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hey everybody Danny Maude here head professional at Canterbury golf club in Kent have you ever found that you could hit your irons pretty good but maybe I kind of struggle with your driver or are you or maybe you're a good driver of the golf ball but when it comes to hitting your irons you struggle to strike them as pure as you'd like well this was the situation for two more clients this week one of them came to me and he could strike his irons lovely off the ground but when it came to his woods he just wasn't getting any power whatsoever and then later in the week one of my another one client came to me and he was a wonderful driver of the golf ball but when it came to hitting his irons he was fating them thinning him he just wasn't getting that soupy air strike whatsoever and the reason being is there's a difference between the way you strike and I in verses of wood and there's a difference between the way you set up to them and this week what we're gonna do is we're going to talk about how you set up differently to your woods versus your irons and give you some insane things what should you be focusing on during the swing that can improve both so what do you do with a driver versus an iron so with a driver well first things that's it should be easier look the ball is teed up in the air so all we've got to do is make sure that we hit that ball up off the tee and get it up in the air so we can get that lovely carry so that's really what we're doing with the driver we don't the clock not with a driver this ten and a half degrees a loft so there's very little loft on a driver so what what we have to do is make sure that when we swing we can we swing in a way that hits up and gets that ball up in the air we don't have to worry about going too high because there's not enough loft on there so in our bodies and the way we set up we need to get that upward strike so let's look at what we have to do first of all in the setup in the setup we position the ball inside our left heel and we get the handle of the golf club just behind the ball and we get our head just behind the handle and you'll notice when we do this there becomes a slight tilt the right shoulder is a little bit lower than the left and the stance is quite wide I like to have slightly wider stance because one it's a more ballistic shot much more much more aggression but it also helps to the sense if we have a narrow stance here the right shoulder becomes too high we're ridin it up and we skips we get to sit more behind that golf ball now you can see here what from this position with my body behind the golf ball here the low point of the arc ends up behind the ball and that once you get to about here we can now straight up on the shot so we want to really be behind that golf ball through the impact area we don't want to be over the golf ball which is slightly different with an iron so that's the first thing we change the setup we leave back here ball forward I know where we go simple as that we driver with an iron it's slightly different with an iron what we're going to do is we want a descending blow into the golf ball now for those of you are struggling with irons this can be counterintuitive you might find that hang on yes I'm still going to get the ball up yeah why would I want to hit down on the golf ball well Golf is counterintuitive in order to get the ball up we hit down we need the loss of the golf ball striking that golf ball we want the ball rolling at the face so it produces a backspin and gets the ball up in the air I know that can be confusing particularly if you've been struggling to strike your irons people do strike the right it's poorly January are often trying to get underneath the golf ball and try and help it but we don't we want to strike down so what do we do in the setup to strike down I'll help you to strike down the first thing we do is this difference in the ball position we've said with a driver it's our far left heel with an iron now we've started to move much more towards the center of the stands here and the reason being is is this would be where drive would be so we're catching the boy was a pendulum here if you imagine a pendulum with a driver we're catching the ball now watch this slightly on the way ups is a slight lean with a handle behind with an iron we want to catch the ball on the downward bit of this pendulum so suddenly the handle is ahead so by doing that watch this by moving the ball position watch this we've now moved their handle her head just by moving the ball position back encouraging a downward strike or catching it on the way down so the hands look reference point hands inside left thigh ball fairly central in your stance you'll notice here as well I'm not fairly narrower stance I'm not sitting back my sternum now is directly over the golf ball because again I don't want to be back here and hitting up on the ball I want to be catching the ball the bottom of my AK here so we get that downward strike so look here there's a different set up the ball now a central hands are ahead sternum is directly over the top of that golf ball my shoulders aren't level but then more level would then driver you saw a driver I was more like here with an eye on more like here don't get this right at the start you're gonna find it really difficult in the next phase which is the swing okay so now you've set up correctly to a nine pretty it's pretty straightforward the next thing is is you need to memory just kind of train the way you strike an iron versus a wood so we want to encourage it down with strike and one of the best drills for this is simply just get an old towel stick it on the ground behind the back of the golf ball now for those of you aren't striking your irons very well what you might find is that you sit back here sternums that's the fall backwards you start to strike the towel we don't want to do that right because that's going to lead to poor strikes what we want to do is include a downward strike so all we going to do now is make sure when we're swinging and we're going to swing and we're going to avoid this towel as we come down so we're going to start to try and strike the ball then the ground by simply avoiding the towel very very straightforward drill and it will give you immediate feedback so let's have a go at this so all I'm gonna do now make a simple golf swing just avoiding this towel

