How to play BUNKER SHOTS like a Tour Player

3 key tips best bunker tips bunker Nov 22, 2021

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so how do you play bunkers like a tall player weight forward open face and oh geez come on one more this time here we go [ __ ] face way forward be confident geez

how do you play bunkers not like that but like a tour player in this week's video i'm going to show you exactly how you could not just get out of bunkers every single time but how can you get out of them when you don't have sand in your bunkers i'm sure you have that your home club sometimes when the sand's really hard or sometimes when the sand is super soft how do you get out how do you judge distance and how do you play them like a tall player so when they do come out they come out with a load of spin so you can control that distance too that's what i'm going to cover in this week's video before i do look if you're new to the challenge for your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i'll put everything into a practice plan that you can download complete for free in the description box below okay great so in this lesson i want to make you a wonderful bunker player not so that you're just getting out every time that should be the easy bit but i want you to be able to get out and control your distance you know control maybe even get loads of backspin like the professionals do and to do that you're gonna need to know three things the first thing you're gonna need to know is this i want you to imagine the bunkers as like a loaf of bread i know it's a strange image but imagine the ball is resting on a loaf of bread and your job is to basically take the crust off the top of the life now imagine to do that you're going to have to enter the bread at a certain point behind this ball you're going to then have to control how deep that knife goes under the ball and then you're going to have to get that knife coming out the other side in order to take the crust off you got it what we don't want is to go throw the knife deep into the bread here we want to slice that crust off so the question is how do you learn those three skills that's what we're going to do one at a time right now so the first skill to learn is you've got to control how deep the knife goes or in this case the golf club we don't want it to be going deep one minute shallow the next so to help this all you do is this i've got my sand wedge here i'm gonna get the um very very very very low to the bunker the lower you get the easier it is look to take the crust off the loaf or in this case the top of the sand if i stand tall i'm more likely now to have to go down to the ball which was going to do what that is going to get me going deeper into the sand yeah not going to be a slice of crust off so stage 1 elbows soften them everything just soften lower yourself into the sand it will feel very very low lower the club the handle everything gets low give yourself an opportunity to slice that crust off then i want to ask yourself this we're going to ball position set up in a second but just that then i want you to ask yourself well what type of swing do you think would be needed if we were going to take the crust off this life would we swings vertically upwards would we sing more around what do you think you know put your answers in the comments box below we're going to swing more here aren't we you got to feel this yeah so to help you now swing more in this shape rather than just up and down just imagine maybe that you're kind of holding a baby and you're going to do is you're going to rock the baby look how my body's working pivoting back pivoting through pivoting back pivoting through don't want to tip it up don't lift up don't want to tip it this way literally backwards and forwards and as i'm doing this look at this this is creating rhythm yeah which brings me on to the next stage now you've got the idea that you cut in the crust off allow the club very important now the momentum of this club to swing so all you're doing is your body's moving it backwards and forwards and allowing the club to swing completely freely now i know you're probably eager just let's just danny just let me get out let me hit some balls out the bunker well you've got to build these skills i promise you the time you put in now will be so amazing for you on a golf course yeah build the skill the feel you need to just take that crust off so we're going to lower ourselves into the sand soften our rail bars yeah maybe the ball position would be opposite our lead heel here we might even just open the club face up a little bit then we're going to grip it yeah now all i want to build the skill of depth control how do you do this let the club swing freely feel the momentum swinging rock the baby backwards and forwards and then look then see if you can just take the crust off the top of the life if you start doing this you've got feedback as to what you're doing wonderful build the skill of depth control i know you can't do this on a golf course you don't have the time that's why i want you to do it first of all learn the feelings in practice so you can take them to the golf course once you're ready put lots of summer there once you're ready that by all means put the ball forward line completely square don't air miles left don't need to do that get yourself set lower yourself into the sand here okay and then simply start off playing a few nice easy shots

