I show Dad EASIEST way to get out of ANY Bunker - LIVE GOLF LESSON

bunker live student lessons Sep 13, 2022

Full Transcript - so dad yep bunkers yeah tell me tell me about one because what tends to happen when you're in the bunkers uh well various things happen uh sometimes i i might get a nice decent hit and it gets on the green other times i'll have the club digs in yeah and i'll just hit the the base of the front of the uh bunker so you kind of fatter into the fat into the side yeah yeah and i find uh different types of sands can make a big difference to how you get the ball out of the bunker yep yep so sometimes i know a lot of people have commented on the channel sometimes like if they don't have enough sand in there or they prefer i mean yeah yeah you obviously it's a different kind of a strap that you've got to do to get it out yeah so you need you need if you've got good technique though a good technique will work on any sand right what you'll find is is that if your technique's not great it'll work on some sand but then it's not very uh it doesn't cross over to other sand so particularly hot and when you don't got a lot of standing in the bunkers that's what a lot of people are thinking i mean we have a club i play with the the bunkers are quite hard the sun is packed down yeah and a lot of the guys find it difficult to get out okay one of the main main complaints really well i'll show you i'll show you how you can do that with uh from the set let me get yourself set up let's take a few shots yep let's see see your bunker play

so you can hear that noise yeah i mean do it bear in mind um you know this is completely downhill here so it's a really difficult bunker shot okay so it's generally going to run but there's almost a bit thin that wasn't it the fat nearly fattened yeah i did yeah okay yep i'm gonna go

yeah it's down to the the soften the sand stop me doing that it's not being said being at my club now thinned i'd have thinned that yeah exactly yeah definitely you would have never been over the green

that was close wasn't it yeah okay right okay let me show you what's happening this is really normal so the first thing i what i like is is your stance is quite square which i like a lot of people have been taught to have an open stance but then the problem is all your energy is going in the wrong direction so the first thing i like is is that with bunker play if we took a target line here towards that flag yeah yeah what we're trying to do is you stand fairly square to it to start with like this okay and then what you do is you turn your left turn my lead foot here out with my knee pointing this way okay so you want predominantly your weight on your left side yes and that's why you don't do that throughout the swing yes yeah exactly and the reason why we turn so you're standing square first of all with the ball position here just ahead of center just inside this lead heel okay with the toe pointing out was the knee pointing outwards here now what this is doing is this is going to give you space to come through the shot through the shot makes sense right the next thing you're going to do is which is what you don't do if you look when you we look back on camera you will notice that your weight is favoring your back foot so you're almost in this position now i have to see this a lot when people try to get out of bunkers they start to lean backwards a little bit yeah sort of to trying to help it up yes now the other thing is is what we're going to try to do in this bunker shot here we want the club to literally fall down right and bottom out ie when we say bottom out the lowest point we want it literally underneath the ball because we want the bounce of the club to bounce off the base of the bunker yeah and pop the ball airborne okay but the problem is if you have your body over this way your lower point is going to be where too far behind behind you now when the sand is soft you can go on you can you can go under it under it and just about get it out with you what you've done yes but when you get that horrible hard sound maybe you don't have much sanity bunk because then you do that technique it just goes bounce and then if i create this ball bounce thin you follow yeah so whatever we need no matter where it's soft sand hard stand we still need this low point coming and attacking this way right not back here right so square set up toe turn out knee turn this way okay then what you're going to do is you're going to feel that pressure just settling in to your legs here and feeling that's a bit more on your left side right okay from this position we're going to still have a square face okay you don't need to open first at the stage okay you're going to get the arms nice and low okay and the aim here is his butt end you're going to point this towards your belly button okay now what this does is it neutralizes the shaft so that you can get the balance of the club working if you have the hands too far forward what's happening here oh you're getting the leading edge you get the leading edge and that's going to create fats as well yeah we don't want this much and we want actually the bounce to work so it's glides through the sand okay so take your stance square first to belly button here okay and then all you're going to do from this position it's really simple you're going to let gravity of the club fall down to the sand right okay okay in doing so all i'm doing as i swing the club back here i'm going to get the toe of this club going into the sand and the

almost feel like i'm going to get the toe going underneath the ball oh actually okay okay so you look here the toe starts to line up with the heel a lot of people when they're playing bunker shots they're either flicking it up so they're never going to get toe into the sand or they're dragging it across what we want to do is get the toe working under the ball so the bounce works you follow okay

there you go well okay good start it's going to be hard to stop it because it's all downhill here yeah so you have to play a lot softer shot but this is fine for now it makes sense yes it does so you're just going to get literally and the difference is now you're catching the sand much much more direct here two inches behind the ball versus three inches four inches behind right make sense yes yeah because if you get your weight more this way you're going to allow the club to attack much more where the ball is versus back here you're going to attack too far behind the ball yeah okay

nice that'll spin just there see the spin at the end at the end right yeah so you just hit it bit too hard you see it right at the end it checked didn't it yes yes okay that now that's how the best players do it yeah exactly you're coming down you throw it you get the bounces working under the ball but what i've been doing daniel i've been getting concentrating the heel of the club through not the toe interesting the toes the key toes is the key and the second thing's the key is allowing the natural gravity of this club look to

four makes sense and so yeah what i'm doing here is something i learned from pete cowan actually is getting the arm pressure here so for me to bring that toe under the ball my arm pressure here needs to pressure down left you see this so if i understand and if i pressure my ampere left that brings the toe down under natural forces and through yeah versus if i put the pressure this way now suddenly the toe is going to be left open yeah yeah then i get flicky flicky yippy yeah okay sorry

