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compress irons iron Nov 20, 2023

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Transcript Summary- there's only one thing that guarantees you'll get better at golf you know Pros are amazing at this thing amateurs do it really really poorly but no matter your age or ability you can really learn it and that is becoming much better at impact whether that be your driver or your irons great players have an amazing ability to assess when they hit a bad shot they know exactly what they've done wrong they're able to assess what's happened to impact even that micro second amateur golfers you just don't do this very very well and then what happens is you hit a bad shot you kind of wonder what's going on and you're trying to guess what you're doing and start to get into the rabbit hole of all these different swing things right in this video I'm going to give you a very very simple way that you can start to know exactly what's happening at impact so you can assess impact and then more importantly show you how you can fix it immediately on the golf course whether that be your irons or your driver now before I get into the video if you're new to a challenge from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing all these videos just like every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you'll never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download Skype in the description box below so without further Ado let's get stuck into step number one foreign [Music] now I know that that ball has come off the toe of the golf club and the we're either looking at the screen now me knowing this is super valuable when I'm on the golf course because if I can start to feel that ball coming off the toe I can make subtle adjustments I want you to learn the same the question is how do you do this let's look at that here we go look without looking I knew it would come off the toe so how can you you haven't got Troutman what do we do on the golf course well the first thing you've got to do you have to learn like I've done over the years you have to learn to feel where it's coming out the face the very first thing I want you to do is this you need to be amazing at assessing impact get some foot powder spray spray the face like this you can do this on the golf course as long as it's not competition and start to kind of play a game where you start to figure out or assess before we make any changes assess what you're doing at impact so let's have a look at this I'm going to hit a shot now and I've hit that ball I know off the toe of the club there we go off the toe and look at this what are we seeing a ball that struck off the toe of the golf club okay now if if you start if you start to assess this the first part of the game is is to first of all learn the feel so I knew that was off the tour you hit some shots and you could play a guessing game I think that's off the tour let's have a look oh I got it wrong keep getting shots playing around with this until you guesses are correct now you've got the feel of where heel strikes are and toe strikes are that'll be super valuable so when you've got that feel how do you then change it so it now comes more out of the center well very simple you've assess your strike you've assessed that you're now maybe let's say Hitting off a toe of the club all you do is you grab a t-peg and you do this on the golf course put the club right behind the ball and put the t-peg right next to basically the golf ball here right and what we're going to do now is I'm going to hit a shot and I'm actually going to take the ball and the t-peg out simple as that because if I miss the T Peg there's your toe strike but by actually striking the ball and the tpeg I'm going to move that strike much much closer to the center part of the golf club look at this and there we go look by taking the tpeg I've now moved it from a toe strike to a center strike so let's say on a common one look at that there you go look there's your Center strike let's say you and a lot of people do this so let's say you are a heel Striker you're striking the ball out of the heel you you don't strike it out of the tone and you've assessed this now all you're doing I put your broken seat for this one put a tea Peg just on the inside of the golf ball here okay slightly smaller and simply do the same thing this time you're heel striking it all you're going to do now is simply put a t back on this side and take the t-pick and the ball out here and what's going to happen now is if you were a heel Striker you're going to be here you could miss a t so I'm now having to hit both the T and the ball that's going to bring that club further back you might be asking but Danny how do I do that well rather than getting to all the complicated swing thoughts your body is super smart and when you give it practical exercises like this to do focusing on the ball and the T it's just easier your body kind of works out how to swing to strike both ball and tees simple in fact I gave this to a student recently just yesterday Cameron and he had a beautiful swing but was hitting it out of the heel all the time as soon as we did this immediately it's like 20 30 yards further so I mean look at the distance on the carrier of a center strike compared to the previous one it's massive all right so let's look at this so now I'm going to hit here but take the both the t-peg and the ball let's have a look at this in action and we've got another Center strike with clubhead speeds at night three we're back to a standard 180 yard in Carrie so please please please get assess where you're striking the ball at impact learn the feel of it by playing the guessing game and once you've established it's a toe strike use a t-pick on one side if you strike it's a heel strike strike on this side when you then get on the golf course and you can just imagine that the t's there okay on either side all right check that one out then move on to step number two

okay look if you find that you're missing the balls right if your balls are finishing right of Target all your balls are finished and left the target all I would do is this again don't get into complicated swing mechanics initially if your balls Miss Right of Target it's because your Club face look is aiming right at impact if your balls Miss left of targets because your Club face is aiming left at impact right so all I want you to do is this if your ball like that one there is aiming to the is finishing right a Target all I'm going to do is just take your Club close the face down by literally moving from 12 o'clock here to 11 o'clock right then then grip the club so watch this all I've done now is I've set I've gripped the club my club feels like at 11 o'clock and let's see what happens

