How to Re-grip Your Golf Club AND How to Hold the Golf Club Correctly - 2 in 1 Golf Lesson

how to re grip club re grip re grip golf clubs Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're in lockdown here in the UK and I want to deliver a special bonus episode you know that I'm often delivering coaching content but lucky you probably not playing a lot of golf right now so you might want to have something that is useful to get yourself ready to play and we finally get back out on that golf course so in this wheel's training we're gonna cover three things I'm going to show you what style of grip would you need to buy because there's different sizes to suit different hands and it's a very very important and then I'm going to show you how to then put that grip on this Golf Club okay and then finally I'm going to take you back out into the garden and I'm gonna show you how to hold the clip the grip really really important holding the grip will show you how do I control to the club how to add power and it's not I'm gonna do in a real simple way I'm not gonna do in a real complicated where that gets it really stiff and uncomfortable so that is what we're gonna cover in this week's training so let's get started what do you need initially well the first thing you're gonna need to do is you need to buy some grips right so I've got these from Scottsdale golf just I'll put a link to their website down below now there are loads of different grips on the market there are some colorful ones I've got a few these colorful ones they're obviously ladies grips are a little bit thinner often again color now personally what I found is this the cheaper ones which are generally all black personally I prefer they're generally lasts a lot longer and more importantly they're half the price so the colorful ones look good and but for me I don't always because they've gotten paint in their way they don't last for long it's shiny very very quickly and then generally twice the price so personally and if you want longevity and you don't need to have the trendy latest grip go down the black roads fantastic so once you've decided that you're going to get the style of grip into it you're gonna go for you nursing into is what size do you do well what I'm going to do is I'm gonna put a full list of instructions on how to get the right size size in the description below this video in a PDF that you can just simply download plus see instructions on how exactly how to do this but in the meantime all you have to do is take your tape measure and you measure from the wrist the first crease of your lead hand the first crease in your wrist to the end of the longest finger here okay now mitt mine is just over 8 inches and then I'm going to measure the longest finger of my hand here and that is just over three and a half now I know that that gives me a medium sized grip or a mid-sized grip so when I go on and buy my grips what I'm gonna be looking for is a group that says midsize again how you do all this and how you measure it I'm not gonna go into details now I will put them in a PDF document under this description on how to choose the right grip size but that's the first thing you would do measure the length of your hand and along his finger and it will give you the right grip show details in the PDF below so you've done that bit you've chosen your grip you have got your you've got your size now we want to put it on the golf club and it's really very simple you're gonna need a Stanley knife for this and I've got a hook blade you don't necessarily need a hook blade but just simple blade will do and what you're gonna do here is this you take the claw take the grip you're going to literally put the hook blade underneath the grip like this and all I'm gonna do is let I'm just literally gonna put a a nick in that grip simple as that notice up I pulled it pushed it away from me for safety and then all I'm gonna do is start to open up this grip like this and try it then just simply slide the grip off so sometimes these come off already simply sometimes they don't sometimes they just got to tear but look all I'm doing is gradually tearing this off bit by bit and away we go how simple is that now underneath this you're going to see some old tape so we're going to remove this old tape okay again nice and simple different times it's going to simply just start to take all this tape off the hook loading there

okay we're done so nice and easy peace okay so what we'll do now is this all I'm gonna do is we'll then need a two inch grip tape again I'll put links in description where you can buy this super super simple double-sided tape all we're gonna do now is this you're gonna need to take your grip and we're gonna measure this tape out now you want the tape to be just slightly longer than the grip itself okay so if you ever look at this here I'm gonna make this just slightly longer then they grip here we go and I'll just cut that bass and there we have it okay now very simply what we do now is we're gonna literally put the tape just over the overhang here on this plug there can you see that so I'm just Lydia and this is we want this to go over the top of the club so we put that right down the center of the shaft just like that and then gradually I'm just gonna just push it in bit by bit around the club careful not to form any creases whatsoever just slide it around bit by bit there we go how easy is this yeah and once you get this done and once you start to kind of understand how to regroup the clubs it will save you a fortune it really will because you can pick up grips I mean I pick these golf prides up like $4.99 a grip you can get even cheaper than that but just be a little bit careful sometimes they're really really cheap ones they last as long so you kind of you kind of long stay away from the clones you get what you pay for so what I'm doing now like I'm just undoing here the double-sided tape okay I'm gonna do it start to then wrap that around and then all we do is you can fall back comfortably over so we're now got the full the whole grip now look there we go and then we just take the whole wad off

