Move Your Right Arm Like This For a Perfect Golf Swing

best driver tip driver Nov 24, 2023

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Full Transcript- have you ever had those dares where your drivers working really really well but then your irons suddenly stopped working or suddenly your irons start working and then the driver stops it's so frustrating isn't it we've all been there well today I've got something super super excited it's almost like I you know you've watched a great movie and you just want to share it with everybody this is something I really want to share because working with all of my students and it's something that transfers into your driver and your irons and will really help you improve the consistency of your strike and the distance and accuracy that you hit each club now before I get into the video look if you're new to a challenge from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing are these videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free downloader practice guide in the description box below so let's start with your irons first then what we'll do is we'll drift into your drive it kind of works for every Club in the bag so my students love a process they love to be able to kind of start from a simple basis and build something that is repeatable over and over again and this really does that so let me start first of all looking at what the Trillium does in your golf swing when you're swinging through what we're doing is we are creating a circle around the body here at roughly a 45 degree angle so as I swing the club back here my trail arm is helping to form this 45 degree angle here it works back to the golf ball here and then Works back up on again on a roughly 45 degree angle now knowing that I'm picturing that is the first stage okay this is the first stage once you've got the picture of this beautiful 45 degree circle the next stage is is always the start I like to say with the end in mind so what I love my students to do is get a sense of what they're supposed to be doing at the moment or through the moment of impact what is the strike supposed to feel like and then we work back from there so for that I'm going to get Leo in so leave Jordan just jump in for a second it's my videographer is going to help me out with this little plant so if you stand there just to decide that's it fantastic now this is the sense I want you to kind of feel a lot of times when people are struggling with consistency of strike and dissonance is if they are literally doing this you are throwing the club at the golf ball here just with your hands and your arms the best players they use their entire right side are in my term Trail side if you're left-hander through the shot so what I'm going to hear this if I was to throw my hand at here I've got a certain amount of power but watch what happens when I do this notice where my elbow is I'm not my elbows out here now it's in but Watch What Happens here watch my right side now I'm pushing my entire right side through this has given me extra power through the shot on control chisler fantastic just as a great video so imagine against the wall here and what you're going to do is you're going to feel what impact's like so if I put a club down with an iron we want to strike the ball then the turf so the angle of the shaft is slightly further forward and notice here we've got an angle in this kind of Trail wrist here my right wrist and what I'm going to do is I'm going to push look this through and I'm continuing the circle with what not just my arm but my entire right side look is turning through that shot this is giving me stability and it's giving me power super super important so this is what I do with my students first of all is give you a sense of what you're supposed to do for impact start there now you could if you wanted you could actually just hit some shots from there you could have take that motion there and what I love my students to do at the start is is to really push really feel like this trail trail hand is pushing almost down on the shaft here and it's getting ready to do what push through impact push shrimpat not flick through impact so you start with that initially maybe you just get hit a few shots kind of feeling that motion before we start to go into the second part of this process

so you'll notice on that shot that my back swing was pretty sure and it was a much shorter swing which kind of builds into how we develop this for you going forward for your irons and your driver now ask yourself this if I want my trail side to feel like it's rotating and really feel like the power is coming through here it's not just kind of wishy-washy and flicky what do you think your right side here your Trail side has to do in the backswing have a think about it if I want to rotate it powerfully through impact what does this Trail side the entire Trailside need to do well it needs to what it needs to rotate doesn't it it needs to move this Trail shoulder this Trail hip needs to move back to help you create this 45 degree circle but also load the power so now look you can what you can turn it straight back down on that golf ball so this is super super important is to imagine your Trailside if you can feel this motion here this rotation if you didn't have any rotation on the way back which I see with so many people who slice they don't have any rotation they pick the club up and then they have lots of this right side now they come across the ball and slice it and top it you name it but if you take this Trail side rotate it back just unlock it all here rotate it back on this 45 degree to help you create 45 degree circle now you're really ready to go but there's one piece here which I'm missing and this is as you're doing this what I would love for you to do is remember this is a circle I want you to imagine your Trail arm this works amazingly for for Laura the other day when my students so ultimately I want you to imagine you've got this um it's just sitting there beautifully right I want this Trail arm to remain fairly straight not Rod straight but fairly straight here why because most of the time I'm seeing the golfers this has been overly flexed here and now you've ruined this entire circle now from here you've got no way of hitting the golf ball just imagine you're keeping it out here you're going to create this beautiful circle look the entire gold thing is almost created look with the trail arm going back and going through that's all I want you to do so you're unlocking this Trail side but you're also simultaneously keeping this Trail arm here soft yes but you're going to feel like it's fairly straight and it means that the swing is going to feel very very short and all you're doing now is rotating back to the golf ball here and then look you just keep pushing that trail arm on the arc through the impact area here so it keeps it really really really simple okay let's start with that and we'll go on to drive and see what you do with the driver so we get ourselves set we feel the pressure here what we're trying to do through impact we might even rehearse this pushing through on the arc and then all I'm going to do here is again I'm going to imagine almost like a I want to imagine my club's only going to go to night my right arm's only going to go up to nine o'clock in reality I know it will go a bit further it does with everybody I know everyone has some Flex even when they try this but because they're so much like this this is just a wonderful feeling so no matter what it feels like you're probably going to feel like it's Rod straight but the reality is it will always bend okay so just picture that motion now right side working back working back onto the golf ball and we're going to create a very very simple Circle

