It's Almost Impossible To Strike Your Irons Without Doing This First

compress irons iron Nov 17, 2023



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Full Transcript- so you want to learn how to compress your iron you want to learn how to strike your ions more consistently let me tell you you aren't far aware in fact in this video I'm going to show you things that are working with my students right now and they're simple changes that you can make to start to consistently first of all strike your irons okay then once we've got your striking it I'll then show you how you start to amplify that distance that's exactly what we're going to cover in this week's video now before I do that if you're new to a challenge from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you'll never have to remember a thing I always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so here's the great thing there's not a lot you can be doing wrong that's causing your poor contact okay so you'll by the time we finish you could be absolutely fine so here's look here's the golf swing here's the ACT there's the club coming down it gets to a lowest point and then comes up again right now if you're striking it poorly what's happening is is that low point in this circle look it's just happening just behind the golf ball if it's too far behind you'll start to top it and thin it okay if it's just behind you'll start to Fat it but if we can start to shift that low point after the golf ball so what happens is you strike the ball and then then the ground you will start to make solid contact so how do you go about achieving that well come and have a look at this the first thing you've got to do is bake in a solid strike in the setup so here's the simplest thing the very first thing that you should do if you want to improve your contact bake it into your setup so we've said look the golf swing is a circle yeah and with every Circle there's a lowest point to that Circle and we've just said that needs to happen after the golf ball so how do you make sure that you make or strike the ball first then the ground well what can you do well if you put your feet together and take I've got an A10 in my hands here I'm going to take even steps so that a Time middle middle clubs middle stance now the second thing I'm going to do I'm going to move my handle now opposite my inside lead leg here and then I'm going to grip the club what's that done well it's produced an angle offset look from the maximum radius of the Swing so this is where the low point of the Swing is and what I've done is just gone boom so now I've baked into my setup a ball Turf contact straight away from ball position and hand position right the second thing I'd love you to do is make sure that you have more weight favoring your lead foot right because great ball Strikers at the moment of impact have more weight on the front foot than they do when they're open Powerball Strikers but pole ball Strikers have a lot more weight on their back foot at the moment of impact so just favoring that lead side gives you a bit of a head start and finally at setup make sure you have the middle part of your hips and your shoulders right on top of the ball like this at the start on top of each other why because if this is your center of your circle and they're on top of each other again look it's helping you control this circle and strike the ball then the ground if I was to kind of have this misaligned so my middle of my shoulders are over here too much I'm now going to start to potentially start striking the ground behind the golf ball and that's going to lead to your thin shots to bake simply bake all of this a great strike into setup and you're going to be well on your way to improving your strike so let's now hit a shot in this setup position before we work on maybe some issues with the swing so I've actually scratched a line level with a golf ball and you can do this as well on the golf course because it's going to help you identify exactly where your Club is striking the ground relative to the golf ball it also gives you something to practice often when I'm hitting do my practice things I'm almost making sure I look I maybe see a line there and imagine I'm striking look after that line so it gives you kind of a reference point and something that you can do in swing super super simple so get myself set over the ball

