How to Hit the Ball Then the Turf with Your Irons | 🔥 Amazing Drill

fairway woods iron Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this video i'm going to give you one of my personal favorite drills that i actually use to stop my occasional hook but my students love for a couple of reasons one it helps them stop their slice and more importantly it really helps their ball striking with any club actually off the fairway so if you struggle to kind of strike that ball first sometimes you strike the ground behind the golf ball this is a wonderful drill to help you feel exactly how to make much more solid contact with any club actually off the fairway plus and i'll share with you at the end there's a little bonus that it actually can really help with your shots around the green so if you're struggling with your chipping or your bunker play it can also help with that too now before i get into the lesson though if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing i release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus i always put a free download or practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing great so super excited about this one so by the end of this video i want you to have the tools the kind of the sensations of exactly what needs to be happening through the golf ball it's like a destination you need to be heading towards the great thing about it is if you know that sensation when you slightly go off it you're able to identify it and figure out how to then go get yourself back almost like on the rails okay so let before i go into the drill let me just remind you what all great players sense and feel at the moment of impact at impact we are compressing the golf ball okay the ball gets struck first the club look is almost delofted through the impact here area here the handle slightly ahead my weight is on my lead side here slight hip turn out of the way and more importantly i'm in balance okay my upper sternum here my um navel and the ground all in line and in a real balanced position to strike that golf ball i am not leaning back here okay where i'm slightly out of balance now i'm now going to lead to flicking motions i'm not trying to hit the ball with my shoulders and then lose my balance here as you can see i'm in balance so what i want you to do is teach your body the sensation of great ball striking now here's the drill get yourself set into a normal position initially here then what i want to do is simply move your lead foot so it's now level with the golf ball from here we're going to take our trail foot and move it directly behind so it's not out here it's actually directly behind what this is going to do it's going to slightly disrupt your balance it's going to give you that sensation of a lot of pressure on this lead side which is kind of what you want for a great strike most people by the way when they strike a golf ball without them realizing they're back here somewhere okay well if you do that with this exercise what you're gonna do you're gonna fall back it's gonna give you like immediate feedback which is wonderful because once you've got feedback what can you do with it you can make some changes okay so what i want you to do now is make some swings okay and only literally kind of half swings or maybe three quarters at best make some swings and just see if you can stay in balance and more importantly swinging balance from this place so i don't want to be kind of rock solid don't move i need you to have as much freedom as you possibly can with this motion okay whilst staying in balance now if you're anything like my students and sometimes me at times i sometimes for instance have too much slide here in my hips that drops me behind and what do you feel i'm gonna do i'm gonna lose my balance this way many of my students when they're making these motions here they swing over the top okay and when they swing over the top there's no support they lose their bounds here okay so it's a really really great exercise to feel where you may be going wrong in the swing okay for not just beginner goal first intermediate but professionals like myself too okay so i set myself up here and all i'm doing is imagining pivoting around this motion here also visualizing keeping these dots completely in line as i do okay and i'm just pivoting now as like sir i feel like i'm kind of realistic from this angle here as i'm doing this i really feel like for me i'm rotating this way very different because normally like i said i would often do this this is my hook motion right so this kind of feels like a real difference okay these are feedbacks of different sensations you'll get from this exercise too so let's show you how you can start hitting a couple of shots through this so i start off with a very kind of nice nice half swing and the whole all i want to do is like i say don't try and stay in balance swinging balance through the entire motion okay when you're swinging in balance okay or trying to swing balance in a flowing manner you may lose it from time to time this is fine this is immediate feedback okay which is what you want that feedback is going to be so important when we finally move these feet together i'm going to show you that shortly so some small shots to start with okay no big shots half shots keeping that swing

in balance now i felt just a little bit there that i may fall back a fraction okay so a little bit feedback hence look it's gone a little bit to the right now that type of feedback i don't get sometimes from my feet together exercise okay so again great exercise for me to do now one thing i would say when i give this to students the first time i want to watch out for is sometimes like i say i've told you they're sometimes trying to stay too still but the other thing is if they don't let the club fall they don't let the club literally fall down to the ground they're hanging on too tightly so remember allow the club to almost be thrown to the ball so the club moves to the ball the handle moves to the body we don't want to be driving the handle here watch what happens when you drive the handle we lose the body we lose our balance and if anything as you drive the handle it creates even more flick okay so stay in balance swing in balance and keep it flowing as you do okay and take the feelings from the exercise i'm visualizing excuse me these points all lined up here as i play this shot

that felt so much better so much better okay so i'm not reaching the green obviously in this situation because i'm literally just doing a half to three quarter swing so before getting into the actual full swing and giving a real rip you know if you do struggle initially make sure that you even just shorten it up a little bit more and just maybe feel what it's like from here to here remember the golden bit of the gold swing is the sensation from there through delivery through impact so whatever you're feeling work on it even if all i had to do was hit that shot there look okay get in that sensation that would be enough initially yeah once i've got a sensation then i'd build it up okay now once you've done that the next stage is simply this we're going to work it through together all you do is this as opposed to having the foot way back here you're gonna move it to here okay that's uh the first stage then we'd hit some shots from there so it gives you a little bit more balance but you're still out of balance to get the feeling then what we'll do is move it so your feet are together taking the same sensations so what i did certainly with um a recent student of mine he had way too much slide so when his feet were to get uh together like this he could really feel himself moving off balance so now he's got a feeling he can do all he he can look to pivot while staying look in balance and then clearly all we do is we club gets longer including driver look we simply take the same same sessions and move the stance further and further apart as opposed to all of this and this we can now take those sensations and apply them to every single club in the bag so let me show you how i do this i'll hit some shots now just alternating between the two so what i'll do is i'll hit a couple of shots here and i felt straight away drop it drop inside a little bit there so it didn't feel good so immediately what i'm gonna do now is just go back a fraction train the sensation okay it means that i'm not quite ready so off i go swing back that look at that dead straight got that sensation move back then start to bit by bit alternate between the two until i start to really get a lot of trackman to kind of finish up doing what he does okay everybody go now i'm gonna take that sensation what i've just learned there back

much much better look at the difference yeah so much much nicer swing so alternating between each one you can then start to pass on these feelings it could even be one of your routines if you really like this exercise you could do this maybe before that this becomes your practice swing on a golf course training the sensations okay then bring your club back in and then away you go okay so that's how i'd love you to practice and you can do this with every club in the back just remember like say with driver although the balance points won't be completely over the ball or driver a little bit more behind you are still swinging in balance and do the same principle now i did promise to show you some bunker shots and some chipping obviously can't do too much in the studio so i'll do a more detailed video on this but exactly the same principles applies wonderful thing think about it when people are chipping they're trying to often help the ball up in the air this drill here move that foot back keep that sternum over the ball there again get that pivot look at this it's gonna hugely help your chipping i'll go into this in more detail and you know what wonderful for bunkers too for exactly the same reason how often do you thin it into the face why because you are lifting up same principle look stay here if you try and lift it up you can lose your balance so again allow the club to fall into that sand okay so in summary get your balance points lined up disrupt your balance so you feel the destination you need to be going for if you lose your balance great you'll figure out like i did oh i'm going inside again oh i'm going over the top anything like that all right once you've got that sensation gradually make it more normal see if you can transfer those feelings or the visualization into your ball striking with every single club in the bag and do let me know in the comments how you get on and tell me if you enjoyed this video if you did give it a like share it with one of your friends who's struggling with that ball strike and of course look if you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and look i'll put a free download practice guide in the description box below but until next week have a wonderful golfing week