How to SHAPE any GOLF SHOT - How to hit a DRAW | Hit a Fade | Hit it Straight | Hit it High or Low

draw fade iron swing irons Nov 08, 2021

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In this video i'm going to show you exactly how you can curve the ball right to left left to right high or low now you might be saying daddy look i have enough curve on my shots already i'm always curving it into the trees right or curving it into left i just want to learn how to hit it straight but you know what learning how to curve the ball will actually help you to hit the ball straight because if you know how to draw the ball let's say you know what it feels like to draw the ball well if you slice it you couldn't simply reduce that slice by taking this strategy over here vice versa if you hook the golf ball and you know how to slice it or feel that slice it you can reduce that hook during your round also if you stay tuned to the end of the video i'll show you how understanding how to play the ball high and low can actually improve your ball striking with your irons too you see shaping a golf ball should not be a skill that is for better players it's fundamental to actually every single golfer becoming more consistent in their ball striking and you hitting the ball much much straighter so that's what i'm going to cover in this week's golf lesson now before i do look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing just download it and take it to the range grace come on let's have some fun let's help you hit much straighter shots by learning how to curve the ball we're going to start with the shot that curves from right to left then we'll go into left to right and then we'll give you some ball striking tips by helping you hit it high and low so let's start with getting the ball curving from right to left first if you want the ball to set off to the right and curve back well we want the ball set off of there you need the club heading in that direction yeah so that's the first thing you want to do you want to feel what it's like to head in that direction so watch this if i was going to swing the club over there what's happening to my body well look i've set my body up roughly in that direction how much you're going to learn to feel this and this comes with a bit of practice but i'm going to aim my body in that direction the next thing i'm going to do is i'm going to start swinging over there so i'm going to put the club roughly over in that direction well to get it over there what would make it easier in the backswing swinging towards you now swinging somewhere deep over here yeah so i get a sense of that maybe swing one handed first imagine i'm throwing the club over there what does it feel like in my left hand then swing it and throw it over there with my right hand what does it feel in both hands get a sense of that if i was just tossing something over there that gives me the sense then of what path is where that path is heading okay right but just path alone well that could just get the ball hitting straight to the right we don't want that so we need curvature to get the curve you need the club face closed to the path that it's on to get the ball spinning this way now we'll go into detail a little bit more but that's all you need to do to get the ball curving from right to left now how do you do how do you close the face without having to overthink it well watch this there's the claw face square i'm going to turn my knuckles down hey presta i've now got the feeling of what a closed face is simple put the right hand on i've now got the feeling of what a close face feels like so get myself set turn knuckles down there's a closed face now all i've got to do is start to approach my the shot as if i'm just approaching throwing a ball or playing tennis i'm going to approach the shot in a way that's going to get the ball setting off over to the right hand side i'm going to start swinging look over that way with a feeling that my knuckles are facing the ground and that should give me a lovely shape from right to left now we might exaggerate start off with just for illustration purposes but let's have some fun

there he goes nice little draw beautiful right so we're going to see in a second we have a look at this path so there we go look so we've got a path a 6.8 out to the right so positive number and trackman is a path that's out to the right hand side and then we've got a closed face 4.9 which gives you that lovely shape that curvature back to the flags nice and simple yeah so you take those feelings yeah those tails feelings you okay that's how i curve it exaggerate it to start with as much as you can you might find if you're a slicer you don't get any curve to start with you might have to really exaggerate it whatever you need to do keep doing it until you get the curve yeah really i promise you it will so so help so once you've done that then feel the opposite we're now going to get the sensation here of bending it from left to right well what's left to right how do to do this what's the same club path needs to be swinging where over in this direction now yeah we swing left to target what's that going to feel like well i'm going to approach more this way right so i'm going to look in that left-hand direction and now i'm going to set my body rough roughly there where am i going to swing now i'm going to swing around here where we were before no i'm going to feel that the swing now is a lot more over this section of swinging where over here i feel like i'm rotating more to my left hand side to come across the ball right to create that spin but if the club face is square it'll go straight left so i also look gonna feel what is it like to kind of get that club face open feel it in my left feel it in my right okay now i've got the feeling of what is open now i take those feelings i start to make some swings approach it over there imagine if i was playing tennis throwing a ball cutting a tennis shot these are the feelings i'm after to try to create this bend backwards forwards let's have a look at this approach it a little bit left let's have some fun