just like that that is absolutely ripped okay so let's now see how this works with driver so I said dinner that this works for driver and you don't have to change very much and that is exactly it so with driver the ball position is now much much more forward so as opposed to getting a complete down force on that golf ball we're now catching the ball a little bit later but we're still we still want to have this entire Trail side pushing look through that shot on the at creating the other side of this 45 degree circle it's just that the ball is a bit further forward and one thing I didn't add with the irons which I certainly is really really important is that when you are keeping this Trail arm what feels like fairly straight so you're creating a beautiful Circle here watch out for a really big mistake um initially when I was giving Laura this she was kind of keeping the right arm almost look facing downwards where's my elbow here it's almost outward so she was kind of trying to do it like this now the thing is is you've got to imagine that this circle works on a 45 degree angle so as it does that what does my trail side all do it's rotating where's my elbow it starts here and it's still almost pointing look down towards the ground why because it's working on this ah very very important okay so we drive it imagine the same thing look at this here I get myself set I'm going to imagine this Trail side here just pushing feeling that pressure I want this type of strike and then from here if I did a mini rehearsal I want to imagine this right side pushing through the shot I don't want this I don't want the body I don't be trying to do this either I want the whole right side of my body turning down through that shot okay so let's have a look at this in action so we drive her imagine that Trails I'm fading almost swinging to nine o'clock here but I know it's going to go further feel like it's pushing outwards there and I'm going to create that Circle from the right side here I'm going to turn that right side and the club face straight look down onto that golf ball

all right absolute belter so this is what we're trying to do we're trying to look after fuel impact first stage number one feel it feel the right side putting pressure on that golf ball create the circle with the trail arm here literally start to create that Circle working around start off feeling like it's actually straight yeah it's working on a straight line we're not letting it Flex too much everybody flexes it too much put yourself on camera and my bed is that you're you're pulling it behind here you're flexing too much here really keep that width and for me one of the things that the feedback I got from my students was if I'm here I really feel powerful I can feel my my right lat inside here I can feel my right leg wanting to push in here well if you think about it I just kind of want to get back there so if I start to let this go all over the place that's hard but if I was to now keep that and go I've still got that powerful position now when I all I'm going to do is I'm going to keep that powerful and turn it look down towards that golf ball but if I let this start to drift and move around that's going to be super difficult for you okay so I hope you love this as much as my students do like I say it works for your irons it works your driver wash your fairwoods give it a go out show it to somebody who you think is going to need some help with their distance and ball striking I know it'll super super help look if you wanna see a wonderful drill that works fantastically with this okay so you can do this maybe on the practice ground check this video out right here's an absolute belter and of course look if you're new to the channel press that subscribe button and the Bell so you don't miss out on any future videos and of course I've put a free practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember her thing until next week have a wonderful golfing week. 


Transcript Summary- 

Hey, everyone, it's Danny Maude here, and today I've got something really exciting to share with you. You know those frustrating moments when your golf swing is on point with the driver, but suddenly the irons just aren't cooperating, or vice versa? We've all been there. Well, today, I've got a game-changing tip that will help you improve the consistency of your strike, distance, and accuracy with every club in your bag.

Before we dive in, if you're new to my channel, make sure to hit that subscribe button. I release videos like this one every week to help you improve your game. And don't worry about remembering everything—I always provide a free practice guide in the description box below.

Let's start by focusing on your irons. Picture this: as you swing through, imagine creating a circle around your body at a 45-degree angle. Your trail arm plays a crucial role in forming this angle during the backswing, moving back to the golf ball, and then working back up on that 45-degree angle.

Now, let's shift our attention to the moment of impact. I want you to get a sense of what the strike should feel like. Many golfers struggle with consistency because they're essentially throwing the club at the ball with just their hands and arms. The key is to engage your entire right side (or left side for left-handers) through the shot. Imagine your right side pushing through the impact area, creating stability and power.

Grab a club and practice this motion against a wall. Visualize striking the ball and then the turf, keeping the shaft slightly forward. Focus on pushing through with your entire right side, not just flicking through impact. Get a feel for this motion before moving on to the next step.

Now, let's talk about the backswing. If you want your right side to rotate powerfully through impact, it needs to rotate during the backswing as well. Imagine your trail shoulder and hip moving back, helping you create that 45-degree circle and load power. But here's a crucial point: keep your trail arm fairly straight. Not rigid, but avoid excessive flexion, as it ruins the circle.

Remember, this is a circle, and your trail arm plays a significant role in maintaining it. Now, let's transition to the driver. Ball position is more forward, but the principles remain the same. You're still creating that 45-degree circle with your right side, pushing through the shot. Pay attention to keeping your trail arm fairly straight, ensuring that powerful rotation.

Whether you're using irons, drivers, or fairway woods, this approach works. Give it a go, share it with others who might need help, and let me know how it goes. And if you want a fantastic drill to complement this, check out the video right here. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell so you never miss a video. I've also included a free practice plan in the description box below. Until next week, have a fantastic week on the golf course!