and as you can see here when you look at their the balls in front front of the towel my divot is actually after the golf ball nowhere near the towel and I struck a perfect strike and it gives it'll give me instant feedback you might find when you try this drill to set off with you start striking the towel not a problem it's a way of feeding back to you as to exactly what you're doing so just take your time work on some small swings with this work on striking that ball then the ground and in time you'll start to improve the quality of the strikes with your irons now for those of you struggle to with the woods let's see what we can do so if those of you who are hitting your irons pretty good but struggle with your words the chances are you've got a descending blow into the woods and we do not want that so I've got a really simple drill that you can work on to try and encourage this upward strike into the shock so one of the things have you said you must have the setup right use a mirror to do this by the way when you're setting up here we've said like we need to be sit behind the golf ball there's one thing I found when I'm coaching people even when we've gone through these little exercises they never go as far as they should do because it kind of feels weird so what I would do start at home get in front of a mirror start to practice this because if you can get yourself into mirroring this position here you might feel like you'd like this to start off with absolutely fine if it's really important because those difference between feel and real this is the reality it could be perfect but the feeling might be like it is like this so important before you head to a driving range or or head to a golf course is that you do this in front of the mirror first so with that out of the way let me go through this exercise so we need to encourage it down an upward strike through the ball so with the ball position is inside left heel we've positioned our body behind and all I've done here is I put a tee peg a full height for the height driver to pick about six to eight inches in front the golf ball and now if you a downward striker you're gonna strike down and you're actually going to end up striking that tee peg out the ground we don't want to do that right so what we want to do is we want to strike this golf ball and we want to go above the tee peg simple as that so I'm gonna make a swing now and I'm gonna do it in a way that I might do a small swing because I think that's one of the best ways to work on this I find one of coaching people when they're doing big long swings to start off with it's difficult to learn this feel so I'm going to give you a small so I'm going to do a small swing and exactly how I want you to work on it cookie to train this upward motion so nice and small and I'm going to avoid hitting that tee peg after this shot beautiful Missa tee peg sweat that ball up in the air small swing gives me the chance of kind of feeling that Martian so we look at what we're doing the difference between irons and woods really simple as this hitting ions we need to hit down hitting up hitting driver we need it up therefore we need the difference in the way we setup with a driver we need to sit in a way that encouraging up with strike we need to sit behind the golf ball not sitting like this sitting like this so if everything is a little bit behind right right with an iron we need to get everything more over the golf ball so now our sternums of the golf ball why because they want to hit down on the golf ball we're giving you two drills one drill is just a towel behind the golf ball miss put it an inch just an inch behind and try and strike the ball without hitting the towel it will encourage a downward strike and with your driver put a full length to peg about six to eight inches in front of the golf ball and start making swings trying to avoid it so yeah encouraging this upward strike it won't work necessary it's just to start off with so start with some small swings I find a lot of my clients are very quick to want to give these big massive swings and it's too difficult to learn your golf swing when you're full speed and at full swing so if you really give yourself a break and met this as easy as possible so you can feel between this strike and this strike so I hope this was really helpful for you if you really enjoyed it and you think someone else might like it please share it and if you're enjoying the content and you'd like to see this in your inbox every week press the subscribe button and the bell and if you've got any questions contact me in my Instagram channel Twitter Facebook ask any questions and if you on YouTube leave a comments in the comment box below and a tour next week have a great golfing week