite to coming over the top this is what's going to happen when you start to try to get that pressure and look at the curve you're now starting to see much much more of a draw style shape because you're coming in so you just exaggerate that develop that feel in fact keeping it short is probably a better idea because the urge to swing all the way through will probably give you too much encouragement to release the club into this full finish sometimes it might be worth just looking after the club face feeding that motion there and then going we started small with richard and then gradually we started to build up the power so we're looking after that club face we're feeling that in the here and we're holding the angle a little bit longer and there we go let's have a look at this again in action back

a little bit harder so probably about 240 250 that one no 270. so again big into outswing path exaggerating this motion getting into there and that's all we did 15 20 minutes so much different changing club path completely so in summary what is the biggest mistake i see people make with a drive when they're trying to hit straight very simply they are trying to release the club here rather than keeping this strength on they are often trying to close the face by rolling the club face here no we want to ultimate the the position of the club face needs to be pretty fixed and if and if your face is open then we stop the roll and we try to fix it remember the tennis racket here tennis racket we don't roll it's too is too weak the face is fixed we've got strength the face is fixed down it's the it's the action on the body action through the shot that provides the spin no difference to golf what we're doing here strength impact trail elbow bending in turn the face with the lead wrist here fix it bang fix it bang stable consistent that is all we did with richard i really hope it works for you too particularly if you're slicing it now if you're drawing the ball or hooking the ball it's exactly the same thing you might have the face that's too close so just get censored where it needs to be fix it and then away you go so i hope you enjoyed this training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who could do with some help with their driver remember there's a free practice plan in the description box below so go and download it it's completely free and of course if you're new to your channel it's one of your first videos of mine consider subscribing by pressing that bell button and until next week have a wonderful golfing week