now watch this this is going to curve now look at this beautifully curving back to that flag there we go right so left to right now here we go i'm exaggerating here obviously look at those numbers minus 8.2 it shows a real path that's going left a target a positive number in the club face there on trackman a 3.9 which means the club place is aiming right of the path which means it's what's created that cut yeah so now if i want to hit the ball dead straight i've now got a feeling of okay that's the feeling of drawing it or curving from right to left that's the feeling of cutting it well what's dead straight in between those so i've got two feelings i can work now in between now i'm never trying to hit a straight shot because it's too difficult but let's see how close i can get now with those feelings to a dead straight shot let's have a look at this

it's pretty straight

it's pretty straight this will be interesting oh that is pretty good actually minus one and minus point four is pretty good when it comes to getting everything lined up how can i do that how can i hit it straight like that because i know the feeling of both sides you need to do that too if you want to become a straighter hitter of the shot right so we've done that now let's now improve your ball striking we're going to do this by teaching you how to hit it high and low so you know as well as that if you strike the ground behind the golf ball you struggle to fall it often it's because you're getting into this flicky position here adding loft to the club so playing lower shots is a great way that top players are found to improve their ball striking so to play a low shot a lower trajectory shot you need to get the dynamic loft down on the golf club here now a lot of people try to do this by moving the ball way back in the stance you don't need to do that you just need to make sure that at impact that loft is down so you got a feel of that there now what i'll do is rather than allow the club head to release violently through into a full finish what a great drill is is to imagine finishing much much much shorter here yeah much much shorter i feel like my chest is more over the ball and i'm finishing in a tail followed through here great way because what it does if anything it keeps the club head just delaying like naturally lagging behind the grip end to keep that loft down here if you allow the club to fire into a to the finished position it's too easy to get flicking and letting the head go free so curtailing your follow-through you can move the ball back a smidge if you like to de-loft it but i would start just there let's have a look at this in action so i'm going to play a low ball flight now see how low i can go actually have some fun with this

that is very low probably just overcooked a bit of a drawing that as well that's not too bad so that's very very low but what worked a tree yeah so nice low ball flight just playing it there really keeping it down you can by the way you can match you can mix and match these if you want to play um you want to improve your ball striking and maybe play a draw as well well do the same thing what i might feel is i might feel like i'm heading a bit out to the right hand side so deep here out to the right feeling those knuckles are down i really feel like i'm going to curtail my follow through here to train a draw and a strike at the same time why not let's have a go at that right so i'm going to aim a little bit and approach the ball aiming a little bit out to the right hand side get myself set again let's see if we can play a nice low draw

here we go we should come back in now there we go right penetrating flight because of that look at that great ball strike gets to the back of the green this time yeah so you can mix and match these these are what's going to give you the control over your golf club they're going to give you that feel that you really really really need okay so higher shot well higher shot high shot high finish high shot high finish allow the club to really release upwards i'll probably push the ball forward in my stance a little bit here and really let that club finish nice and high let's finish off with that one and then we'll give you a little summary at the end pushing the ball forward

high shot now so glad i did that i didn't quite strike i caught that fraction heavy so it's probably not going to reach that's the difference when you start releasing too much like me exaggerating here this is me doing this really catching it fat that's the problem when you over release it yeah so you've got those feelings and now play around with it if you do that you'll get so much creativity but more important it's not about getting you to curve the ball over the all over the golf course it's about giving you control learn to control the club you get control over the golf ball too so so important so i really really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends if you think they could benefit and of course look if you're new to the channel remember press that subscribe button and the bell so i can see you next week i've put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below but you know what go and have some fun experiment stop trying to hit the ball straight curve the ball have some fun with it just play and enjoy when you do that you get control you become more consistent in everything that you do thanks for watching i'll see you next time