How to hit PERFECT iron shots!

iron iron drill iron stikes Nov 22, 2021

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so you've just hit an amazing drive down the middle of the fairway and then this happens you top it along the ground or you hit the ground behind the golf ball so frustrating isn't it how do you become a great ball striker off the fairways there are two things you're going to need you're going to need to make sure you need to learn how to get this handle ahead of the golf ball so you can strike the ball then the ground through impact but not just that there's no point striking it well if you haven't got control over this club face you need to learn the feels of exactly how it controls club face because if it's waving around all over the place you might strike it but then you're missing the greens left and right in this week's video i'm going to show you exactly how you go about doing that i've got a really cool drill if stay tuned to the end that really makes this super super simple now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i'll always put a free download or practice plan in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing okay so let's help you now become a much better ball striker off the fairway so it's good we're going to take this step by step and if you stay tuned to the end i've got an amazing drill that you can take to the golf course that solidifies all of what we're just about to talk about so to get the great ball strike as we said we need to get this handle ahead every single time we also need to make sure the club face isn't waving around all over the place now i'm sure you've tried this once or twice but it doesn't work consistently and one of the reasons for this is is the reason why golfers cannot get this handle ahead of the ball each and every single time for great ball striking is because the club is always approaching the ball at the incorrect angle let me show you what i mean so and you can do this by the way as a drill you can actually do this as a drill so grab an alignment stick and just put it up next to the shaft like this and then just take your normal grip now the problem is this if you imagine they're making a backswing if you approach the ball and if you look at this stick here it's quite what we call a steep it's very vertical a steep angle your hands are going to have to unless you're going to break your wrist your hands are going to have to react and flick this and then look this alignment stick is going to click into flicking to your body so you're getting this flicky strike you can't keep the handle ahead if you this is generally for slicers if you hook the golf ball you tend to come in at an angle much more like this so the club's coming vertically this way again that's the wrong direction isn't it so you're then going to have to correct that and watch then you get flicky through the impact area so it's out of control but if you're able to approach the ball on the correct axe and not there not here but much more here watch the difference as i rotate now naturally through the shot look how without me even trying the alignment stick is naturally missing my body there's no flick whatsoever why is that because i'm able to simply rotate through the shot no problem whatsoever i happen to compensate in any shape or form so how do you go about feeling this so we're going to keep it really simple to start with and i'm going to solidify all this with a really fluid drill that you can take to the golf course at the end of the video but for now what i want to do is this take your trill ham turn the muscle inwards towards the body here then i'm going to do is this make a small turn backwards here okay maybe a bit further and then i want to imagine your palm of your hand here moving back to the golf ball like this now when you start this i want you to watch out for this you might start to throw the fingers back to the golf ball when you throw the fingers back to the golf ball i not the palm you start to throw the muscle the outside of this muscle outwards and it starts to work in the wrong direction this look creates that flicky strike when the muscles inwards and it stays inwards and you put the palm look through we're gonna get that pressure so once you've got that sensation all you've got to make sure is that it's coming on an arc because look if it comes on an arc it's easy to maintain we've just seen that with the alignment stick if i slide i'm going to flick the arm will stop the fingers flicking same on the way down flick so you just a simple exercise to feel that palm and that pressure now if you play golf right handed bit left handed this works for you too i want you now to simply do the split hand exercise so we split the hands and we turn this arm inwards for a second okay now we've got the same sensation we're going to wind this from the ground up was going to wind this back to a roughly 45 degree arc then all we're going to work the club back out in front of us here and then look around back to the golf ball at no stage look have i released the fingers release this arm i am literally working it back around so look at this here with this with a line mistake same principle look work it back work it back down into position look here we're going to turn and really feel that pressure on there everything once when you want to release you always want to kind of do this release the arms you've got to get the sensation of what pressure feels like just watch out before we go into the final drill work just watch out that you don't do which i see a lot of people trying to do this turning forward to try and keep and avoid this shaft missing their body all i'm doing look is i'm turning back and through feeling that motion there okay and i'm natural as i'm doing this my body's working upwards it's working upwards it's not working around i'm working back here look and then look as i'm working i'm working it not there upwards almost you can imagine i'm spiraling this way with my muscle too all right all the way back and all the way through so i want you to rehearse this over and over again to really get a feeling of this pressure through the impact area but just doing that alone can be a little bit wooden so how do you add some rhythm to this so you can take it to a golf course enter the paintbrush now we're gonna hit ball in a second but this is a really really nice image so we've just said look we want to put pressure on this ball well watch this with a paintbrush i am going to paint the wall and look i'm putting pressure on the wall with the paintbrush i'm wiping the wall putting pressure on the way down still putting pressure on the way down all i'm painting the wall but this is where it changes so it isn't just wooden all the way through you've got to time the release so now as i'm drawing this arc i am now on this section i'm not painting the wall i am splattering the wall so i'm going to throw the paint off the paintbrush now the difference is is it's when do you throw that paint if you throw that paint too early you're going to create a splatter here we want to keep the paint in the wall as long as we can and then we splatter it much later in the swing what i love about this by the way is is if you visualize this you can splatter it on an arc too so really as opposed to getting steep which is going to grit flicky that's not going to work that's not going to work you're painting the arc then you're splattering the arc on this side you might be playing golf right-handed but left-handed dominant not a problem do it in your reverse hand paint don't splatter paint the wall paint paint paint paint paint then splatter right at the end this is going to give you that sense of compression through the impact area so once you've done that it's time to pick up a club and do exactly the same thing now you've got the images you've rehearsed it a little bit here you've got sense of those muscles working now this is it you're going to paint the wall back here back through and then look i'm look i'm rotating through i am gonna splatter it on this side i am not gonna splatter it too early i'm gonna splatter it on this side let's have a look at this in action

beautiful strike beautiful strike so look at the difference there ball turf strike this is how you're going to start to compress now just one thing i would just add to this before we finish if you're painting okay we're working this you might be a natural over the topper so when you're painting you want to might you might want to feel like you are your arc is over there somewhere so you because you need to exaggerate this so paint and when you're creating the arc here paint over to the right hand side if you're right-handed and splatter the out this way this is going to give you the sensation of countering that slice if you hook the golf ball you are too much over here so when you imagine painting or creating the shape you're going to paint around and you're going to splatter more to the left hand side again you're reversing the process again helping you to reduce that arc and that spin so just a summary how do you keep the handle ahead you've got to come in from the right position you've got to come in from an arc how do you learn to feel this position well you grab an alignment stick put it at the club split the hands work for both of you then turn the muscle inwards make a turn just simply turn it put the club behind you at an angle then from here look don't get the shaft going steep don't get the shaft going steep work it back keep the palm working at the golf ball here feel what that pressure feels like my muscles turned inwards i'm not allowing this to happen okay get that sensation once you've done that you could even even with this start to add some throw the paint throw the paint throw the paint really sense that motion backwards and forwards this is not wooden look but i'm still getting that motion once you've done that visualize the paint throw the paint back splatter this wall have some fun and that should help you start striking those irons so much better i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up remember i'll put a free download or practice plan in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing of course look it's one of your first videos and you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell it's completely free to do so but until next week have a great golfing week