How to hit driver straight EVERY TIME - CRAZY DETAIL

driver driver swing Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this video i want to show you how to hit this thing straight and long but to do that you're going to need to avoid one major misinterpretation that i see consistently on the lesson t what i'm going to show you today i'm going to give you a real cool process that is going to help you to really perfect your backswing but more importantly is going to give you a great feeling of how to deliver this club beautifully square at impact and it's not what you might think super simple process just a few minutes a day will make a massive difference to your quality of your driving shots now before i get to the video if you're new to the channel when your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing at least videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing i'll always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so i'm sure you're aware that the goal swing takes less than a second a half to complete and all that only half a second that less than half a second is actually on your downswing so if you're out of position at the top of your swing you've almost got absolutely no chance of correcting it consistently on the downswing which is probably why sometimes you hit the ball amazingly good and then other times it's all over the place right so what we'll do today is we're going to get you into a great position at the top of the swing to make life easy for you then i'll show you exactly how you kind of transition that in the downswing just to improve your distance and your quality of your strike so let's start with the backswing most top players that nearly all the top players backed up with science have one thing in common when they take the club away they realize that the arms have only one role which is to move the club upwards the body moves it around okay what i mean by that is this the best players if you look at their lead arm and their shoulder here it's very difficult to see this on camera by the way but they keep this space all the way back into the top of their backswing position here there's a slight run-off at the end but very very little this is super super important because what it allows them to do as they come down is it allows all this space to come down into and hit that ball beautifully straight but what i'm seeing with amateur golfers very early on is is they lead arm here they are trying to make the turn with their arms and in doing so this lead arm gets pinned to their body this sends the club too far around now from this place well you need to hit the ball suddenly the arms end up having to come up and over this gives you the slices all the hookers go well i need to come down through the shot then we get stuck underneath head club heads out to the right they end up flipping and creating the hooks so what we don't want to have look is this lead arm and the takeaway getting pinned to the body we need to make sure that somehow we create keep this space all the way back and all the way through and for me the first thing to do is realize that the arms have one roll which is ready to move the club up the body moves it around so start with a simple exercise first before we move on to the downswing take the club out in front of you here and what we'll do actually i want to look at my my my trail arm here the arm doesn't go completely up it actually works like this you can see how it's working on a little axe so my elbow is moving slightly inwards and it's working up this is my shoulder now rotating this way okay this way my lead arm goes slightly across but not this slightly across at this angle so when i take the club in here now look watch look at this so this club now is rotating slightly this way and up okay but it is not doing this super super important this is the roll look of the arms they work up because all i do now is move my trail shoulder behind me and you're gonna see look a perfect backswing position you could just practice that simple drill just simply feel the rotation of the lead forearm here the trail forearm here work the shoulders up that motion pivot there now you know where the top of the backseat position is okay so once you've got that feeling you've got a sense of where it needs to be you thought michael that's feels so different okay just be careful when you get to the top that you don't do this i see a lot of people doing this keep the abs away it'll feel very very short by the way let's show you now how to start that from down at the golf ball okay so the first thing i want you to do is take your driver okay and take a split hand on the driver like this okay this is before we go to the downturn so get yourself set here arms straight down straight down the side just like this what i love about this is you're going to get those arms working upwards but what i like about this is you're going to make sure that you you get the body turn with your body not with the arms like this so look at this when i'm here i'm going to imagine those arms working up yeah in this kind of fashion this kind of curved flash on the right arms doing this my trail arms doing this but i'm working it here so it's really winding it up but in doing so what do you notice here this trail shoulder look has gone behind and i've kept as i'm doing this i'm keeping the space super important all the space now i can work into i am not dragging it behind here i'm stuck i'm in hook position some people hook it from there others will go recognize their out position work to try and get some space now they're in all kinds of chicken wings or flick positions right absolute nightmare so get yourself set take your posture arms hanging straight down here and really feel that those arms are going to be working upwards here so when we get to halfway if you have a look on camera my hands should be directly in the middle of my chest here i'm also working i often visualize here this club pointing roughly at the golf ball don't have to worry about that so much but work it back and never go right around here don't let them run off just literally wind it back to the top here feel what it's like and then it almost transitions into our downswing where what we're going to do here is we're going to fire it down okay we'll come into that more detail in a second but just for now just work on your backswing get a sense of where that needs to be here keep that space don't let it get stuck then what i want to do we want to make that as natural as possible so there's a couple of things you can do here get yourself with your lead hand swing the club backwards and forwards start with the first position position here catch it feel it there then catch it later now look at this when i'm catching it look i'm catching it out here i am not catching it here where nothing's really moved okay i am laterally catching it there we go now we've got that distance out in front of kept that space all the time from here okay now what i'll do is i'll start to kind of make some swings imagine the same principle swinging it back just realizing keeping that space here the arms desperately want to come around here because it's easier to do that we're not going to let them and ultimately often the sensation when we fire it to here is almost what you're getting is kind of the scissor effect where the leech holder is firing this way the troll shoulder is firing back this creates that space okay that's where i want you to take this driver motion and i would actually hit some shots before we work on the dancing element just training that no big ones just simply training the sensation of flow it to here feel the whole motion to there wind up to there and then back into impact okay no real big shots take your time stop and through okay literally get that sensation it should feel like a very very