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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I've got a great drill that helps with the downswing move and also squaring the club face up more consistently through impact if you're struggling on a regular basis to get that club working on the correct line on the way down maybe you come over the top quite a bit or you get stuck inside or turn of II when you come into impact maybe you're struggle to square the club face up on a regular basis you're out leaving it open or shutting it down right at last minute this drill is working so so well to achieve those two things really really efficiently and we're going to share with you exactly what it is in this week's training before we do if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos to consider subscribing we released videos just like this one every single week to improve your game so what have we got for you or as I said a lot of people are coming to me and they are when they're swinging getting to the top of the backswing they're even moot they're struggling to get rid of this over-the-top move if they manage to get the club anywhere in the slot they then struggle to square the club face up maybe it flips with a hook here or they leave the face wide open and what I want to do here is to share with you the specific drill that helps to kind of get rid of these things so let's start with what we're after right so when we make a backswing and get we winded up the top here and what we're trying to do here is this we want to eventually get the club to win eat in the hands just outside the right thigh here the club shaft is parallel to the foot line we don't want it here and we don't want it there right we want it absolutely parallel to foot line at this position here right now what you see with a lot of people when they get here is this right shoulder tends to work over the top way too much here moves outwards in front of them here and then they're causing all kinds of illnesses cutting across blade right up and pulls you name it so what I want to show you there is is what I call the split hand drill now learnt this from a great professional Steven being out in out and you by I've kind of tweaked a little bit to help you through the impact area but it's a fantastic exercise so what I want you to do is take your club I'm just gonna grab the 7-iron here you do it with Drive it works exactly the same we driver you put the club up and you take it in your left hand lead hand on top and then it's a split drill you want your right hand now underneath here okay so this one now is you base it in a sense taking a normal grip and you simply move the right hand down I'm good two or three inches down the grip then just cut the club up into position here now from this position what I want you to do is I want you to whine the club up here just so you using the ground your wine gonna come up to around about forty-five degree angle here fat chest high then what I want to do is want to practice driving the club down into that power level two foot line position so it's down up down up down while I'm doing this this right shoulder is staying back I'm not allowing it to go outwards at all right so it's a great exercise to get a sensation here if I'm winding up I'm coming straight down into the ground Here I am NOT at any stage here moving my body around wonderful exercise for those of you who when you when you get to top wonder how do I stop this Martian well this is a great move just a feeling here punching down here into this position here with the right shoulder stays back now from this position we need to work out how we're going to square the club face this is where I see a lot of people going wrong from here what we want to actually do is this from this one we're going to up we go down and down watch this the club then works back out in front and around here right so let me show you from this angle so we're going to work it from here we're going to work it up walk it down and then watch this the club works out now watch what's happening here my right hand is moving almost outwards while my left hand is moving closer to my legs and my body is naturally opening up to provide room for this to come around this is what helps to keep the Crawfords really square through the impact area so many people from here even if they get to this slot here they then turn to slide too much this way as a post align the club to quickly work this way they get move the handle too far there they're now stuck inside that can lead to lots of very violent flips right at last minute from here a lot of clients have said to me it's when it's working really well they get this position here they feel like oh that feels like it's early releasing Danny isn't going to come over the top of them doing that absolutely not the feeling never feel like it's coming over the top because you're actually for the first time you're actually releasing it properly as opposed to getting stuck in here this is the over the top from this position here you're already in the slot from there I want the car working quickly out in front now look how the body reacts to that and away we go let's see what this looks like so takes a bit of getting used to hitting golf balls like this for a fantastic way to get this sensation so back and through one of those I hit that a little bit left there why did I do that I basically got stuck in here a bit so I'm going to actually strangely for release it out more in front and watch this one there we go

so definitely would say that one of my problems at times is I get a little bit stuck inside and this drill strange enough it feels like you're actually releasing it more and it feels like it's counterintuitive also if you release it you're gonna lose power in it actually you're gonna hike it left it's completely opposite what tends to happen is is this if you've already got the like here the key now is you've got to let that like go so soon the club works out in front the hands work closer to your body here and the body responds and unbrace it from this position watch this when I'm here as they release the club now I've still got the lead lap arm square the club it's not flicking initiate perform I'm releasing it my body naturally creates room which helps me to keep the club face really Square no stages that are flipping or like flicking of the wrists it's a wonderful way to get your body and the club working more efficiently and and keeps the coffee stable through the impact area so well from here or working up till about chest high we're punching it down to getting a sensation here for those of you come over top this is what to start with and then from there we're going to work the club back out in front here where the Ryan comes out the left hand comes closer to your left leg see what this looks like again nice simple exercise rides better

okay let's just summarize really really simple exercise there so for those of you who are struggling to get that Club coming down on the into the right slot and then struggling to square the club face up this is a really really great exercise simply grip the golf club normally but then split the hands there's a good two or three inches between them it will feel very very strange initially don't hit golf balls just simply work the club up into about chest high position here get the sensation and then practice for those of you over toppers punching down here so the hands outside the right leg punch down keeping this right shoulder back we're not moving it across here in any shape or form of punching you down here on line now from that position here we need to understand what happens to the golf look we don't want to leave it in here we want to move it back out look I'm literally firing having the split hand really helps to release that golf club effectively from there the hips react to return through and we're driving that ball through the impact area nice and efficiently look this is a really great exercise one to try out on the golf course after a while you know what you can do some of the guys they move the hands closer until almost like they're baseball I've taken the baseball grip out onto the Gulf Coast and if you just to feel it before they've actually join those hands together it's a real simple one like if you're enjoying this training and you want to receive it in your inbox every week don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell and of course if you know some friends you might be interested in this type of training then please share this video it will really really help well until next week have a great golfing week