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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us did you know that if you struggle with your game you struggle maybe with slicing the golf ball you struggle with contact you struggle with a bit of power all you're doing is running the same pattern over and over again you're doing the same things in your swing over and over again that keep repeating the same faults well the same is true for good players they have a pattern in their movement that creates good shots on a consistent basis and in this week's golf lesson i'm going to share with you particularly in how you start the downswing a certain pattern if you can learn this and it's not that complicated you can do it in the comfort of your own home you can certainly want to feel it in the comfort of your own home you will literally transform your entire golf swing i really promise you that so that is what we're going to cover in this week's gold plus now before i do if you're new to the channel this one your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below you can just take away and practice so if you're slicing the golf ball or you're struggling to make contact let me show you what's happening visibly and then we'll show you how we can start changing this pattern so what you'll see is a lot of people that you're on your back foot here through impact you're coming out to win you're coming across the line of golf ball creating these slices whether that be with your irons or your driver same on the way through watch this from this angle you move you're hitting off your back foot here you're leaning back you're getting into this flicking motion here you're coming across the golf ball what pattern are you running well did you know that most people's patterns and probably yours too actually start in the ground first the way you shift your movement let me show you watch this now i'm going to exaggerate this i'm going to raise my heels off the ground just to show you something your pattern the way you move your feet is like this your heels move towards the target on the way back inside your shoes that gets you coming inside then the heels move away from the target on the way through that gets you coming over the top now clearly i'm exaggerating this you don't see people's heels moving around all over the place but they move inside your shoes without you realizing and what happens is people pivot this way they get stuck inside then watch this their heels move away and they swing over the top and you come over the top and create this big slice we need to reverse that pattern so what do great players do the players that are powerful consistently get into this position they do completely the opposite i'm going to show you a picture of mackerel in a second you know what he does incredibly it's exactly this watch this great plays in an exaggerated way i'm just showing it just for camera watch this great players reverse it heel away from the target swing back watch this heel towards the target swing through what you notice now my not only is my weight on my lead side watch this watch how powerful this is one two now if me and you now we're going to have a tug of war where would actually my heels be pointed where would my toes are pointed towards you this is the most powerful position to be in yes of course they rotate coming through right but this is the most powerful position now i am truly exaggerating this because i want you to feel it because the reality is we don't see people's heels moving drastically in the golf swing but your feet inside your shoes there's a lot going on that you need to start to experience you can do this and you will start to make a big difference take a look at rory look at his transition notice that when he comes in his heels are actually moving slightly towards the target he's forming that platform this strong motion before yes he then fires and rotates through but that is a strong motion now as you're doing this notice the shape if you come over the top we do the opposite heels towards a target is bad heals a waves attack it gets you over the top watch this heels away from it uh the target on the way back it's gonna it creates this very coordinated online motion compare and then watch this on the way down just before we complete a backswing look at this we then start to come this way so you're creating a naturally powerful motion so naturally but yes i am exaggerating it we don't see people's heels moving around but we're going to make it very subtle in a second but by doing this you work on these motions you will start to create the sensation of getting into this lead side powerfully here online ready to really really launch this shot so do this with me now if you've got time stand up and let's find a rhythm let's do it wrong first it's very very important so making a change in your golf swing is never easy because patterns are sometimes unconscious you don't even realize you're doing them and sometimes they're tricky to train so what we're going to do is we're going to help you experience it so let's do it exaggerated first right what we're going to do we're going to do it wrong i want you simply just to go up into your heels move your heels towards the target then away nothing more complicated than this then what i want to do is start to add a golf club into this swing swing swing so i know as i'm doing i'm letting this club swing freely one two feel what is happening to your weight and what you're doing with a club you should start to feel how this is naturally going to get you over the top that's not the thing you want now reverse it one swing two swing can you see and then one two get a rhythm of this get a sense and yes i'm hugely exaggerating it because exaggeration really promotes the feeling we're going to make it subtle so inside my shoes now if i really wanted to make this sort of i might go first of all exaggerate one two one two then what i'll do see if inside my shoes i can feel the same one two now you don't see my heels moving at all now but now what you've got is is i'm creating the shape and the necessary pattern in my body that is now moving me naturally forward on the right line so i can really propel that shot versus the pattern which is the slice pattern which gets you moving away from the target you see okay so let's have a look at this in action so get that pattern out i'm going to hit driver in a second so you can see this but i've got a very soft data i'm going to hit at the moment and all i'm going to do is get that sensation of one two let's have a look at this

felt pretty good whoa sit down sit down that's constrained right i'm so pleased i've been injured a little bit my power is definitely coming back that's pretty good so what have we done look if you are slicing the ball you're striking the ground behind the golf ball there you're seeing visible things like over the top you're seeing visible things which are leaning back but they're often caused by the invisible the things that you can't see the things that how your feet are interacting with that ground now as we said learn to exaggerate the motion first we want to kind of reverse it move the heels away from the target on the way back towards the target on the way down notice as well the organization it's feet swing feet swing get that momentum going all this will organize it let's remind ourselves rory look at rory here look at how he forms that incredibly powerful platform naturally now i don't know you and i are not rory mcelroy and i don't expect you to swing anything like him but this is a pattern that everybody can learn okay so notice it one forms that platform here that then is like you and me having a game of tug-of-war when he forms that platform here he's turned towards you he's ready to pull this and drive this down then he releases through the impact area he's not in the transition like this this is weak this is off the back foot this is going to get you hitting it fat hitting it thin you name it now just one caveat before we finish very very important do not but you know we mean you're gonna be different ages do not try and hit golf balls to start with angling your foot in this position why because your leg is turned in into a way it reduces your flexibility okay the whole purpose of this is for you to feel the motion the reality is it doesn't exist nowhere near as exaggerated that okay but you can learn to feel it all you've got to do then is find a rhythm and make it subtle watch this one two so that's really tiny motions now then what i'm going to do look i'm going to feel like my feet are doing that in my shoes yeah i'm finding a rhythm with this then i'll watch the golf ball trying to do the same thing just feeling that motion time and time get that pattern going you change that pattern reverse it pattern oh my god it would be absolutely amazing for your golf and your friends so do me a favor please share this video because this one thing alone if you're thinking you've got friends just slice the ball you know if they can learn to do this while they've got time in the gardens at home get that sensation it can really transform their entire swing by just a simple change in their pattern okay so i really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up again share it with your friends and of course look if you're new to the channel come and join me every week by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and there's a free downloadable practice plan you don't have to remember any of this i'll put it in a link some people have been asking me where is it take the video screen what you're looking at right now there should be a small little upside down triangle that's a drop down box click that box you'll find the practice plan in there just click the button and away you go so thanks for joining me this week until next week have a great golfing week