do you want to open the clubhouse not for now no i i always think it's best to learn a square face first learn the technique with a square first first yeah definitely and what about the grip do you have a norton is it the normal grip with a bunker shot um i for now yes yeah there is a grip um which i know um one of the coaches who i you know i saw pete callum using the butterfly grip i find that at the moment is a bit too much just to start with right for golfers you're just just your normal group just do a normal grip to start with yeah and then as we start to kind of develop the technique you can then start to adapt it to other groups okay but i think that sometimes certainly in my experience with teacher students tends to be a bit too much too soon right yeah this is so this is a good start so watch the bulbs don't get too far back in your stance is that okay it's a little bit too central there that's it yeah you want to strike the sand behind the ball so if the ball's too far central you'll hit the ball right so we move our stance so that the ball's more in line with your left heel and that should be more and then watch this let's put it in line with the belly button that's it that's it the butt's laying in bed but i just let the gravity pause there hang up left knee that's there you go now can you see what you've said now by you sitting there yes pause the effort still that yeah by you sitting there like this you're now providing a path to go through just a minute ago you did you watched this you were you were like this now the problem is there's no path no space that gets you flicking or even leaning back yeah so look at this here that's it now look you can use that space to throw the bounds of the toe look underneath the golf ball you fuller yep yep

there you go nice yeah look at that there yeah yeah

good that's very little sand there does that yeah and that's the point right it's not the bounce will stop you taking loads and loads of stand you don't have to think about as long you can be not just literally allow the club to fall and the bounce will stop you going too deep yeah you'd have to worry about that okay so set yourself up

that's it ball for the phone you sound something if you could let's hit play asset

there you go watch this lovely and soft and that's downhill that is downhill all downhill from there yeah all downhill yeah so it's very hard to stop it on this particular we've chosen probably the worst pin on the golf course to be fair okay the object is getting out of the bunker getting out of the bunker i know that's the main thing exactly that's right exactly

how soft is that yeah yeah makes sense yeah easy i feel now right on the toe i feel that i can feel a toe going under the ball there yes and that's what's giving you that lovely square contact and it's effortless because you're just using the natural force of the golf club to yeah yeah and people said to me well how do you just distance control well if you if you want to hit the ball you know a little bit further just swing a bit longer and now there's more energy stored let that energy yeah fall through and you're gonna just done that one there daniel yeah with a square face yeah if i open it up there yep the ball will go higher a little bit higher a bit higher and it'll go it should go shorter okay so we're not at a ball let's go grab the balls so if you wanted like so if you wanted to get more height yeah so i we're both using 60 degree here yeah yes 96 okay so i'm use 60. so do you want a more height you can open up the club first you don't change don't change the stance don't change your stance all you're doing is just opening the club yes now we're going to bring that club first back to square but we're going to do it slightly differently right so if you look at this here i'm going to start set up in the same way bulge off my lead heel toe turning out providing that space to come through now what i'm going to do is i'm going to open up the club face i'm going to point the club at the belly button still yeah yeah now the difference now is this when i throw those arms other and pressure down yeah and let the gravity of the club fall down i'm going to still try to get the toe what do you want

quite a long way away from that ball yes so we now need to move the tar under the ball so what do you notice about my hands now that right there

so when you throw the arm pressure down now it's going to be thrown in a way that naturally gets the toe working under the ball now i don't want this it's not that no i'm throwing the gravity so that the toe lines up with the heel you hear that noise yes beautiful bounce work yes yeah okay so it should have been belly button slightly back i'm sort of releasing somewhere right here you're using the arm pressure so you're not you're not just doing this no we're throwing the arms in such a way down and left to get the toe working back underneath that golf ball yeah so i'll just show you what i mean so we're here

look at the height on that height there yes yes makes sense yes so we ditched downhill but see the extra height on it yes that's right okay yeah so all you're doing is literally practicing if i hit that a bit soft i mean i just wanted to show you the height there yeah so it's a load extra height yeah but from here if you want to play a soft tone with an open face oops loads of sand here um soft on with an open face same principle and all i'm going to do is just throw the gravity down but i'm just not i'm just going to throw it gently so it looks a bit more like this

yeah that's nice yeah and then you got checked then just check because i've opened it up a little bit and i'm allowing the gravity yes of the club yeah just to fall yeah okay so that gives you that bounce that gives you the check all right so same setup square stance toe pointing out knee feel that weight there open the face and then through throw the arm pressure down no watch this dad watch this buzzer it's not lean back and do it look what i'm doing here i'm still throwing down and i'm throwing the air pressure down and left this is what's going to bring the toe back to the heel but you don't lean back to do it that's it throw it down that's it

oh what's that now i'm glad you did that okay because here this is really normal a lot of people when they start opening up the face this is why we start with a square face first a lot of people when they're opening up the face

did i do that then you did really you did you're leaning back and then what happens is you there's there's yeah i know what we're doing do you need to do this club we need to let the club just fall fall just let it fall into sand yeah but because you're trying really hard yeah you lean back don't you don't realize i did that yeah you don't need to lift it you just let the club just fall think about there's no sand was there no no none at all so before we do this next one this is why we start with square first everyone should start with square first first learn the technique first then you add more finesse with the open first right okay that's it lower yourself down a little bit more that's it i feel like gravity just falling into the sand

what's the spin there there's the check oh yeah that's the check yeah yeah i get the i get the feel there throw the that's it throw that toe underneath the ball there hear that noise yeah all right so square first first it's much easier yeah i'll practice for that learn that motion first then um add in the open uh open first later okay as long as you're using 60 degrees and stuff you can you can comfortably do this yeah all right brilliant all right cool yeah thanks honey well done great stuff.