short swing to start with particularly if you've been used to hitting driver and allowing those arms to run off it should feel like a very very short swing stopping here because you've now got the space and you're not invading that space okay let's now look at the transition on the way down so getting into a great backswing position is vitally important to make this next stage so much easier so really work on that but in transition okay what i want to look at is once you have the pattern of this so as you see here this lead forearm is rotating this way the trail form is rotating this side here you've now you're loading look at these muscles these muscles here in the shoulders are literally starting to load up so is this one if once they've loaded up what they are they're going to want to do they're going to want to load or unload back down again okay so as i've literally done this once you've got that sensation of them loading up what we do is we can load back down what most people do is one they won't have loaded them in the first place but then if they do load them they'll go oh the target's there they rotate they work on trying to get their hips rotated or they rotate their shoulders that's comes over the top or the hookers might drop inside and gets leech older going upwards what we want to do look is look at my leech holder here as i've kind of loaded it you'll see it's kind of come away a little bit here rounded up and it's loaded up what it's going to do on the way down look is this it's going to look move back this way behind me back into the position this gets the club down into the slot from here it's gonna work behind me and fire the club very different by the way well what you see with most players they up here if they do load them watch what happens now they're trying to they spin out of it they've been told to turn their hips and now they're dragging the club across the line of the golf ball creating slices or the shoulder doesn't do this it actually just goes up and that's your hook motion okay so what you do is in the backswing we load the shoulders up wind them up first then look allow them to unload so a great exercise here i want to practice is take that split hand exercise and then what we're going to do is i want to really sense that you are loading those shoulders up really feel like they're winding up to the top of the swing here this way then fire them down when you fire them down don't fire them with rotation fire them and really feel that that lead shoulder is working down and behind you wind it up no no yes yes now look at this i'm firing it the arms now are in place okay i was going to get leo in just for a second on this one here so there do you want to come and hold this for a second so um there's a videographer just helping me out a little bit so um a great feeling here if you're if this doesn't kind of connect with you if you don't hold that just nice and high for me okay so when you swing back and i'm going to pull down here when i'm at the top of the swing and i've got all this space your downswing here is look at the muscle here it needs to be working look back down into place if i just try and turn my hips nothing's happening you can't get there's no speed you can't get the club back down into position if i just turn my body that's not going to work either the power is going to come also from there moving back down into position here for us then to kind of fire it okay you can see that come from the side here as well from here just watch this here holding it here pulling but look at how the muscle here is working back down and left okay versus nothing's happening nothing happening i've got to work it down so get that thanks leah cheers um get that sensation here get the pattern here then get the unloading of the muscles on the way down and watch what happens now get this sensation here load those muscles back load them back down and look what happens to the club it's as those are unloading what's happening to the club it's working back out in front of us as they keep on loading and going behind what we're doing that's pushing the hips open now we're coming through square where's the muscle going now it's now behind me towards you that's gonna then hit those beautiful shots where we can fire on the way through very very different to shoulders going up getting stuck or not unloading dragging around into slice positions okay so just practice the pad pattern so you can we've got this up martian here so i'm practicing load the muscles up load them back down and then continue unloading them all the way through so they form that beautiful arc again no big shots to start with just feel load them up unload them back down and then through you go so load them up load them back down no big shots to stop just literally tap a few shots nice and straight and you can see here look at how accurate this is club path face to path the neutral zero is perfect okay that is really really close to dead dead straight that's what we're after because once you create this motion where you're loading them up loading them back down they're simply going to help you follow the arc it's so different without the muscles being loaded dragging inside lots of compensations you can't repeat that okay so how do you practice all this well you do it in stage you don't do it all in one go get the backswing right first you know the first thing i would be getting you to do is this get your arms working up feel what loaded shoulders feels like so if you lift the club up here and work it this way shoulders haven't reloaded now they've loaded so now they've really loaded now for what it's like to unload loaded unloaded once you've done that once or twice add the turning now you've you haven't done you haven't turned with your arms you've turned look with your body now when it feels like i've still got all that space we started with now we unload okay so you're really getting that sensation add the split hand into this as well love this because what it's going to do it's going to get essentially now know your destination work it back on camera look at the hands completely in front of the chest here that's what we're after there now we're going to do look from here load the shoulders unload them load them up and then as we do this we're going to add a bit more power to that we've also got the sensation here indoors you know what i did with leah get the sensation of ready from there once you've loaded them up feel like you're from the lower ground you're going to drive that back down now notice we're not driving this way that would get the shoulder high we're driving the shoulder back to where it was so get those sensations and do it in stages and then you know what just have some fun from here you know when i complete all this it's really the whole motion then becomes just a pattern i am literally look loading them up loading the shoulders up loading them back down that brings the club here work it right and i can work underneath if i want to get high lounge too so let's have one more smash load those shoulders up load them up load them back down perfect so start like that first okay we're not adding the speed in yet we're just getting a sensation of how that club is going to work back and for you can so you can start to hit it beautifully well and accurately then we'll work on speed okay so i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with a friend of you know struggling with their driver and look i've actually got a full course on my website on this from start to finish so from this setup all the way through it's kind of kind of holding you by the hand through this entire process so if you did like this and you want to know more or a much more detailed course go and check that one out but look thanks for joining us again if you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.