okay great so you might find that you don't get it out straight away you said daddy i'm i'm i'm controlling my depth i'm not taking loads of sound but i'm still not getting out i'm still blading it into the bunker or or i'm blading over the back of the green or i'm going too deep yeah um so one of the things you might then want to consider is the second and third elements of this so you're controlling your depth but you're not controlling where the knife enters into the bread maybe it's too far behind or maybe it's too much on the ball so let me explain so you could have pretty good depth control but if you're kind of firing back here you're going to now potentially thin the ball into the face of the bunker even miss it completely yeah if you're if you're over here you could still have great depth control but now you're hitting the ball first and striking the divot after we don't want that so we want to basically strike the sand a couple of inches behind the ball and we want to exit the sand a couple of inches after the golf ball super super important so what tends to cause you to not do that is too much movement yeah so i still want you to rock the baby i still want you to kind of move freely i don't say oh danny says i've got to strike this line and you're like this that's never going to work but what we want to have is still the freedom of motion now when you want to concentrate on what's going to give you the best chance of controlling where that club enters here and where exits using a tram lines 5 inches apart and the ball's in the central you can now lower your body into the stand and start to assess where you are striking the sand first where are you exiting where's the club exit okay simple skill development again yeah so make some swings and behind the line okay great so feedback wonderful okay where am i now pretty good yeah so i go up again and the depth control is good brilliant again

too far ahead of the line build the skill what are you feeling when you do this line drill what is it what's the experience you're getting do you feel yourself moving around too much what gives you the the perfect strike in the middle of that line start to figure that out so that you can take those feelings out onto the golf course one thing while you're doing this because i want to teach you now how to get it out and get some serious spin with this right so you've started to play around with develop the skill you want freedom of immersion we don't moving all over the place user line is a great guide then remember this we want some club head speed at the bottom yeah and the way we're going to do is we're gonna allow the club to fall look at this momentum falling yeah but danny you told me if it falls it's gonna potentially go too deep yes so your body then needs to counter it so look at this i'm starting low and as i throw the club down okay i want to counter that force by pivoting and rocking the baby upwards this counter balance here is what allows the club to do this bottom out beautifully doesn't go too deep but more importantly get some speed through that shot which is going to get the backspin all right so again we can practice this allow the club to fall that'll be too deep so watch i'm going to counter it i'm going as i rock the baby and pivot i am counter the mush i'm coming out of the sand let's have a look at this in action lower ourselves down we've got the tram lines we know where we're supposed to be entering

okay that's pretty good that should be that should be pretty close so what we're doing now is you've got to remember look you've got to build the skill in this so you've got these guidelines here to really help you become an amazing bunker player there's no quick fixes to this you know it took me years to to to learn how to play bunkers but a lot of the times because i didn't know what i was doing now you do yeah you've got guidelines so when you kind of not get out of bunker you can see well are you in a sense behind the tram line there or ahead of the tram line here this is feedback for you how deep are you going these are things that are going to help you become a great bunker player but they are things that are going to require you to be a little bit patient and learn and develop the skill so do it in practice and then take it to the golf course and when you're ready have some fun now i did promise you i'd show you how to put hard bunkers so if i jump on some hard sand here this is rock hard i've got a steep bunker here so i do need a bit of loft the only thing you're going to do in very compact sand it's exactly the same principle but what i want to imagine is i want to throw the mass here when you're throwing it allow the mass to throw into the sand i'm throwing the mass into sand but i'm not going with it i am going to counterbalance that mass with my body so i'm still going to come out of this sand all right so it's all i want you to do face maybe a fraction more closed but this is rock hard so let's have a look at this so lower myself nice and low here pivot back and pop it out that's rock hard the ball skipped up and probably yeah just released through sir but it's out of the bunker yeah now if i really wanted to get more elevation on that let's just try that so i'm gonna basically it's rock hard here i've got it out see if i can get this ball up a bit higher so i'm gonna add a bit of loft on here and i'm gonna try and get that leading edge just slicing into that sand just a bit more because i can't go deep because the sand won't allow me to so nice and low here pivot up oh that's better much much better shot right see the difference i just came down a bit i was a bit more aggressive going down and i came out through that sand so that's how i wanted to play the firm bunkers if it's really really soft and powdery just feel like you're swinging more level and maintaining your height all right so three things are going to make you amazing bunker player control your entry point and your exit point draw tram lines to figure that out entry point su super simple where are you entering if you're moving around a little plus you're not going to struggle to control this exit point allow the club to fall to the ground and then you come out of the sand you come out i counterbalance that club this is going to keep the club speeding through the impact area depth control no hacking at it no trying to lean it lift it up control take the crust off that life how rock the baby swing the club nice and freely effortlessly through the sand develop depth control you can do this but yes you will need to be patient it's like any other skill develop the feelings of the correct motion and you will become a bunker player hopefully like a top player because they do become very very straightforward all right so i hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it to somebody who you know is really struggling with bunkers and remember you don't have to remember a thing i've put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below if you're new to the channel come and join the community so i can give you more videos just like some to help your game but until next week have a great golfing week