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driver Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often do you try to add more distance to your driver by adding some more speed but all you find is either your slice just gets bigger or your hooks gets bigger how do you add that speed but maintain the control to do this you're going to need to learn how to square the club face at impact you need to learn how to control it to do that you need to learn how the wrists work in the downswing and how basically you release that driver through the impact area it's slightly different to iron so we'll discuss both today now before i get into the lesson look if you're new to channels when your first videos are mine please consider subscribing i release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing okay so let's do this in three stages the first thing i'm going to teach you is i want to show you how you can generate more speed through just correct wrist motion okay most people lack this and it's the easiest way to generate speed there's no point generate speed like i said if you're hitting it everywhere so in stage two we'll show you how you can control those risks okay to to make sure the club arrives square at impact and then third and finally we'll bring in how you can support all of that with a correct body motion okay so let's start with the wrist first how can you get some easy wins how do you generate speed well the first thing you've got to do is this you've got to create some form of catapult motion through the shot and it's different with driving the eyes i'll cover that right now but you've got to get the catapult motion so if you can do this do this with me grab a club and just simply feel that just feel the momentum of this club speeding up now to do it what do you notice this bit isn't moving it's stopped to allow the club to catapult through when people are losing speed and you might be the same this is moving too much at the same time as the club it's not there's no brake on it and therefore there's no fire okay and they're often because you get to the top like this you're turning your shoulders you're steering it you're trying to control it possibly because you you've been hitting the ball everywhere so naturally you want to control the club well this is the first session i want you to do i want to truly start to let go of this club and the way you're going to do this is just for now get the sensation of this the wrists here cocking straight up and then uncocking downwards so you're getting some form of release a little bit of the catapult motion yeah and then what you want to do is you want to apply this now to the club so literally get the wrist cocking up and then watch this all i'm going to do something for now just literally cut them down [ __ ] up cut down i am not by the way steering it i'm not guiding it i'm just truly letting the club just literally uncock and as i'm doing this i'm getting some speed okay now all you've got to do is just feel the subtle difference between an iron and a wood we'll talk about control in a second with an iron we strike the ball then the ground so with an iron we want an impact position where the club is hitting down on the ball and it's roughly there so where would we release where would our body naturally need to be in order to help that natural release happen i don't know about you but i feel like my body needs to be more over this side more over here and then when i down cutler i'm striking the ball then the ground i wouldn't be here because that would get me hitting up on the ball i would be more there with driver very subtly i want to don't want to hit the club on the way down i want to hit it on the way up so look at this where's the handler going handle's going higher isn't it so look at this on the balls further forward in our stance and the handle we want to hit up on the ball this way where's the handle it's higher where's my shoulder higher so now when i [ __ ] the wrists up and i [ __ ] them down i'm going to visualize and feel that there's a rising of this shoulder as i down [ __ ] the club can you see this this is going to get me now getting a sense of upward driver what i'm not doing by the way is turning because i can't down cut from there and that's just going to get me going very flat and slicey okay so i'm down cocking and simply working up spend some time just hitting a couple of shots start off with your irons first then do a few with your driver with the only purpose on feeling how these wrists [ __ ] up and [ __ ] down don't mostly when they first start this they guide it steer it just let it go don't worry about where the ball goes because we're gonna work in control in stage two so you now can feel that lovely speed cartier through the impact area but it feels out of control how are you supposed to control it so the club actually arrives square every time and it doesn't arrive closed or open well we don't want to put it in position that's artificial we need to let this club flow so to you for you to arrive at impact on a regular basis square you need to learn the feel of impact this is super super important all great players you look and they've all got different swings but you know what they look like this with their driver impact at the moment of impact call drill for in a minute at the moment of impact the lead arm and club form a straight line the weight is on the lead side there's a little uh tilt in this in the spine here and they're leaning backwards this is helping them hit up on the ball but this is where they are this key aspect here is where they are in so when they do fire this club here that's where they're at okay you need to learn this feeling okay now it looks super simple doesn't it this will tell you whether you're doing it or not okay so all you do is get a box line the box up so it's halfway so the ball's halfway from this box here get the lead heel in line with this section of this corner of the box here and get yourself set up now this is my driver setup now you'll notice here that the shaft my shaft angle is angled away from the box here i've got a slight tilt in my spine okay this is my driver setup now as i swing back and i start to approach impact watch the change what's happening now it says i knock this ball off the off the t here my pressure has gone onto my lead foot here i've got a tilt in my spine here okay the shaft now is flat on the box and my head has gone slightly behind all these things is the kind of sensation that you'll see with any top player if you slice the golf ball you might suddenly find yourself doing this i can't even see the t now because i've gone over the top there it is now i can see it so you might this is a great feedback station you might be somebody who drives the handle too much are you slide too much well now look where the faces how are you going to try and square that up you're going to be in real trouble yeah you might be somebody who hangs back in an attempt to try and hit up off the ball well again how are you going to get the shaft on the box there going to be really really tricky so use the box as a wonderful feedback station i know it looks super super simple but it is incredibly valuable all great players they have different swings remember but that once you understand how to get into impact it makes everything else so much easier you know so many people are working on trying to get in the right body positions but they don't have the correct feel at impact so it's like well what do they mean you try not almost guessing it's kind of you've got to start with impact so that your body then knows ah that's what i'm going to do so suddenly you're going to be able to match up this impact feeling and your body's going to not make silly kind of moves like this because they won't make any sense they're going to make more correct moves in order to achieve the correct feeling at impact that's the key with this exercise okay so once you've developed this and got a feel for this and even probably again just use that box tap a few balls just work on this movement backwards and forwards getting that sensation do it in a mirror because every time i get someone to do something like this we still put them on camera and they think they're doing it but they you can see they go look on camera and they're not so take some time get that sensation and then start to practice firing like i've done that off a tee see if you can get that sensation through the impact so i'm uncocking on the way through but i'm trying to feel that motion we've just felt with the box then what we do is we start to kind of build this into some form of routine that you can actually take to the golf course so what we do it gets offset and we go right okay so i'm maybe normally here that's what it felt like so i'm going to really feel so if you slice it you probably a bit more here so you want to imagine now really getting that pressure on the leesa and just just leaning that shaft this way there you go there we go but i'm not going to practice driving i still want to do what we did earlier which is to fire that club but i'm now firing it to a place which is what i just learned or the feeling i've just learned with that box okay so we start off really small okay i might have just viewed a few taps here all i'm going to do is work it back and try to feel