simple that so now you can see here we then just fold that over the top and you have now a grip or ass double-sided tape base you're ready to take on the grip so all we're gonna do now is gonna move to the next day so I've got a bowl Laura will kill me and she knows I'm using this bowl but it just you'll see what we're gonna do in a second so what I've got here is a little bit of white spirit and we're now we're gonna do is we're gonna take the claw and the grip just at the bottom of the grip there's a little hole here so Linda is I'm gonna put my finger over that hole take the bottle and we're just gonna pour a little bit of white spirit into that grip so you're backwards and forwards simple as that just and this is what this is doing is in a sense just moist in the entire grip and then what we're gonna do is I am gonna then pour all this over that grip there like that there we go what might do is put a little bit more on there just a little bit there we go my choice almost and then watch this really really simply we're then just gonna slot that in there

watch this slide it up now so slides it straight on how easy was that and then what we do here that we need to make sure that that grip look is completely enough to lined up now at the top of the golf break grip here we have a white line and another white line we want to line those up and we want to get them pointing completely down the center of the shaft which that is and then what we're gonna do we're gonna give it a little tap and that is your grip ready and able to the you know it takes about 20 minutes to dry stood up you get the hang of this you can literally rattle these off in minutes but how easy was that so be careful watch out what you're doing this down the knife but now we've regrouped it we're gonna wait for it to dry for 20 minutes now let's work on how we're gonna hold it so that you can start thinking become a lot more consistent let's head out to the garden alright so you've rewritten your golf club you've left it to dry for 20 minutes and now you want to know exactly how you hold it how many times you've been told that the hold on the grip or how you grip the club is so so important when it really is it needs to you the three functions of a grip you need to the grip is designed to help this progress come back to square so it's very important that we hands a hands on the club correctly the second thing we're going to need is you're gonna need some mobility in the grip and the third and final things you need to strength you need some control and some strength so you can generate some power now I don't know about you but when I was learning this it was made so complicated I have to have my club in this part of my palm here I needed this kind of line pointing towards my shoulder and the more I got into this little complicated it became and the more I kind of was gripping it for dear life but the reality is look it doesn't need to be that simple what I want to do now is this grab your newly gripped golf chord and all the way to do is this take a club in any one of your hands if your left hand start with and all we want to do is simple this you want to be able to lift up the golf club backwards and forward you want to be able here to move it around and what I want you to do now is this move the hand around you know in in different places until you find its most the strongest position it's in this to be in and secondly the one that has mobility done look it says I'm allowing my wrist to [ __ ] upwards some people if you're gripping the club in the wrong way I find that really difficult now that's going to put a lot of strain in my wrist it doesn't feel very strong doesn't feel very mobile but as I gradually move this club hand around suddenly it's easy for me to do this the other thing as I start to swing it look it's also easy for me to do that so I'm just finding a grip that works for me with my hands and my swing so that's the first I want to do just play around find the mobility find the strength lose exactly the same with your right handle or your the opposite hand pick it up now just move it around look I naturally go into this position this is my strongest position if I gripped it under here that just feels weird okay but some people do grip it like that but this is a simple way of trying to work out how both hands work now I've got mobility I can swing the club around a field so I've got control over it still okay without having to hold it too tightly it's not hurting my wrists and now I put both hands on the golf club okay and away I go just limp removing the club around here now you'll see that sometimes we say to people look you can join your hands together so what I've done here is I've got what's called the varlyn grip here where all I've done is I've put both hands on the golf club and I've let my little finger here piggyback over my index finger you don't have to do that to start off with you could just simply join them together like this or almost like a baseball sty grip some people like Tiger Woods kind of interlock these fingers together so my little finger here of my bottom hand and the index finger of my top hand just that you slide it in and just hold them together like that it's entirely up to you but the real key factor about the grip is simply just to create strength mobility and a bit of control and just simply move the club around with individual hands until you find that's those bass of those three factors join them together and that simply then forms your grip I've got an hour comfortable a grip that allowed between swing freely I haven't got a hundred and one things going on my head and it feels nice and relaxed too so I hope you found this video really really useful in this difficult time if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with somebody else who could do with some tiresome we're passing the time and look I got all my bits and pieces from Scottsdale golf source hello everyone to Scottsdale golf they've got some great stuff over there until next week everybody stay safe have a great golfing week