How to Play Chip Shots From Bad Lies

chipping pitching short game Nov 04, 2021

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Hey everyone Danny Mort here head professional at the Kennedy golf coming Kent and in this week's training I'm gonna show you how to play one of those buried lies the lies you know when you just miss the green and the ball is nestled down in the rough a little bit but this is an added dimension we don't just need to get the ball up onto the green we need to get it up in the air a little bit and landing softly when it lands on the green now this is a pretty tricky shot when most people try and play this shot they kind of either fluff it and leave it in front of their face or when they do strike it the ball tends to land on the green and roll too far now if this is you and you want that ball to land go a little bit higher so then lands softly on the green then this week's train is going to be really really helpful so let's get started so there's a few things that we need to do in terms of the setup in order to play this shot the first thing we need to do is we're almost going to set up to plate like a bunker shot now if you've seen any my bunker videos this those videos will really complement this one so please go and have a look at them but just for now I'm going to give you a summary of how we go about the first stages of playing this shot well the first thing we need to do is we need to understand the type of impact that's required on a shot like this well the first thing we're going to do is when we actually strike in this golf ball okay unlike a normal chip shot where we actually aim to strike the golf ball first when the balls nettled in the rough and is buried in almost like a fried egg position what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually going to look to strike the ball so sorry strike the ground just behind the ball similar to a bunker shot and what we're really doing here is we're getting almost a deflective strike where the clubs are tucking into the ground about an inch behind the ball the club comes in balances below the surface of the ball and pops up in the air the other thing here that's required is is we're going to as a couple of steps the first thing we're gonna do before we actually go into that swing in the swinging the shots we're going to make a couple of alterations actually in the setup so we're going to push the ball nice and forward in our stance so it's almost off the left heel as we would have a driver and then that the reason why we do that to push it out of the way because you don't really want to hit the golf ball following this what we're going to do is we're going to look to open the clubface probably about twenty or thirty degrees okay then we're going to grip it okay now a lot of people when they first try this they tend to do this they tend to open the face I pointed to the right but they do it without changing their grips okay I'm moving my hands what we're gonna do first we're gonna turn the club's light to the right then and we're gonna grip it okay now from this position here when you set up okay the club will be pointing slightly to the right of target that's okay I mean you could aim a little bit left if you want to compensate so we've done two things so far we move the ball forward in our stance switch off the left heel we've twizzle the clubface a little bit open to the right and now what we're going to do is we're going to make a reason to be committed swing back and through the shot aiming behind the ball okay so we're actually going to be going about an inch behind the ball when I try to strike the ball in this situation and we're going to commit through the shot and what happens is the club slides under the golf ball and the ball starts to pop up now looks pretty simple and it can already is it can make a such a difficult looking shot when the balls bowed it can look really really impressive because actually as long as you commit fully to the shot the ball is more likely to pop up the biggest problem when people are playing this shot is when the balls buried like this they don't like to take a full swing okay they don't like to take a big confidence swing because they think the ball is going to go too far so the reason why we do it in this situation is is unlike a normal chip shot we're actually striking the ground rather than the golf ball so therefore it's more of a deflective strike so therefore you can actually strike nice and full and actually look at this here the ball is not going to go very far so let's just summarize this shot so the way you're gonna play this lob shot is you're going to make two or three it's lob shot out of rough where the balls are nestled down a little bit okay so we bury it in the ground a little bit here the way you're going to play this shot is you're going to do make a couple of alterations in your setup you're going to push the ball forward in your stance if top severe if your left heel you're going to twist the club face a little bit so it's pointing to the right and then what we're going to do is we're going to make a conscious effort to strike behind the golf ball as we're coming through and commit fully to the shot common factors to look out for when you're doing this again a lot of people here would decelerate into the back of the golf ball and can a stop and as you've seen if you've seen some my other chipping videos what actually happened to impede our body stop here the club continues and we end up thinning the golf ball because the angle starts to come up words so can we hit with this bit the golf club so the key point here is is that when we're swinging we need to commit a bit slow as I can I'm going to turn through the shot just like any other shot but strike the ground behind as I'm coming through as a person striking the ball and in this way the ball won't go too far because we're not actually striking the ball first we're striking the ground first as the deflected strike ensures that the ball doesn't travel very far a common problems with this particular shot what I see similar to a standard chip shot people often hear they think oh I need to get the ball up in the air so what they're doing is they try to lift it up so the intent is to get the body leaning back and start and almost skating is what I call flicking action okay now when we do that shots you'll see those balls are thin they very low to the ground they fly too fast they fly over the back of the green and the reason being is is we're not getting what we said right at the start this session the right impact conditions the club has to come down into the the grass behind the bar and the opportunities down it's got to come down we don't want the club coming up at all if the club comes up we're not going to go belief the surface we're going up going to thin the golf ball here with this bit the golf club and the ball is going to go too low so we need to get the club coming down into the back of that golf ball so look what I'm going to do to achieve that when I'm coming through I therefore need to have that commitment coming down and through the shot in order to strike the ground and get that sound of the the turf and the ball popping up if I try to help this on its way and bury this a little bit here watch this hear that noise that is a thin I'm leaning back now I get below the surface I'm actually going above the golf ball this is really really common maybe but you would have seen this as some early videos so in summary playing this shot it kind of looks quite difficult when you see the ball buried but you know what when you start doing this you can make you look pretty impressive because it's a lot easier than it actually looks once you've got the basic pitching action I'll repeat that again you need to have a basic pitching action first to try this okay this slightly more advanced but the simplicity of it once you've done it is actually amazing so so just to summarize we're gonna push the ball forward enough sounds like it like we would have a bunker shot or even a drive the ball of the left heel we're gonna set ourselves up okay to strike the ground behind the ball with a slightly open face then we'll get what we're gonna do is we're going to make it very simple strike backwards and forwards so we strike the ground behind the ball so the ball pops up like all shots it's going to take work things to watch out for as we said if you start to try and help the ball up in the air the ball will go too low and they'll fly over the back of the green I won't even get any height at all so bear in mind if that's happening the chance is out what you're doing is you're leaning back you're trying to help it with your wrists keep that commitment of your body going through the shot and you'll see some lovely results okay let me know how you get on obviously in the comments box below and I love to hear from you if you've got any other questions and the week's coming forward give me a shout until next week have a great golfing week