How to swing a golf club (the easy way) - LIVE GOLF LESSON

driver driver slice Jul 05, 2022

Full Transcript-  so if you've ever wanted a simple way alert to learn how to swing a golf club particularly slicing looking for an extra distance come and check this lesson out right now with uh leo my videographer who's been struggling a little bit his beginner goal for being struggling to get any distance with his drive slicing slicing all over the place you're gonna love this live lesson we'll be not only showing how to hit it straight but how to generate some effortless yards too come and look over my shoulder right now and watch the entire thing so leo tell me um you haven't been playing golf very long no um and you want to know how to swing a swing a golf club particularly your driver yes tell me what's happening uh with your driver basically just consistent with it but it's just massive slices to the right massive yeah massive slice yeah so let's have a look at you see where that slice is coming from sure okay um tell me what would be a great lesson today um just eliminating the slice ideally i knitted it yeah okay cool let's have a look so we're gonna try eliminate slice hit it dead straight nice and simple


and there we go yeah that's the slice okay cool so six seven mile club at speed you can see here your club path down on this corner here is minus four point eight which means you're coming across the line of the golf ball so you're basically coming out to win right face to path 14 degrees open yeah so basically it means that that face is wide open okay as you're coming across which is why you are getting the slice slicing bin right so we've got to figure out what's the simplest way for you to start hitting that ball much much stress so hit a couple more for me okay i'll have a look at your swing sure

yeah i tend to top it as well and i've even had it occasionally might be sliced top or it might ping off and go really high up really high so it's sky with you as well basically okay cool

it's very low that as well isn't it yeah okay so don't do that quite normal did it crack that load yeah yeah it only be quite low topped up in the air or big slice big slice yeah okay basically so um what we're gonna do first of all this is really normal right so we can look at the swing there's definitely some issues with the swing we need to look at okay but what i would say is is like like us all sometimes yeah right at the start some basic simple setup things could make a massive difference to what you're doing how you're gripping it how you're standing to it a little bit here could just change everything yeah okay so we'll start with that first so the first thing i'll notice is this all right i brought this for a second so when you set your stand there for a moment so when you're setting up to the ball what you're doing is two things your left hand grip yeah okay is way too weak okay there's the first thing okay it basically slid underneath underneath the club here right so you're in the inner slices grip right okay this left hand you're basically too high up in the pan needs to be more in the fingers of the hand here right okay now it's the fingers you're in a much stronger position to keep that club face square okay so you've already got a slice of grit which is going to enhance how much that face is open so we need to tweak that well that's also done by you having everything rolled in this way okay you basically if we had a steering wheel you turn the steering wheel this way so your hands underneath this right hand on top yeah and you're a bit here okay that's got your shoulders in me a little bit left your right arm is slightly higher than your left arm really normal people hitting driver so from here where you're gonna go yeah across across right the other thing is what else do you notice it's coming down down yeah because it's hard to get underneath the ball if you're already on top remember with a driver we want to be sweeping up on that ball sure okay we want to be creating much more of a upward martian but it's very difficult when you've turned the steering wheel this way yeah so what i'm going to do we're going to build a routine okay so that's your setup so your grip we got how we're holding it here the second thing is ball position your ball position is too far back in your stance for driver okay so we want that ball position opposite our lead foot so the way to do this we're going to get into a little system where basically put your feet together okay and we'll start off we'll do it all together like this the feet together so that that t is on you in line with your big toe yep and then i'm going to put my left hand in play and i'm going to let that club fall into the fingers of my left hand yeah then i'm going to put that left hand in play like this yeah okay from here i'm going to take a tiny step and a slightly big step that's going to make sure the ball position now look is forward in my stance okay then what we're going to do for yourself is give also give you more room from the golf ball a lot of people ask me how close you stand to it you've got to get your shoulders much more over the top you are stood yeah way too close right yeah so got to get more over the golf ball from here we're going to take a right hand put it on the back of our leg slide it down and underneath okay now if you look from this angle what you're going to find is my right arm look is you can see the top of my left forearm comfortably that's in a position to up on the ball compare that if i turn the steering at the wheel this way yeah right hands on top yeah that's going to get choppy down right so literally build this routine so feet together shoulders more over not back here left hand in play little step big step right hand on the leg slide it down a little bit this keeps the right shoulder back and then we're in play okay so we're going to build that system in it'll take a bit of time but build that system in for your driver okay yeah because i just assumed like the irons just center the stairs basically yeah um yeah we want to hit up on the driver so the key is is start first of all get that left hand on the grip correctly first oh yeah okay a good checkpoint is is when you're here you want that left hand in the fingers so from here look i'm going to slide it into the fingers now if you closed your hand yeah i can see more knuckles of that hand now okay yeah you see a difference yeah right that's more like it now a pause there pause there right before you jump in and put the right hand in yeah i need you to set your distance from the ball and your posture so that that shoulder is not sitting back a lot of people with driver they sit back here and get too close and too tall sit it in place right so that left arm is just beautifully down here yep now right hand on the back of the leg okay yeah slide it down a fraction perfect see how that drops your shoulder a little bit yeah bring it in from there okay now from here we can start to see the tip of your left forearm right so if you feel a bit too close to it too far away just get a little bit closer by leaning there you go that's it there we go okay let's have a look from that ball position's better there great start hit a shot from there

