How to Hit the Ball then the Turf with your Irons Game Changer Golf Tip

irons simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often do you find yourself on the fairway after a pretty good drive and then you duff your second shot along the ground it's so frustrating isn't it well often it's because this swing is too handsy or too arms it creates this kind of flicky strike you've got to learn how the body works in conjunction with your hands and your arms and today i've got a wonderful drill that will help you feel just that my students absolutely love it i'm sure you will do too so before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i've got a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so let's start to help you strike that ball with your iron so so much better so here's here's what we've got to do now there are two types of golfers i don't know what you are which where you sit but i often find that there's the goal for that kind of have this lovely flowing arms e wristy swing which kind of looks nice but because they're not using really much body or coordinating the body it can often strike a ball now and then but then every so often flicks it fats it thins it on the ground so it's inconsistent alternatively you've got the golfer who's maybe trying really hard to get it right they're very stiff here they try to get into the right positions each and every single time but because since it's stiff it's impossible to coordinate that then causes issues too so how do you get this lovely flowing swing yeah whilst at the same time coordinating it well all you've got to do you've got to learn to feel how the body works with the club or another way look at it is it how the body guides this club naturally through different positions through the position where eventually look watch this the club works up we work it naturally back down so eventually impact the pressures on the lead side here the handle is ahead and we strike that ball first every single time well here's a wonderful drill that you can try straight away to help you feel this motion all i want you to do is this you get yourself into a posture position here take your club in your lead hand just put it up like this okay so you lead hands on top and then take your right hand we're going to split the hands okay now splitting the hands the reason why we do this is because this hand we're going to call the body hand this helps this hand helps to feel how the body works this hand because it's separated kind of helps to help you feel what the club is doing now all i want you to do now is this from this position i want you to sense that you're going to push down with your lead hand and then this trail hand is almost going to work like this the palm is going to work up to the sky so watch this push down with your lead and imagine the palm or the trail hand here is working to the sky with your backhand now from here watch this look how my body's working where up and down now from here watch this on the way through how am i gonna square this club face i'm simply gonna sit at look at my body then spirals back up again here bang to strike the ball now that naturally then creates this handle ahead without me even trying so you see how correct motion of the body naturally look gets that club striking the ball absolutely spot on without me trying here's what i see too often you've got your handle draggers where they get here and they drive the handle forward yeah when you get the handle driven forward independently look well now we have to flick the hands at the end which causes the fat shot or you might be the type of person who literally is too armsy and now it's very independent now suddenly you might drive it and then sometimes strike it or you might flick it but either way neither is going to give you the consistency so you've got to learn to kind of sense this so what i like to do first of all my students love this is get your hands split okay get yourself set here get yourself set up and then what we do is this we play a few small shots sometimes it's not even hitting a golf ball sometimes it's just literally rehearsing so pushing down back just about here and then feel what does my body need to do now to strike the ball well i could drive my hands no we're going to use the body look the body spirals were upwards look at this butt end goes up as the handle releases down look at this but here goes up and the handle down bang bang look how the body's naturally creating this i'm not just using my body independently it's all working perfectly with the golf club we start really small with this initially get ourselves set split the hands just there and then what we do is we go okay let's see if we can just play a small shot from here

just hit a few shots like that where you get the sensation of that's you hit the club end that's your body just from there bang bang not flicking not driving using my body look my body extends to release the club that mother extends up to release the club learning that sensation

just there now that's beautiful those two once you've got that sensation what i then want you to do is start to naturally extend it now some of this by the way i do not want you to be necessarily hitting loads of golf balls this is something that you can train at home get i find one of my mistakes in my early days and certainly some of my students hitting golf balls it can get in the way of this motion you can you know you can get so naturally instinct to hit at the ball whereas if you can just learn the feeling and train the motion of the body okay you can't start to learn the sensations of how that body is going to work once you do that you can then obviously introduce the golf ball but what we'll do we'll speed this process up we're going to now start to extend this motion so rather than just from here i'm going to go a bit further now watch this i'm going to push down a bit further and my palms gradually look working its way to the sky yeah down here working its way to the sky let's do it a little bit further so back to about here and then through now brilliant i thin that one now there now as i said i have my own faults now and then one of my personal faults is i slide yeah now if i slide what's that doing well that's not going to get the club working back to the golf ball is it so suddenly i slide i get into the handle drag position and i have to flick so this is a great move for me too so i'll get yourself set push it back a bit further there we go and then watch this from here look use the body to square the fist the handle goes where up and left to release the club down towards that golf ball we don't drive we don't flick one more of them push it back

much much better much better strike now clearly what you then do once you've got that sensation just from a small shot to start with bring your hands closer together here and start to kind of merge these two things together you could start from a standing place you could just start from here if you wanted initially that's probably the best place to start push back with your lead hand palms working to the sky and then away you go beautifully struck there look ball turf and then cleared you can see where this is going all we're gonna do is we're gonna gradually look work this up into a fuller and fuller golf swing but this when you're starting will be way too quickly don't rush into this you know this is a lifetime skill if you can learn this simple motion do it at home do it on the practice ground don't rush into the big big shots because if you rush into big shots your instinct takes over the old arms swing will come in your body swing comes in me personally i'm getting back into the game myself i'm getting back into playing you know i know that i drive a little bit forward with my handle and i've got to work on this so i'm starting small and then gradually look i get bigger and bigger but working here look pushing it up and then look driving that down let's have a look at this again start here work it up work it down beautiful ball turf strike start to get that sensation if you want a great visual here you can also use an alignment stick here which works very very nicely just as a visual lead hand on top right hand underneath here look get yourself set push down here look at that that's pointing to the ground palm up to the sky this is what a lot of people do so what i might do personally or the better players they drive in trouble here flick poor players or the the guys who kind of if you if you flick it this is this much that's going to hit your side so you're driving here look look at how my body extends upwards the butt end goes upwards as the club gets fired down that's what releases the the club the whole body and the club working together so really really hope you uh enjoy this video do me a favor though with it start really small you know get the sensation of how the body and the club work first start small hit a few shots then gradually build it up sometimes you know what don't even hit shots just learn the sensation of how this body works so i really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look there's a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing of course look if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing by pressing that bell button so i can give you some more content just like this one but until next week have a great golfing week