that motion there through the impact area okay a few few taps just get a sensation and then obviously from there you can build this comfortably into a routine you can take to the golf course where every time you go you just literally get yourself set you go okay right make sure i'm in great setup position where do i want to be impact just feel that motion okay if somebody slices it by the way really badly i might get them to exaggerate more actually going this way i'm actually getting to go that way a bit more even more this way because you're so used to doing this if somebody hooks it i might get them to go more this way more angled to the left and back just because they get too much inside but whatever it is you feel it you come back back nice and small and a few small swings and then gradually can really start to let it go okay so start really really small with this okay remember we still want to get this club swishing through at no stage am i actually guiding this motion i really want you here to be ripping through the shot don't want to be trying to put it into position i want you to be going feel the position swing through the position feel it swing it

feel it feel it here really feel it then

swing it again just small shots just initially before i go into the real ripper okay so work on that field first of all get stage one get some speed you need speed none of this works if you're hanging on to this club and you try to do this none of that's going to work you've got to have speed once you've got speed you need the feeling through the impact area use the bot i know it looks simple but it will really really work it gives you great feedback put yourself on camera too if you enjoy this video you're probably going to enjoy this one right here check the i went in video out as well but look if you're new to channel come and join the community press that subscribe button and the bell and i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing but until next week have a wonderful golfing week