are we gonna show the shop hey Presta now it's not going way out to the right we've now hit a pretty damn straight shot now you might find that you might have to calibrate this you might feel like it needs to go from 11 to 10 initially right as an exaggeration but these are simple things that you can do to start to immediately improve your direction on the golf course I don't see golfers doing this enough they're focusing on very complicated swim mechanics when actually look the answers are there in the ball flight your ball finishes right close face finishes left open it at setup okay that is a simple one with step number two now step number three is about curvature okay so if you find that ultimately you are creating too much curvature on your shots okay so let's say they're going to hooky or too slicy then what that basically means is this if you are slicing the golf ball what creates the bend is the swing Circle here The More The Swinging Circle goes across the target line this direction the more Sly spin with the face open you're going to create on this okay vice versa if you hook it your swing circle is heading more this this way combine that with a close face and you've got lots of hook so what do we do let's start with the slicers we've just said look if you're slicing it you're generally missing the ball to the right of the Fairway right so you've already done the first step in getting rid of it you have closed the face but to now what we could do to really put the kind of uh the icing on the cake what you could do is don't change your foot alignment initially just get your knees hips and shoulders get the sense that everything is working this way I'll show you from the just down the line so slice position you're more like here at impact so what we're going to do is we're going to imagine everything look it's moving this way this way so here again this way now suddenly what we're going to do is we're shifting everything in terms of the Swing circle look more out this way combine that now with a close face and you're going to neutralize your slice and watch this I'm not going to change my alignment of my feet at all but let's see with a close face and then this movement here what that does to the both light you should see but we're going to start to curve it this way the complete opposite look to a slice and now we've got that beautiful drawer if you're hooking the golf ball what do we do we simply do the opposite we've just said you've or if you're hooking it your balls are finishing left to Target so you've already put the first ingredient in which is what open the face then grip it right the second ingredient is it's your too much this way the curvature has created this so what we're going to do we're actually now going to imagine look that one more here we're going to make sure that rather than being here we're going to be more on top of the ball and everything's going to feel like the swing circles working more this way okay I often feel like when I'm people hooking it they finish high after imagine finishing in a very low position so let's have a look at this in action I've got a slightly more open face and I'm going to now imagine my swing Direction there's more this way and that now will start to create more of this style of shape Okay so simple things that you can do to alter the curvature and your contact now one thing with irons of affair with just one final bonus uh thing which I kind of I should have mentioned earlier but I didn't if you're struggling with contact it's obviously not just face contact it's also ground contact so we're in a studio here so we can't quite do it but what we can do is this simple thing you do on a golf course grab two tea pegs put one tea Peg ahead of the golf ball here put another t-peg on this side of the golf ball here and all I want to do is this assess where your Club is striking the ground the best players in the world they're divot the lowest point in their divot is four inches after the golf ball why is that important that's what's going to give you that beautiful consistent strike often like amateur golfers are inconsistent is because when they do strike it well they're just catching the ball almost right there there's no real divot now the problem is is if there's just a centimeter further back from that it becomes a fat shot I want you to start taking divots after the golf ball so all you do look I've now got this line I make some practice swings backwards and forwards making sure that I'm that club is striking the ground after that line notice this I'm not staying still I'm allowing a beautifully flowing swing as I'm doing this and what we'll see in a second you'll see that low Point distance here watch this back so have a look at this number here 4.4 inches after the golf ball that is what we do as professionals I want you to get something similar you probably don't have trackman but you can assess where you're hitting it by simply putting two tea bags either side of the ball and literally look at where you're striking the ground make that a goal these things will improve your ball striking Therefore your distance and accuracy out on that Golf Course without jumping into complicated string mechanics so I hope you love this video I know it's going to help and if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with your friend and look do check this video out right here I'm going to put one here just specifically for the irons another one for the driver they're both really about differences in the setup and they're gonna super super help but until next week have a wonderful golfing week. 


Transcript Summary- 

Hey there, golfers! It's Danny Maude, and today I've got some fantastic tips to help you step up your golf game. You know, one thing that sets the pros apart is their ability to assess impact. They can feel exactly where they've hit the ball and know what went wrong in that microsecond. Amateurs, on the other hand, often struggle with this. In this video, I'll share a simple way for you to understand what's happening at impact and, more importantly, how to fix it right there on the golf course, whether it's with your irons or your driver.

But before we dive in, if you're new here, consider subscribing. I'm putting out videos like this every week to help you improve your game. And hey, check the description box for a free download that'll keep you on track. Now, let's get into step number one.

I want you to become amazing at assessing impact. Grab some foot powder spray and use it on the clubface. Play a little game where you guess where you hit the ball before making any changes. Feel it out. I just hit a shot, and I know it came off the toe. This is valuable information on the course because if you can feel that, you can make adjustments. So, learn to feel where it's coming off the face.

Now, to fix it, grab a tee peg and put it on the side where you're consistently hitting the ball. If it's off the toe, put the tee peg on the toe side. Hit the ball and the tee peg, and you'll start hitting more center strikes. It's that simple.

Alright, let's move on to step number two. If your shots are finishing right or left of the target, it's likely because of your clubface. If it's finishing right, close the face down a bit, and vice versa. Adjust your grip accordingly. Just watch this shot; closing the face made a huge difference.

Now, step number three is all about curvature. If you're slicing, adjust your body position to move the swing circle more to the left. For hooks, do the opposite. Imagine finishing in a low position to neutralize the hook. Simple adjustments can make a big impact on your shot shape.

And a bonus tip for irons – focus on divot after the ball. Use tee pegs on either side and ensure your divot's lowest point is four inches after the ball. This consistency will greatly improve your iron play.

So, there you have it, golfers. Assess impact, make simple adjustments, and watch your game transform. If you found this helpful, give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and be sure to check out these specific videos for more on irons and drivers. They'll really help you out. Until next week, have a fantastic time on the course!