How to Hit the Ball Further in Golf with an EASY GOLF SWING - These GOLF TIPS Just Work!

driver easy golf swing how to hit the ball further Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week at a message on my facebook page from jonathan who asks danny how do i add yardage to every single club in my bag without compromising my ball striking or my direction because apparently every time i try tight yardage he's ball striking would suffer and he would then start spraying his driver everywhere so i thought look it would be a great lesson not just to help jonathan but to also help you too so in this week's lesson what i'm going to do i'm going to share three things very very simple things that will add the average to every club in your bag and i'm going to do it in a way i'm going to put the easy stuff in first so that no matter your age or ability you do step one you will add the artist to your game put step two in that will amplify even more step three won't be available for everyone because you might not have the possibility to do it but if you add it in it will amplify it even further so that's what we're going to cover in this week's golf lesson now before i do if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next to subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing just go ahead and download it great you're going to love this because it's super easy we're going to help you now add more power to every club in your bag we're going to start with the irons first and build up to driver what is the first thing that you can do to add more power into that shot no matter your age or ability simple you've got to add a braking system to your entire motion to add power you need club head speed this club head needs to be speeding up if this end needs to speed up this end needs to slow down this needs to catapult well what's at this end we are so we're at this end so we need to be slowing down to allow this to speed up but i don't see that enough what i see a lot of golf is i see a lot of golfers trying to add power in with themselves trying to follow through or complete their follow-through they need to be slowing down to allow this to speed up so you've got to learn the feel of it you can do it simply if you like just by swinging a few clubs and just literally allowing this to create this kind of whipping effect you can grab a towel and this breaking system is naturally happening but where is it happening it's so easy when you learn to throw because you step and you whip it's the step that acts as the braking system and this is crucial one two you may be left-handed playing golf right-handed no problem watch this imagine it's like a frisbee

yeah literally creating that whip create the snap first get that sense of snap before we work onto step number two get the feeling of this breaking system simple way to do this start with a slight narrow stance make a step and then a whip just look what i'm doing here feel the braking system before you go into a normal uh normal position then go and hit the shot all i'm going to do here bang nice tail follow through got the braking system in play 82 miles an hour worth of club at speed just with like you would do if you're throwing a ball whether it's right-handed or left-handed doesn't matter but you've got to have that whip in there feel that braking system now just imagine again if it's like discus or throwing a ball what also exists to create power well we could throw it just like this and create some whip but look what we've also got rotation can you see this so we could throw here just with our arm and that would hit a certain distance but watch if we can get a bit more rotation a bit more movement here get our body activated and then that will create a bigger whip right so how do you do this well widen your stance i want you to imagine an olympic athlete a discus throw a shot putter they have wide stance why because it helps them use the ground to help them rotate back then rotate through if you have a small stance you imagine try to use the ground and that rotation to hit it a long way you can so at least get your stance shoulder-width apart even wider for driver because it really helps you use that ground to generate power and it's free yeah it doesn't require anything just widen the stance helps that rotation helps you get around and then you're able to fire it from there okay now try that initially so we're going to wider stance get that sensation here it's almost like you're stood on a a bottle top and you're kind of screwing it off or screwing it back on again you're literally using that ground to add that extra bit of whip into that braking system

so yeah i started at 82 now moved to 86 okay so that rotation now adding a little bit of extra clubhead speed to what we're doing now third and final thing and this is i left this till last vertical force now imagine this you can create a whip you can create an arc of some rotation but what else gives you extra bit of power and you'll see with anyone who propels something they get low and they're throwing it they've got what vertical force they use the ground up and down to also accelerate now you might not be able to do it to an athlete's kind of standard depending on where you are but you know what you could certainly feel it and the way you do this initially start small just feel healer i'm there i've got a big weight here and now what i'm going to do is i'm going to snap it i'm going to literally feel like i'm just standing up people get worried about what i call early extension don't worry about that you know extending the body is how you generate some speed into what you're doing right so let's have a look at this all i'm going to do here is this i'm winding it up over here look i'm literally going to feel like i'm going to push off the ground as i create that whip all right let's have a look at this and see how much extra speed we can get with a bit more vertical force in this motion

almost like 90 miles an hour so we started about 82 we moved to 86 with second one we pushed up now to 90 miles an hour that is how we then start adding those speed let's have a look at it now with driver great so let's apply exactly the same now to driver start with just a simple stuff first put a braking system in just by getting that fence to step and then whip really feel like your body stops to fire this start with a step first and then feel it then all you've got to do is literally get that same principle here one that leads side is that brake system you're gonna fire we don't do anything else don't add in rotation necessarily all the all the vertical just feel that extra bit of whip and let's see what we can generate so just tap it down there with a bit of a whip we've got 105 mile an hour club head speed 270 total let's start adding a bit of rotation in what we want to try and do we want to increase our ability to use rotational forces in the ground what's the best way of doing this widen your stance get it at least maybe widen the shot with uh shoulder width apart now because we want to use that ground to generate the rotational force help us create that motion to increase that speed let's have a look at this in action i've still got i've got to be a bit careful here but let's see if i can increase it by a few mile an hour

not bad 112 300 total 282 carry so just a bit of extra rotation starts to really ramp this up and what we want to do then is we say okay now the rotation this is the one i've got to be a bit careful with right now because it requires extension i'm a bit injured but now i want to try and do use that ground as much as we can here so i've got my rotation we're going to use that ground and fire up we want explosion off the ground you might not be able to kind of jump really high it's not about that but just anything you can do to push off that ground will increase that speed but it also improves your natural mechanics too because it helps you once you've got that sensation it helps you to lead this club this powerful club through correctly you're going to start to use the correct sequencing because now so you're not powering the swing with a torso motion which causes so many problems your attention or your intent is to use that ground to do it that itself can be so so powerful for your entire swing and therefore your accuracy too so i'm just having a little rest let's see how we get on this one

pretty similar 112 so i didn't i'm a little bit nervous on this or so i just got to be a bit careful so but those three things add them in one by one braking system as goal number one create that whip grab a towel snap it a few times none of this none of that create some whip just by doing that you're going to get to much much better positions at impact second add rotation how do you do this wider stance helps you to use rotational forces in the ground massively beneficial and third and finally the vertical if you see the golf swing look as a vertical jump then you'll start to see how the golf swing is built it's not just a vertical jump this way we've got the rotation and the vertical jump in there as well obviously i left that to laughter because not everyone's gonna be able to do that but those three things will make a massive difference to how far you can hit it love to hear what you think in the comments box below if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and share with somebody who you know could do with a few extra yards be generous and of course look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine join it consider subscribing by pressing that bell button and remember there's a free practice game in the description box below you never have to remember a thing but until next week have a great golfing week