let's have a look that's a great strike have a look at this look so my club's coming where's the lowest point in my divot look after the golf ball here that is what we're trying to achieve it might possibly a fraction steep for my for my liking but again the wonderful feedback when I look at that line right let's now move on to step number two so here's something super simple and this will help you maintain the circle so a lot of people who do not strike the ball very very well their circle is always changing and it changes because they pull the Rams in they lift their arms up they're all low basically their arms are all over the place so how do you create some consistency in the circle because if you imagine if we can create consistency in the circle the more likelihood is we're going to end up with a consistent low point and strike the golf ball so here's something that I give my students all the time just imagine you get yourself set and just imagine you're trying to keep your arms fairly close together okay not tight not stiffer anything thing but fairly close together on the way back and as you come through a look we keep them fairly close together on the way through now at some stage in the swing of course your Trail elbow is going to bend a little bit here and on the way through look they're straight here but they're going to bend eventually so this is kind of almost a feeling from about half swing to half swing just imagine and keeping them closer together and what it does is it kind of looks after look the circle because something now I'm not doing this I'm not pulling the circle in just keeping them fairly close together maintains that Circle all the way back and all the way through so I like to work my students here on almost what they feel is very short half swings so we're not spreading them apart we're just keeping them fairly close together and it looks something like that so we practice just about here to here and to here look okay it really helps them also to force their shoulders to turn beautifully on a circle because a lot of times when you're playing you start cheating you start lifting your hands up and again it becomes a whole very handsy and amsy swing versus look when you're forced to kind of keep the um your arms closer together you're now forced to use my shoulders and move them on a circle back and them on a circle on the way through again it really really helps with your consistency so very simple visual that's not complicated whatsoever just imagine your arm staying nice and close back nice and close through and hey Presta another beautiful strike look where a finished look half swing arms nice and close together and what do we see here look coming up look at this there's the line I've actually took that one better much shallower differ by the way here but low point is after the golf ball and hey prester that is a wonderful way for you to really improve the quality of your contact okay now however however I have given that drill to a number of people and it makes their swings look so much better but there is an issue with it okay in fact there's an issue with any form of tip and that is tension you see when I say to somebody just get your arms a bit closer they start to do this I mean become this kind of wooden statue so here's something that I give my students to kind of with any tip that you try to reduce some of the tension in your arms and shoulders to really help your ball striking but also hugely your distance so I'm going to grab Leo in who's on the camera right now to help me out with this one so yeah always just grab the end of this club okay okay so all I'm going to do now is this try and just just move me around can you move my arms around no chance no chance okay why because I'm so tense here I gave this to a recent student and the distance he hit after this little just this one session was 40 yards of designs now watch this we'll see that now yeah can you pull it can you pull it out of my hands no no so what does that mean you've got a firm grip I've got a firm grip still I'm holding it firmly but look my arms my shoulders yeah are free okay perfect cool you get on camera again I need you okay right so what we then do is sudden you've got that sentence said get a friend to do this with you because all of these things here these keeping these arms straight yes they want to be straight and connected here like this a bit close together I still want them look flowing so I want those shoulders so when you're making this immersion don't make it stiff allow the club to flow as you're doing this and now I've used you can use many images I've used an image of almost like Olympic Hammer thrower throwing the hammer out into the distances here there's many different things you can do to try to make this as relaxed and as flowing as possible but that one is a beauty so a baked into setup I'm ready I'm flowing on a keep those arms very closely on the way back all the way through and I'm really visualizing this circle moving ahead of that golf ball I've drawn my line in here I might have a practice swing when I hit there we go hitting the head of the line this is a great thing you can do on a golf course but now I'm nice and relaxed too and hopefully we get beautiful beautiful contact

and that one was a little bit actually heavy so what did I do there well do you know what Cameron look at this see I I for most people it's a pretty good strike it's just struck that a little bit heavy now why did I do that basically I literally when I came down I literally didn't commit to this shot a little bit tense on the way through so watch the difference here I'm just going to relax a little bit more on this next one okay and bake it into setup and then look there we go much much more free I'm talking to Canberra I was a little bit tense and hey prester look now I'm good so tension happens to the best of us so I hope you enjoyed this video do me a favor if you love this video and you want to see me actually giving this to an actual person it's not really sure but I'm going to put it right here but this one here once you've got the solidness a strike now you want some more accuracy go and check this one out if you're new to the channel give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look there's a free download practice guide in the description box below I'll see you next time cheers bye. 

Transcript Summery- 

Hey there, folks! In today's video, I want to help you improve your iron play by focusing on consistent ball striking and maximizing distance. If you're new here, consider subscribing as I release helpful videos every week, and don't worry about remembering everything—I always provide a free downloadable practice guide in the description.

Now, let's dive into the key to better iron strikes. If you find your low point just behind the ball, causing issues like topping or thinning, we need to shift that low point after the ball. Start by baking a solid strike into your setup. With feet together, take even steps, move the handle opposite your lead leg, and grip the club, creating an angle offset. This sets you up for ball-turf contact.

Ensure more weight on your lead foot, emulating great ball strikers. Align your hips and shoulders over the ball, forming a solid setup. This helps control your swing circle, crucial for striking the ball before the ground.

Now, let's hit a shot using this setup. Pay attention to where the lowest point of your divot is—it should be after the ball. Great, solid contact is the goal.

Moving on to step two, let's maintain a consistent circle in your swing. Many struggle due to erratic arm movements. Imagine keeping your arms fairly close together on the backswing and through impact. This promotes shoulder rotation on a consistent circle. Practice short, half swings to enforce this visual.

However, tension can be an issue. To alleviate it, grab a friend and have them attempt to pull the club from your hands. Maintain a firm grip, but ensure your arms and shoulders stay free and relaxed. This prevents stiffness in your swing.

Let's hit another shot, incorporating a relaxed swing with close arms. Remember, tension happens, so stay mindful. There we go, that's better! Sometimes a slight tension can affect the strike.

I hope you found this video helpful. If you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and check out the free practice guide in the description. Until next time, happy golfing! Cheers!