see let's go okay so keep going just build that little routine sure into the shot left-handed different feeling with this hand yeah yeah left hand right i can see more knuckles now that's it right hand underneath

that felt quite good yeah that's better yeah okay so we just have your face there all right so you've gone from minus 14 to just a six now okay yeah cool

makes sense yeah so even with just a simple change in the way you're setting up to it yeah you're now hitting the ball on the golf course yeah you're keeping it on the golf course okay

that felt quite good yeah look at that look at that there now look yeah that's nice so just a simple change in setup yeah there's neutralize the path and got that phase look at zero is what we call perfect it means that you're everything is perfectly square sure so notice that without even a change in your swing yeah just a change in actually the way you address the ball can hugely make a difference to your actual swing what's going to come yeah yeah yeah because my grip before was just yeah completely straight and i think you were basically everything about the setup the grip posture was all set up to slice yeah so trying to get rid of it from there is really hard sure okay so good start

all right wow look at that there we go so you've almost overdone it which is fine right so again so this is great this is a really great start so this is laying the foundations for us to amplify this now improve do some swing work yeah so we can really get you up to oh i don't know okay what are you 107. can we get to 200 yards ever hit 200 yards um i don't know i don't know yeah so that's that maybe that's that's a little girl for this session okay let's do now set up a loan yeah you could just start playing with that but let's we want to get this yardage up okay um so what i want you to do now is you need some speed sure yeah and you need to understand what you're currently doing what you're doing right now here is this your swing you pop in here for a second your swing is very much around and around so i call this drag okay right what we need to have is the need basically some snap right we need some snap at the bottom of the golf ball so notice this i'm using my arms yeah yeah a lot of people are scared they've been told that they've got a rotate yeah and all they're doing is this yeah i've sort of tried to connect my arms in a way and keep them yeah no no we need i i won't go too much detail now we're not ready to go into the detail too much detail but i want to kind of do this in stages and for me the next stage for you is now you've got in a better place here we now need to create some snap okay at the bottom of that golf ball yeah right now there is none so what happens is because there's no snap with the arm okay wait this lead out what you want is the lead almond club lining up at impact see my left shoulder here yeah it's stable it's right there yeah your left shoulder's already gone past the golf ball and you create this kind of dragging effect and it's very hard to get one of these power sure but two it just drags and you get all these low flights like uh whereas healer when i'm moving this club back down i can really hit behind the ball and actually hit it up yeah okay yeah so simple image okay is from here is to make the swing and imagine that you're going to let the lead almond club line up at impact here in and do practice let's start off with in a snap fashion versus a drag fashion okay sure so have a quick go

that felt quite good there we go yeah okay it's much more neutral numbers isn't it yeah the adage is creeping up just another 50 yeah

we can do it

that's pretty good i'm 60. we're getting closer

oh 176. we're getting closer okay it's a bit of a workout but so in order to get that yardage up okay yeah so what are you feeling like you're having to do i think um almost making more effortless in a way as opposed to being a bit too tense to begin with and almost trying to all right put it there sort of tense a bit make sure i'm in the right position and then almost tense down as opposed to flow

i would rather and we can see some of the numbers just that they're nowhere near as they're much more neutral we can see some of the numbers on trackman showing us that we're just going off a little bit yeah but i think what you're seeing is this is that balance we're trying to create okay is we want to get into the right places you know roughly how to get there now now it's just a case of at some stage you know what you've just got to say i've gotta let go sure i've got to trust and you know what i'm got it's okay to be imperfect yeah yeah yeah so the more crazy and outraged and imperfect you become the more speed you'll generate sure but now with a better setup okay and an idea of where you're going you're we're getting i reckon we can hit that 200 back if not more okay i've actually got a little thing that i'll probably take it over the edge in a second i'll show you okay

okay we're really getting there okay okay now i think this is going to help massively okay so um you're using like an ancient driver which you probably said he was your granddad yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah my granddad yeah okay right so um i'm going to give you the latest kind of big bertha b21 okay it's lighter um so we're going to add this to the mix okay now is this going to rapidly straighten out all your shots of course not but you you know you've already started to do that with the setup and what you're doing okay yeah but what it will do is it's it's you're using nine and a half degrees that's nowhere near enough when you're starting okay right i've got ten and a half degree loft here okay it's much much more forgiving okay so let's see if this can take us over the 200 marker okay

i felt quite good 183 okay nice little third that's fine we're in the middle of the fairway still okay okay fire it up that's it fire it down here there we go

not quite but it's okay i think yeah close yeah straight look at that look at these numbers just wasn't quite perfect but we're almost there yeah look at the numbers now much more neutral clubhead speed up to 80 miles an hour right so we're getting there i reckon you could get same principle we can we'll we'll continue to work over uh for more speed over the coming weeks right but i think for now we've started to hit more fairways which is wonderful for you with driver definitely and we're gaining some power

but look at the difference here look now a bit behind the ground yeah you're getting the house down to stance a tiny bit a little bit a little bit i can't be doing well

sounded good you know that was a good one that sounded good oh but look i'm happy look look these are the numbers that we wanted neutralizing the numbers now look yeah well so we're getting this shape look at the distance almost at 200 more importantly no slice yeah yeah definitely you know definitely so we're now combining the distance with the accuracy right makes sense with this new feeling through the impact area this exaggeration yeah posture setup